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The Stangereal, home to the best fighter pilots in history. For many years these men and women have faced each other off, challenging each other to see who is the best. Several conflicts mark its history. These pilots fight wars for ideals, money, and even to bring peace. But there is a new challenge coming, one that is unlike any other. When it does come, it threatens their very existence and aces from around the world must unite to save themselves.
Welcome to the dogfight of your life.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
Ace Combat owned by Namco

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Well now... hello "Read later list" candidate number 248!:facehoof:

Okay, I just gotta see this!

I feel a bit...
how should I say this. The idea that Celestia is a bigot with the white mare's burden is really something that bothers me. It's very much a common thing with TCB fics...
On the other hand, it's a crossover that I am interested with.

I just have a little bit of a gripe with spacing and formatting not perfect. Otherwise... it's fine.

Keep it up.

I do this on every Ace Combat crossover....


I am trying to write a story TCB story from the ponies point of view as well, but it's quite challenging.
Again, first time writer so any suggestions would help

Aces ready! All day long!

Well, I have a different bias about how I see Celestia... I won't argue with you about her.
I like the fact that you have mentioned about the griffons becoming assimilated into Equestria as ponies. Maybe have some of these newfoal griffons show up in the story so we get an idea about what's in store for the humans?

An interesting idea, i'll think about it.
Also, i'm not trying to show Celestia as "racist", but going to extreme lengths to enfore the peace.

so will spike be in this ?

Sorry, but no. I couldn't really find a serious role for him in this, but he may become importance of a small side-subject latter on.

2806072 A bigoted Celestia is more a common thing in Alternative Conversion Bureau fics, almost all of which are written to indulge more violent fantasies. I'm getting the vibes that this is a Conversion Bureau fic in name only.

You are at least partially correct in that war will be the main focus, but conversion the relationship between the two species will still play an important part later on in the story.

If you're going for the "Out Of Character" award, you've earned it in record time.

It would help if there was any justification whatsoever for the characters to be acting like they are.

I am having some trouble getting into their heads. But do remember it's Alternative Conversion Bureau, so they will act differently. I do plan to spend a good deal of the time looking from the Pilot's viewpoint, but I would still like some tips if you have any for a rookie.

they will lose to us humans and to find out that she take out ohter race just becasue there not ponies.

Well time to arm up and fight my brother's and sister's we got our self one hell of a fight on our hands, not for us but for all the living beings she remove form the her world!

ok...Ace Combat Zero era...let's do it

2806319 he maybe be on the humans side i mean for for god damn fucking wine they just take out his rach because there not ponies, i can see hem giving the humans as all the info they need to fight back, hell he may become a poilt for the humans and knows how to use it to take down the wonder bolts.

Sound like a good idea to me to tell you the thfth

Oh boy another TCB story... No wait its more ponies are ebuwl and humans are gonna be number one. Well at least its got planes?... Yeah so far this doesn't have any redeeming qualities at all except for maybe the planes. I mean this all smells of "USA Equestria is in the dominate" with a terrible versions of white man's burden added to it (if your trying to go for that than at least draw from the Dutch slave trade in the Congo or the British expansion into Africa) along with the most out of character Twilight and Celestia. I would say Luna but she doesn't get as much lines in here as in the show or has much of a personality other than that of a flat bit of cardboard, which is a whole lot better than the purple and white painted gram crackers we have to call Twilight Sparkle or Celesita.
So lets see if its going to be more dribble on about how humans are da bestest, poni r ebewul, ponification is dumb and how the master race of humans over comes these barriers with excessive violence without batting an eyelash about murdering innocent civilians... Maybe your trying to make ponies China and humans Japan and trying to pull of a tl;dr version of the rape of Nangking.

Nope I was sadly mistaken, still bad and we also have the 'worlds greatest peace talks' taking place that could of prevented all out war with two nations ending without a moments notice because of a few people turning into horses. Oh the horror. Oh also the spoilers on any aeroplane doesn't make them snap violently back in an instance it disrupts the airflow and slows the craft down as the drag over compensates for the lift being created. That violent jerking motion only happens when and if you land a plane on a aircraft carrier where the the tow hook catches the cables on the deck and is slowed down by them.
learn yo BAK son.

Something tells me that the question "Who would win in a dogfight; Rainbow Dash or Mobius 1?" will be answered soon.
(My money's on Mobius 1. Who, remember, is such a dangerous ace that in a survival mode, he was considered a one-man fighter squadron.)
Either way, I'm definitely keeping track of this.

Hey i just got an ohter idea why not put Gilda with the humans you know salt in the old wounds, like wean she up in the air with any of the MiG planes, but i want her in the MiG-29A.

I would love to say how rainbow feel after what they did to her famile and why she hate the ponies for what they did to them.

a 2 polit tham one is spike the ohter is gilda, oh i can see the look on twilight face and rainbow wean they fight with the humans!

