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Ace Combat: The Conversion Bureau - Eagle

The Conversion Bureau falls into the Stangereal world of Ace Combat

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15 years ago

Announcement: Note that all links in this story, unless told otherwise, will be to music from the Ace Combat soundtrack. They are not critical to the reading and you may skip them if you like. Also, I will post a map of the stragereal at the bottom for those who need it.

“Everyone is a hero, and a villain, and no one knows who is the victim, and who is the aggressor. And what is Peace?”

-Brett Thompson

The Belkan War; one of the most devastating wars in the history of the world. It began with the Belkan Federal law Review of 1988. Belka, suffering from economic strife, permitted its eastern territory to secede, and the Republic of Ustio was born. However, Belka’s econonmic troubles did not subside. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the situation, the world’s superpower, Osea, continued to flourish. Amidst the economic panic, an extreme right wing party took power within Belka, aiming to restore strength and stability to the nation. And on March 25th, 1995, with the discovery of natural resources in Ustio, Belka began to invade its neighbors. As history would show, Belka lost this war and would fall into isolation and depression. But one event, a day before the war began, would alter that history.

March 24th, 1995
20:00 Hours
Dinsmark, Belka
Waldemar Rald, leader of Belka as well as the political party that bore his name, sat with his generals going over the final plans for his blitzkrieg attack the next day. This war, he hoped, would return Belka to the glory it saw during the old days of the knights. Just as he was about to end the meeting, a frantic messenger ran through the door.

“S-S-Sir,” the messenger stuttered before taking a minute to catch his breath.

“This had better be important,” Rald replied, annoyance present in his voice.

“Yes sir,” the messenger replied, “You uh, may want to um…postpone your invasion, sir.”

“What!?” Rald yelled, “what could be more important than the restoration of Belka to its former glory!?”

The messenger handed him a piece of paper that explained what they knew so far of the situation. Rald thought it was a joke at first, but realized that was unlikely when the radio went crazy with reports coming in. Finally, the radio went silent for a minute before a calm, regal, almost motherly voice sounded.

“We are here to save you from yourselves.”

March 24th, 1995
The country of Wellow was gone, along with much of the northern part of Osea. In its place was an entirely new land mass. People quickly noticed two things. One was how it was populated by sapient equines, and the second was the presence of a sort of shield around the island that vaporized any human attempting to go through.

The land mass itself was quite long. It stretched from where the Cascade Ocean and Ceres Sea met over to the North of the mid-USEA. It was entirely an island, with some ocean separating it from Osea, Belka, and the rest of the world.

In the one message that was sent out over the radio, it told the leaders of certain nations to meet with the new land’s leader in the capital of Osea, Oured, at 10:00 a.m. sharp the next day.

March 25th, 1995
10:00 a.m.
Oured, Osea
Vincent Harling, the future president of the Osean Federation, was just a member of the current president’s cabinet. More specifically, he helped deal with foreign affairs, which is why the president chose Harling to accompany him to the meeting.

Harling was a bit nervous, but he didn’t show it. He knew that if he was going to make a good first-impresion on these aliens that he would have to be confident. Most of the other leaders were not as thoughtful as him; both Rald and the Osean president looked extreamly worried.

The meeting came to attention with the arrival of Princess Celestia.

“Greetings, humans,” she addressed to the room. “I have watched you and seen that much of your species’ life is consumed in war and other horrid acts. I wish to give you the peaceful alternative of conversion.”

The humans in the room looked at her with confusion. There was a long silence before the young, recently elected Prime Minister Nikanor form Yuktobania asked the question on everyone’s mind.

“What is conversion, princess?”

“That is when you become one of us,” stated the princess in a matter-of-fact tone. “You see, our land has been free from war and other crimes such as murder and arson. It is much more peaceful. I would like to help those who wish to escape this world and live in one of harmony. We wish to set up Bureaus for this in all of your major cities so that the conversions may take place.”

This gained mostly looks of suspicion from the group. The men spoke amongst themselves for a bit, but had trouble on reaching a solution. Something about this didn’t feel quite right.

“Allow me to show an example,” she said as another pony entered the room. “Wind Fire here use to be Griffon, but now he has converted and become a newfoal; a newly converted pony.”

“It really is quite nice,” stated the Pegasus, “I don’t have to worry anymore about conflict. It just makes you…feel better in general. Everything just gets better after conversion.”

“I suppose we could allow it,” one of the leaders said and, little by little, each agreed to this.

The Osean president then shifted to something that had been on his mind from the start.

“Princess, what happened to the people of Wellow and the Osean citizens that are no longer accounted for?”

Celestia looked at him with a confused look. The president returned this look with one of equal confusion until Harling explained.

“The land that disappeared when you arrived, princess,” he said wording the question better. “What happened to the people that lived there?”

“Oh,” Celestia realized, “those ponies.”

Now it was Harling’s turn to be confused. She knew they were people, and he knew he said people.

“I think you mean people, princess,” Harling said.

“Not anymore, they’re not,” she replied, “they were converted.”

“What!?” the Osean president yelled. “You converted them against their will? I demand that you turn them back and give them a choice in the matter!”

“I have already asked them, and they have all stated that they are happier as they are now,” Celestia replied.

“In one day? You’re lying!” the president scowled. “This meeting is over.”

March 25th, 1995
12:00 Hours
Oured, Osea
Rainbow Dash had been savoring the spotlight. The humans apparently had had this thing called “television” which was basically like moving pictures. The press was all there asking her and the other five questions, taking pictures, and recording videos. Dash pulled off a few stunts for their cameras, but when that got boring she charged off into the sky.

She wanted to pass the time by napping on a cloud, but got a rude surprise when she fell right through it.

“What the hay?” she said to herself before it dawned on her. “We must not be able to control the weather here. It’s the same with the princess’. They said they couldn’t control the sun or moon.”

Before Dash could finish the conversation with herself, she heard a noise like thunder. She turned and saw something racing through the sky. It was one of those planes she had been told about. This one had a long body with its wings pulled back.

She couldn’t resist getting a look at this. She went after it and flew up to the side of the plane. She could see two pilots inside. Flying up to the side she waved. The pilot of the F-14 blinked to confirm he wasn’t crazy and hit the air brakes, causing the wings to shoot back to their normal, straight position and diving away.

Rainbow laughed to herself. They didn’t seem that tough! She returned to the streets where her friends and the princess where waiting. Celestia was already talking with Twilight as they left.

“I just don’t understand Twilight,” she told her student. “After I revealed they were safe with us, he denied us permission to set up centers in his country. In fact, most seemed unwilling to change.”

“That is odd, princess,” her student said. “Why wouldn’t they want to live in somewhere where everypony didn’t try to kill one-another?”

Celestia sighed, “from what I saw I gathered that most of them tried to do what is most logical or what is generally right-.”

Before she could finish her student asked another question, “but wouldn’t the logical thing be just to convert?”

“Yes, but they are also very independent,” Celestia replied. “Their humanity is something they hold dear. They are quite confusing.”

They boarded a chariot and began to return home.

“But as I said before,” Celestia told her, “for the safety of this world, its inhabitants, and it’s future inhabitants, they must all convert; even if it means force.”

Strangereal Map:
Remember that the Belkan War hasn't taken place and North Osea is still South Belka.

Author's Note:

Thanks to Planetarian for the newfoal idea.
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Expect the action to begin in the 4th chapter
The War will NOT begin until 2010. I've put a lot of thought into when the war should take place and I chose a period where I could feature the most aces.