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no sh*t sherlock

i like this stuff


After 12 long years of conversion movements, Princess Celestia has finally fallen to a small group of human resistance. Now the humans have the means to increase their numbers and have the chance to reclaim their lands. But they will soon learn how extensive Celestia's dark dealings are.

Sequel to The Conversion Bureau: New Tactics and New Tactics Part II Don't forget to thumbs it up if you liked it and want more.

*Anti-TCB story with Xenoponies*

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Yes !!!! I really like that you changed the protagonist, but you still keep Jacob around, and i really want to know what happend to Matt at the newfoal settlement ?? I cant wait for more :)

Comment posted by AwkwardTaco deleted Jun 12th, 2013

Ok I'll admit I'm interested to see how this goes. My main gripe with the prequel is moot here since Xenolestia is dead already. Plus I haven't seen an ATCB story where Xenolestia is already dead and the remnants of mankind are pushing back. What I really hope is that Luna isn't some fucking karma houdini who'll kill and convert humans and yet gets off scot-free because she's Woona and it was all mean Xenolestia's fault. She needs to pay her dues as well.

2712546 It's not a prequal, it is a threequal. Xenolestia got killed in the second story.

2711942 You have no fucking clue what your talking about. Obviously you havent read the first or second parts of the story. Because if you did you would know that this is Pro-Human, it's Genre is ACB. Or Anti-Conversion Bureau. Although recently people have started calling it Alternative Conversion Bureau following the main ACB groups renaming after the failed attempt to take it down by one of the founders.

But the details arn't important, what is important is that you are just hating on it even though you have no idea what it is about. You just saw something that said Conversion Bureau in it's title and you thought "Hey! This must be just like other stories with those words in their title!"

2712961 I know. I was talking about the second one. Bad choice of words on my part.

2712546 or bill will be an ass kicking for yrs to come, wean anyone feel like it they go to her home and knock on the door, luna will come out today and say " ok what lind of beating you have pleaned for me " and she can't do noting about it for the next 5k yrs and lets give her some balls so we can kick her there.

i mean i wound think fluttershy fight with the humans in her own way, i mean she the only one that can see what the ponie did was woger in so many ways

2713040 hey getting you ass wimp for the next 5k yrs is good in my book, like wean see go and get food someone thorw an apple at her and who ever did it can walk away and feeling god becasue the law say he can.

and wean someone pissed about not getting laid, gusse what he go get a baseball bat and hit luna in the balls so hard that she can't walk right for the next week

Comment posted by AwkwardTaco deleted Jun 12th, 2013


Dude, EVERYONE here hates the conversion bureau. I hate the conversion-bureau with a passion; all of Chatoyance’s fics infuriate me. Hell, her attitude toward people who criticizes her fics infuriates me. every time I hear a “human’s are evil because they have wars and shit” speech, I have an urge to hit a small child. The conversion bureau is infuriating because the stories portray genocidal ponies to be the heroes and humans to be racist because they don’t want to change into ponies.

This story doesn’t do that.

This story portrays the ponies as xenophobic, bigoted ass-holes, intentionally so. The humans are portrayed as victims, who are trying to fight for their right to be human. Celestia was portrayed as a tyrant who abused her power to force change, and believed that her status as a deity made her automatically in the right. She was beaten to an inch of her life and was burned alive by the humans.
The humans are now using an antidote to turn the new foals back into ponies. And the ponies now realize that converting them is now pointless since the humans have an antidote that will change them right back into humans if they tried.

Most of the people who disliked this fic are probably Chatoyance’s drones

You’ve basically judged a book by its cover here. What if this fic was a satire of the conversion bureau?

This is the same thing a someone who doesn’t like Obama-care finding an article titled: Obama-care, is it right for America?” and going:


When the article is actually talking about how Obama-care could never work.


Comment posted by AwkwardTaco deleted Jun 12th, 2013

2713599 Not quite the same thing as the Obama-Care scenario, but I understand what you are saying. I will leave here and switch my downvote to a upvote. You are truly a good person for pointing this out.

Thank you.

.................................................woah , you have got to be the the most level headed person I have had the pleasure of meeting on the internet, good show sir!

