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Johnny Cash, one of the greatest country singers in America, passes away on September 12th, 2003. Having spent 71 long, active years of life on Earth, his time finally comes. Our world will never hear his deep, bass-baritone voice preaching ever again.

Another world is about to discover it. He was always a devout Christian; and at the same time, called himself "the biggest sinner of them all." Well, who or whatever was watching over him decided that he had some more work to do.

And so, he awakes in an unexpected situation. It is not Heaven, nor hell, nor even purgatory; but something entirely new. Now, with only his dark clothes, his acoustic, and a lifetime of stories, he sets out to explore this new land.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.
All songs by Johnny Cash.
I own nothing.

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The Man in Black comes to Equestria. This will be pretty interesting, though I wonder will June be making an appearance?

You'll certainly come along, sir. Along with The King and The Fab Four. But, that's a couple other stories.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but no. He's going to be the only human in the story.

You have my interest sir. Continue please. :moustache:

3243265 Thanks for using my favorite Johnny Cash song. My dad knows how to raise his son.:moustache:

Well, this might be interesting, more?

I normally can't stand HiE, but you have my interest.

Gonna be faving and following this one.

3243907 Thanks.
Whenever I can get the time.

And it's sir.

Anyone want to try and guess the song that's in the next chapter?
(Please keep the videos limited to one per post)

I just remembered my dad showed me Folsom Prison Blues when I was real young. One of the first songs I heard.

Well, they've got a good impression of him. You could try to balance out with something a little dark?

It has the Dark tag, doesn't it?

3244354 good choice of song, love the power in it. still, 'man comes around' is a damn fine song. So is 'Hurt'

Hmm, very interesting and come on who doesn't like Johnny Cash? I can't wait for the next song. Don't know which one you're going to pick, I love most of his songs already.

You my good sir made me a happy man today!


Heh, the conversation will go something like this:

“Yea, what are you?” Twilight asked. “Who are you?”

“Hello,” the man replied. “I’m Johnny Cash.”

"And what are you doing here?"

"Well, because......"

I'd follow this, but I can't stand stories where there's constant lyric insertion/songfics, but all the best.

The moment I saw this was a Johnny Cash story, I didn't need to read it to know that I was going to like it.

While not originally by him, I like his version better.

Alright, first chapter read! Short but sweet. I expect things to escalate from here. :moustache:

As far as song guesses, no idea yet. Get it rolling a little and I might have a guess. :rainbowwild:

dam i love it and the best pacing for this is that of the music for the story and love too see more of this :heart::heart::heart::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

Looks like you won the first round...

So far so good. Glad to see the Mane Six didn't freak out that he ate meat. A lot of fic's have the ponies freaking out because humans have to eat meat to stay healthy. Kind of get redundant with so many stories of ponies not liking humans because they're predators.

once again, the song choices are perfect. two of my top 5 have already been picked.

“I lived a rather depressin’ life, mam.”


Good chapter. The Mane Six not overreacting to his presence, and actually being rational about it, was a good change from the typical HiE. :pinkiehappy:


Yea, I figured Cash wouldn't freak out casue he's, y'know, dead. So, he's expecting anything to happen. I figured if he wouldn't overreact, neither would the ponies.

I think you have a point Call sign. But let's be real for a second, if something like this happened to Johnny Cash he would just write a 'top 5' song about it.

“So your government is a monarchy?”

May wanna change that bit. It should be a diarchy now that Luna's back.
Otherwise, I'm lovin' this story so far! I like how nobody freaked out when they met Johnny. Keep it up!

At 2:00 AM, on an average September afternoon


Ouch. Sadly, the Equestrians are only getting a pale shadow of our man Cash....

Yea, that sounds like something he'd do.

Maybe. I still prefer to keep it simple for this kind of story, but I might. Thanks for the suggestion, nonetheless.

Uh, sorry if i'm missing the grammatical error here.


In Hurt, his last song, Cash sounds like a ghost of Young Cash.
Seriously, listen to one of his early songs and then listen to Hurt.

You act like i'm not going to use hurt...

Also, if you read the posting rules, fics that include copyrighted lyrics are disallowed.

I already said that I owned nothing and all songs belonged to Cash. If it were against the rules, it wouldn't have made it past submission.

Johnny Cash/MLP crossover?
That's possibly the most ridiculous thing I've heard.
I love it.

3254082 Its something i dont think was done before,And for that i applaud the author,New things are hard to find afterall

That's my favorite thing, doing stuff no one's thought of before. I enjoy breaking away and doing the less-known things. Like, I preferred to do a Brothers in Arms cross because no one had done, as compared to the dozen or so Modern Warfare fics that came out at the time.

You knows what funny, I was listening to Johnny Cash when I found this story. It was meant to be. Still, R.I.P Johnny "Man In Black" Cash. We'll miss you.

3254327 I still love this story. Btw, how is BIA coming along?

Just fine. I have the rest of the plot planned out. Just wanted to take a break from all the war stuff. I'll get back to it.

Big country music fan and it all starts with Johnny Cash. Look forward to the continuation of this story.

"Stories containing copyrighted song lyrics. This includes lyrics from songs in the show.
Stories containing embedded images or videos in their description. Embedded content in the story itself is allowed, but not in the description."
Doesn't matter.

It certainly stands out from the millions of "teenager wakes up in Equestria" fics.
Even before getting to the story, the premise alone makes it wonderful.

I didn't say I didn't read it, I said I didn't claim any work and that, since it made it past moderation, it's clear; so, I don't see how 'doesn't matter' makes a difference when it's already cleared (not to mention i'm not the first one who's posted a song in their story).

Besides, why is it bothering you? I'm not trying to steal his work and, if anything, i'm promoting it.

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