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I am 20, Brony, and Christian(And proud of it!). Also I am a gamer to my bones.


Spike and the CMC get sucked into Power Ponies comic. Taking on the superhero roles of Hum Drum, Song Bell, Fading Bloom, and Silent Wing. Spike must teach the fillies to control their new found ability's as well as defend Maretropolis from the Diamond Tyrant and the Silver Aggressor.

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Nocturnis Comics

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First comment!!!!

Great story.

You know what? This sounds amazing.

ScootaSpike for the WIN!

5593336 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it.

This is a pretty great story!:yay:

I see what you did there

I love Spike x CMC stories. They're always so fun!

Too bad Babs Seed couldn't make it.

I'm trying so hard not to chuckle at the implications of Apple Bloom being the Invisible Woman. I can already see Diamond making some wisecracks that make AB give herself away during a fight. Going so far as to even pretending she's still not around when she uncloaks. xD

Scootaloo based on Black Widow? That is just awesome. Black Canary reminds me that I need to catch up on Arrow.

Overall some great potential there. I'm just curious what inspired you to choose Magneto for Silver Spoon? That was a neat surprise.

Hope to see this complete someday. Seems like a lot of fun ahead for these ponies. Great to see Spike and the CMC in a Power Ponies Universe fic, I had wished they had originally done this in the show honestly.

5593941 I really had a hard time thinking of villains for Silver Spoon and I used to be a Magneto fan when I was a kid. Thanks for the idea for Apple Bloom and Dianomd I never even thought about that, that is hilarious.

I just skimmed through this admittedly, and what threw me off is that this looks like it takes place during or after the events of Season 4 Episode 15, so it's not really correct to say that Twilight is the 'newly crowned princess of friendship', considering she only becomes a princess at the end of season three and not a crowned princess with a title until the end of season four.

Formalities aside, after dialogue, you had a bit of a habit of saying things to the effect of 'he said', 'she said' etc etc. If that happens constantly, it becomes a tad boring to read. There wasn't much scene building either, rather just 'go here do this stuff happens' vibe. I think it could have been a hell of a lot longer than 1500 words, easily double that if you painted a decent background for the author to set the scene etc. Personally, I try not to publish anything less than 2500 words for a chapter as less than severly limits me on how much I can put into the chapter. Maybe if I wrote something short in the form of narrative exposition it would work, but there's too much condensed into 1500 words for me to enjoy it.

Either way, you still get my upvote for the concept alone. Good luck with the story!

Oh yeah Nocturis mentioned this.

This is awesome.

5593309 Blue turtle shell. :rainbowlaugh:

I only have one criticism with this story: During the Twilight Time segment, the Crusaders are shown to have caused... a few problems, to say the least. But if I'm reading this correctly, this takes place after the Season 4 finale and well after "Twilight Time." Now, Applebloom I could see screwing up with new varieties of chemicals, and bicycles are significantly more complex than scooters; but Sweetie making a pillow explode? If she were trying a new spell, I'd understand, but it says she was trying to levitate it, and she can do levitation as well as the next pony. It's just a little weird to see the CMC failing at tasks that, by all accounts, they should be able to pull off easily.

As for some positives, I'm liking the premise so far, as well as the execution of the "getting sucked into the comic book: take 2" sequence. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

(As a final, just for funsies, note: Seriously, why would Spike get another comic from that place? You'd think he'd learn. If Twilight finds out about this, she's gonna need a lot of aspirin.)

Interesting... Guess I'll track this.

You gave Diamond Tiara the personality/resources of Lex Luthor and Silver Spoon Magneto's near god-like power?

...Oh yeah, I'm liking where this is going! :pinkiehappy:


Hey, that's the name of one of my villains. :rainbowlaugh:

5671875 Really? I didn't know that I just needed a good Deathstroke name.

5671881 well, good news, yours is one name, mine is two.

interesting can't what for the achone.

lance blazer:moustache:

Great new chapter. I can't wait till the next. :pinkiehappy:

Ze plot thickens! Although there is one error:

After a few seconds, Apple Bloom was completely invisible, much to her joy.

It should be 'visible.'
I'm assuming that since the 'sidekicks' are the main characters, something is going to happen to the Power Ponies. (Also, seems funny to me that Silver Aggressor is subservient to Diamond Tyrant. I know who the characters are based off of, but there should be some 'in-verse' reason for it.)

I like it. But I give up on the number puzzle.

This....has my full attention I mean gods damn lol.

Man I'm excited for more, this is just AWESOME!!

“The only pony in the city that can get a job done right—Deathstrike!”

...I'm scared.

You have my attention.

If the Power Ponies were voiced, what would they sound like?

I've never given that much thought. I do imagine Radiance would talk like a person from the 1920's.

have to say, that last chapter looks only sparely edited, but the overall concept is still good at least

holy shit this still has my old name on it! :rainbowlaugh:

Your back. YEAH BOY!!!! Spikealoo for the win!!!

Will there be nosebleeds?

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