Comment posted by The Commissar deleted Jul 2nd, 2013

Well now this ought to be interesting.

AC5 era, but Chiper and Pixy will have a role. As well as Mobius and many others.

Don't go too far ahead, man.


"Look! There's a Ribbon on that plane! It's the Grim Reaper!"

....Hm. Good, but nah.

"Look! There's Mobius One above us! We're sure to win now!"

Yeah. I like that one better. Following along. Waiting eagerly for Mobius One and Sky Eye to show up. Rooting for Mobius to win EVERY FIGHT HE'S IN.

It always amuses me that in Conversion Bureau stories Celestia is either completely deluded or a manipulative tyrant in that she either can't see she's commiting Genocide or simply doesn't care and is deluding all her subjects into thinking it's a good thing.

If humans are a so terrible they dont deserve to exist, at least according to the misogynists, then Ponies in Conversion Bureau stories are a hundred times worse. After all, when was the last time the entire human race banded together to annihilate another sapient species simply because they don't meet 'our' standards?

I'm glad the countries of Strangereal realised this and aren't just going to bend over at let Celestia butt rape them. To quote Optimus Prime 'Every sapient being has the right to freedom' and Celestia's conversion process strips them of that freedom, traps them in the chains of mental slavery.

Looking pretty good. Only if chapters could be longer.
Can't wait for shitstorm. I want to see reaction of :rainbowdetermined2: how little she know about Aces.

I always saw Alternative TCB stories to be similar to the film Independence Day in that we all band together or die. I always wanted to see what happened after in the film because i'm sure we did some fighting amongst ourselves after that.

I think i'm going to keep the chapters short, but have several of them. I didn't want to do an Alternate TCB fic originally, but I couldn't think of another way to legitimately send Dash up against the best.

I know about the Ribbon Fighter, but did they call him the Grim Reaper in the game? I can't remember that.

2810618 I was always upset about that story never mentioning Australia...

I'm upset at most movies that don't mention Australia...

We may not have a large military but we are devious and determined and having everything trying to kill us on a regular basis... aliens wouldn't know what him them...

You had better have at least one Aussie-equivalent Ace flying around... perhaps the merc known as Phoenix/Scarface-1?

lot of people underestimate you guys. Australia was especially vital to holding the Southern flank in the Pacific against the Japanese and most of the troops in New Guinea were Aussies.

And yes, I will be putting the Phoenix and Slash in this.

dont under estimate human flight.
let them win

I'm confused though "safety of our word".
It's not like the humans can get to them i mean since celestia used a dimension spell so why should she feel threaten in the first place.
What a bitch.

it's like Germany blitzing Denmark in ww2. They said it's to protect the country even though they knew they didn't pose a threat. But, this won't be like Denmark.

24 to11, that's way more attention than I thought i'd get at all, much less such a positive reception. I guess it's not to bad for nugget, huh?

Trust me, this is really promising. While I may be biased due to my nostalgia I wholeheartedly want to see this succeed.

Of course, Comrade Commisar!

You probably should give the Aces some character based on what dialogue they do have in the games or what can be inferred from the games and assumed through development.

Mobius 1 loves flying and will do so to protect his country but he doesn't really like the military life (thus why he retires immediately after 4 and has to be called back into service for Operation Katina)
Phoenix and Slash would have been wingman for years at this point and would be pretty tight, resulting in a lot of banter and competition over who can get the most kills.
Blaze would be the youngest ace and would likely show respect for his elders but still be cocky
Cypher would depend on which 'path' he follows, though he would likely care about his wingman.

Heres an idea the Kei Nagases that appear in AC2/AHL and AC4 could be AC5 Nagase's sisters... their parents where just not very creative when it came to naming them.

2817175 Thanks for the suggestion
Like I said, i'm new and getting character right is my biggest challenge. I won't give the 'mute' characters any dialogue, but I will be bringing up the Belkan Aces, Yellow, Strigon, and the others that did have dialogue; as well as your wingmen. But the main characters and their silence are special to me. I'm happier leaving them to be judged by their actions and allowing people to think what they personally think the character is like; I don't want to run the threat of coming up with some god-awful personality based on assumption for one of the characters that could drive someone away.

As for the Edge in AC2, I don't really want to put her in there because it was always too confusing (and especially will be for non-AC fans reading this) as 5 Edge is a rookie. Namco never confirmed that they were the same or related in any way and it's assuming too much that they are. Like I said in the author's notes, I want to stay true to the game itself.

2817283 I have to ask how do you think if they get news that this happen to the something to the 4 ohter rach in there world, how do you think there re-actions will be?

I'm guessing they'd be pretty pissed

2818007 Also ( wean i have the time ) can i use your 1st 2 ch for my own vers of this fic, i want to use the gilda and spike idea

1st 2 ch? I don't know what that means.

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