• Published 22nd Sep 2013
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The Man in Black - Eagle

Johnny Cash introduces Equestria to Country.

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I Walk the Line

Contrary to what he feared, Johnny didn’t have nightmares; indeed, he didn’t dream at all that night. It was one of those sleeps where you go in, see nothing but black for what feels like a few seconds, then wake back up. It was refreshingly peaceful.

He was also the first to wake up, with the sunrise beaming through the window. He felt much better having gotten the much-needed rest. He also noticed how quiet the house was. Not wanting to wake the others, he picked up his guitar and silently walked outside; sitting on a chair on the front porch and strumming his instrument.

He continued doing this as he watched the sun slowly rise. He didn’t really play anything, just sat and played a few patters and rhythms as he passed the time. That time was a couple of hours, though it only felt like half of one to him.

“There you are,” Applejack said, coming outside. “I thought you ran off somewhere.”

“Na, just watchin’ the sunrise,” he said. “Sides, I don’t really have anywhere else to go.”

“Well like I said, stay here as long as ya’ need,” she assured him. “Now come on inside and get some breakfast; I wanna introduce the family.”

“I could certainly use some food in me,” he replied, getting back up. “Ya’ll got pancakes?”

“Some of the best.”

“ Alright, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Applejack trotted back in while Johnny stared at the sun some more.

“What am I here for?”

Johnny found his spot at the table. Along with Applejack, there were three other ponies sitting there. A large red one, an old, greenish looking one, and a small yellow one. He was about to introduce himself, but the little one beat him to it first.

“Hey Mister!”

“Hey there. And what would your name be, little one?”

“Apple Bloom!” she responded happily. “Were you really a musician back on your world?”

“Yep, and I guess I still am, technically.”

“Sound’s fun!”

“It was, or is. It somethin’ I’ve always been passionate about.”

“Is that so?” the older one suddenly piped up from the end of the table. “You ever had any other jobs?”

“Oh, yes ma’am. Several,” he replied. “I first started workin’ my family’s cotton fields when I was five.”

“Ah, so you know farm work. You wouldn’t mind givin’ us a hoof to help out ‘round here, would you?”

“Granny! You shouldn’t be askin’ our guest to work!” Applejack said. “He just dropped in here yesterday from another world!”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Cash replied. “I’d probably ask anyways. I’d hate to impose.”

“Well, ok. I’m sure we can find somethin’ for you to do, right Big Mac?”


The work was long, hard, and became rather monotonous; but, it was nothing he wasn’t used to. Though he wasn’t quite as good as knocking down the apples, his hands proved he was much more capable of moving things, such as the baskets, around and at a quicker pace. During the lunch break, he decided to sit with Macintosh, the only one who hadn’t said anything directly to him through the day.

“You don’t talk too much, do ya?”


“Figured you’d be a little more interested in the alien that just appeared in your home,”


“Well, alright then,” Cash said before looking back at him. “Y’know, you remind me a lot of my oder brother, Jack.”

This seemed to grab his attention.


“I’m not too sure, be honest,” Cash admitted. “You just…remind me of him. Though, I don’t really remember much, since he died when I was younger.”

Cash turned and hung his head and stared at the ground, leaving a long silence between the two.

“How’d he die?”

“He, uh. He got pulled into a head saw at the mill…damn near cut in half,” he explained, with the explanation and wording surprising the stallion a good deal. “He suffered for a week before he finally passed on. Just fifteen years old, too…”


“I felt so guilty about it,” Cash continued. “I always hoped that I’d see him when I died.”

“I’m sorry. Really, I am. I couldn’t imagine losing AJ or Apple Bloom.”

“It’s alright, I know he’s in a better place now,” he assured Mac. “Let’s get back to work, looks like it might storm later.”

“Yea, we don’t need the farm floodin’ with all our produce in it.”

“It floods?”

“Once it did,”

“Well how about that; my family’s cotton farm flooded a couple times.”


“Yea, even wrote a song about it.”

“I might have to take a listen later.”

Work finished up in time for the rain to come. Dinner was filled with the Apple family asking questions to Cash. Most of them were about the similarities between their cultures.

“So we really sound like your family back home?” Applejack asked.

“Yea,” John answered. “Well, you remind more of people from the state of Texas.”

“And what state are you from?”

“Arkansas, though I spent a lot of my time in several different places.”

“Where else?”

“Tennessee, for one. I’ve even been to Germany.”

“Germany? You didn’t mention that state.”

“Oh, it’s not a state, it’s another country altogether.”

“Really? What’s it like?”

“Real pretty, especially durin’ the fall months. Big forests, old villages, it’s all quite nice.”

Cash got up from the table and stretched out, popping his joints.

“Well, if ya’ll don’t mind, I’m gonna hit the sack,” he said. “Been a day of hard work, so that means some hard rest. Ya’ll sleep well.”

“Hey mister!” Apple Bloom called out. “Can you play one of your songs? I haven’t gotten to hear one yet.”

“That’s right, I’m the only one here that’s heard you,” Applejack said. “You mind playin’ the family a quick song before you go to bed?”

“I suppose. You two don’t mind?”

“No, I don’t” Granny said. “I’d actually like to hear yer music. Applejack wouldn’t stop talkin’ about it.”

“Uh, Gran-”

“She went on and on about how deep the song was and how nice yer voice sounded while singin’.”

“Granny!” Applejack said, blushing and causing Johnny to chuckle.

“Oh, alright. Ruin all my fun. What about you, Mac? You mind?”


“Ok, then,” the singer said, taking out his Dreadnought. “One song, then I’m goin’ to bed.”

“Well, that was very nice,” Granny said. “I haven’t heard music that nice since I was a little filly.”

“Yea, that was great!” Apple Bloom cheered. “You should sing for ponies more often.”

“Heh, well we’ll see about that,” he replied. “For now, I’m just goin’ to bed. I have a feelin’ tomorrow’s gonna be interestin’.”

Author's Note:

My apologies if this one seemed a bit rushed or choppy or just boring. My writing time is very scarce right now. All the same, thanks to all of you for reading! Please do leave some comments so I can get some feedback.