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Hello, I am Brony who likes more than just My Little Pony. I also like trains, classic tv shows, action flicks, WWII history and technology, and lots more.


After escaping Courasant after The Great Jedi Purge, A lone Human Jedi Knight, Sturider Thom spends 10 years floating in space until his Shuttle crash lands in Equestria. Where he befriends the equines. And later discovers there are a few Force Sensitive beings on Equestria, which may come in handy as The Galactic Empire may or may not find him.

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7764376 well the whole story feels like it needs to slow up just a bit. Pacing is an issue but can be fixed


Yes, it can be fixed, but it rarely is.

7764385 that's really my only issue with this story is it seems like it's on a fast forward button

So you try to tell me, one hopeless Jedi dude, jut stole a whole Venator class cruiser, all alone, withouth notice, he just had the keys and got out of the dock, of Coruscant, like next to the clone and council headquarters?
Cuz, sure, a tiny little shuttle can escape the radars, a fighter with a hyperdrive yes. But a damn Venator just got loose? Huh, kudos for the guy then, mad stealing skills there.
Also you forgot to set the Human tag

Oh ok, correction time:
You clearly mixed up something buddy, blue and white spaceship, hatch just got loose and the cryotube just flew out, ok. let me give you some pics
This is a Venator class cruiser
You saw it in the Clone Wars
You saw it in the movie

And it was called the Jedi Cruiser yes.

But I think you refer to this ship then, it was used by the Jedi order, ordinary shuttle, possibly with cargo and sleeping quarters.
Also, it can rotate around itself
So yeah, from now on in my eyes our Jedi dude's ship is the T-6

Other than this, please for the love of damn god

Really, just hit that time as you can, it's too damn fast

7764420 It's not that kind of ship.
It's not even a real ship from the series, it's custom one Sturider Thom built.

Hmmm, fair enough then lol
But still, change your ship class, a cruiser is still a cruiser, maybe just say it's a shuttle of some kind then.

Sounds interesting. Sometimes tells me that the Kids become jedis

Self-insert fics aren't recommended, you google. You've also managed to misspell Coruscant by the way.
-A guy that's only seen the movies once.

7764547 Is this story still alive? Also, SLOW THIS STORY DOWN! Even I can tell it's rushed, and THAT is saying something.

This is gonna be good.

The story is still alive
and the next chapter will come soon, but I'm taking the time to write it.

This should be interesting. Adding to favs

Impressive. Most Impressive. Good Chapter!:yay:
Keep Up The Good Work:twilightsmile:
If he would have landed in the equestria of my Star wars Story, he would be scared, i'm sure

Y'know, it's been a while since you updated this story . . . Is it still alive.

7863311 it still lives, I'm just trying to figure out chapter four right now.

I see that a certain pink filly is being a dumb filly.

I give her 50/50 on cutting a leg off herself or her friend with the saber.

7941646 We will see. But she might do something even more stupid later in the story. We'll have to wait and see.

Nice Chapter, good work. I suspected that this would happen

"Cybernetic? You mean like a robotic one?" Asked scootaloo. Oh the irony.

Thank you.
And what's a good story without some ironic bits?

7941769 You're welcome.:twilightsmile: Don't get me wrong, Scootaloo's sentence reminded me of my Star wars story with her, where she loses a wing that gets replaced by a Cybernetic one:twilightsheepish:

7941826 And I can tell you, if he had landed on the Equestria of my Star wars story, he would be scared, no doubt

7941933 Because, well, Sootaloo get accidently teleported to Endor by Sweetie Belle, 3 years after the battle of yavin, shortly after the battle of hoth, where a Stormtrooper and Scout Trooper find her and try to get her home.

in the end, the Star Destroyer crashes into Equestria. as all crew members have closed her in their hearts, they stay in Equestria. They managed to repair the Imperial ship, it stays in the Space of Equestria to protect it from any Intruder. The Imperials are enforcing the law on Equestria and get well with the ponies

7942375 He would be like Imperials?! Oh no! Not good!

7942434 No, I think he'd be shouting random things and running away from any equine that tried to talk to him

7943685 yeah but the imperials could help repair his ship and droid.

Are there going to be any more chapters??

7993376 Yes, there will, :pinkiehappy:I wI'll be uploading the next one real soon:raritywink:

Success at the First try, the force is strong in them

7997254 Yes. But will they be able to learn to control it is the real question?

7998037 and only time will help Sturider's and his Padawans find the theif who stole his Darksaber

7998046 correct. Sweetie Belle can now not only use magic but also the force. Even if it's not right, should Diamind and Silver bully them again, they can use a mind trick to stop it or something

7998049 oh, Diamond and Silver certainly get something, but it's a surprise.

7998077 eager too see it. Now I can't help but imagine that the CMC would say to them, "We find your lack of faith disturbing."

Wow...I bet they don't know how to turn the Darksaber on

8003690 You never know, they might have trouble at first, but they might soon figure it out.

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