2713649 Underneath this seemingly unbridled rage, I actually am not that much of a horrible person. I just jump to conclusions sometimes.

It's people like you who educate people on the internet, therefore I applaud you as well. Without a .gif, though, sorry. :)

2713649 That was entertaining AND I got a free upvote from it. I guess I win.

2713465 lol what did he say to me that was so retarded he had to remove it?

2713708 something like "obviously you do if you responded."

2713708 I didn't remove it because it was "retarded", but because it was no longer relevant and therefore served no more purpose.

it took me all day to read all 3 of these stories... I LOVE THEM :derpytongue2:

choose your path, walk it well
save us from this living hell
in this broken cage; we will not be confined
and when the world starts to burn
at the point of no return
you can hold on
you can bitch on
you can tear out the affliction
but before the world burns black
stand up and take it back

I can't read it just yet, so enjoy this free Like and Fav

2713599 Hi, I'm one of the BAAAAAD GUUUUUUYS. :trollestia:

Anyway, I'm not here to fight, grief, or troll I just want to offer some insight. You said this:

Most of the people who disliked this fic are probably Chatoyance’s drones

Which I understand to mean that you were wondering why people would vote this down. Maaaybe one of those negative votes were... non-alternate conversion bureau readers with a knee-jerk reaction. However, as a group, they just avoid the fics they don't like. It's a matter of their collective temperament. If you show them this fic, they'll scan the description and maybe the first few pages, and then move on to something else without comment. They've seen hundreds of fics like this, and understand that they're not the intended audience.

No, the down-votes are because people just find the content unsettling, weird, stupid, or it's very very distant from what they want to read. Remember, this is Friendship is Magic Fiction dot net. People come here for fanfic of the show, and The Conversion Bureau was already two steps removed from that. This is three steps removed. On top of that, it's surrounded by an aura of vitriol, anger, and hate. Imagine that your fifteen year old sister just got finished marathoning the entire series over two weeks and decides to go check out the fanfics, and then this particular fic somehow is the first thing she sees. That little down thumb becomes reaaaaally attractive all of a sudden. Fact is, most people are here for comedic, slice of life, and/or adventure fics, according to the EQD polls. That makes sense, because those three together are pretty much the show.

TL;DR: ACB fics get a lot of their downvotes for pretty much the same reasons that TCB fics get downvotes: the general MLP fanfic community doesn't like the themes or content.

just read it, i must say I am very much intrigued and cannot wait for more chapters to come in the future

Where are the humans forces that has interests in Equestria?

Ok that was fucked up, if they was human before and wanted to be turne back what's woger with that?

Are thos people out for revge?

You hear that ponies? That's the melody of death:

2741557 Ponification for Earth's Rebirth, a group of radical ponies and humans that forced conversion before Celestia did.

"Looks like we're spillting up then."

I know." Gle said defeated.

Bit of a typo, but that's about it. Now I'm curious as to who these new fucks are that are going around killing ponies that want to go human.

I suspect that those were transformed ponies:flutterrage:

2741613 Ok now that is just plen crazy also cold in so many ways.

2741572 Damn so i guess after hearing that they can turn back now there after for blood

2741583 20$ says those 'fucks' are actually Ponies that got transformed into Humans.

2742860 The old smear campaign strikes again. Only with more deaths.

The Russian Bear is alive and well! FUCK YEAH!



I'm still holding out hopes for Cyborg Celestia, but now I'm praying the damn ponies don't pull some super hax weapon out of their asses that they were holding off on using because reasons.

Oh this looks good. Russia is still in the fight, can't wait for the next :yay:

Ahhhhh yeah, it just gets better and better

Why are the American forces suddenly being narcassistic ass-holes?


no satellite network? even civilians can access it

just give them the info

2831775 Gotta agree.

*humans see helicopter flying in*

Americans: Hurray! Other humans have survived!

Russians: Ve have come to trade!

Americans: Get the fuck out!


What's with the sudden burst of suspicion? At any rate, this weapon is becoming more and more annoying already and it hasn't even been deployed yet. Also where the freaking hell is Luna?! She needs to take her lumps just like Celestia did. I'm gonna be beyond pissed if the author makes her a damn karma houdini.

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