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I'll try to complete this on a later date! But I am just a college student with a part time job, and a fan of Friendship is Magic, along with other stories and shows.


Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, and Derpy Hooves venture off to a field near the Everfree forest to support Dash in one of her flying practices for the second annual young fliers competition. Unfortunately for them, they encounter more than they bargained for and are thrust into an unknown world where friendship and safety is hard to come by.
[Read the Prologue Parts 1 and 2 for the crucial back story] [MLP:FIM, Ace Combat, and Final Fantasy merge into an epic adventure of friendship, bravery, and determination. Will the ponies ever return home?]

Additional Info:
Meanwhile, in a world far away, the Razgriz demonstration flight squadron prepare for a routine flight mission. Hours into the flight, the chain of events that began in Equestria conflict with their own world as well. At the same time (relatively speaking) the current year on Earth is 2064AD, but it's not an Earth too friendly to its inhabits, let alone creatures from other worlds.

Dr. Sid began working on a project, long before the need for weapons and barrier cities. The Final Fantasy world of Earth is infested with alien spirits, and mankind faces total extinction. Led by a strange dream and guided by her mentor, Dr. Sid, Aki Ross struggles to collect the eight spirits in the hope of creating a force powerful enough to destroy the alien presence, and pure enough to protect the planet. But before Aki pursues this journey, Dr. Sid is convinced the Stargate project may work (codenamed Project BlueBeam). However, at the projects peak, their world was overrun by alien spirits and phantoms. As a result, the machine was never tested. In the barrier city of New York, Dr. Sid begins to decide that the project is too dangerous and complicated to complete. His dream was that by developing a Stargate that could visit other worlds, maybe...just maybe they could learn to save their own. Aki Ross and Dr. Sid, along with Gray Edwards, Ryan Whittaker, Neil Fleming, and Jane Proudfoot are forced to shut down the project after a security breach. Unfortunately, security measures were not properly taken to secure the Stargate. Little did they know, the machine did in fact work after all, and Douglas Hein, one of the arrogant leaders of the city, was up to no good�

The Main 6 and friends, as well as Razgriz, are thrown into 2064AD Earth full of alien phantoms, barrier cities, and a place where friendship is hard to come by. It�s nothing Aki and her team aren't used to, but they were not expecting the Stargate to work...let alone this little mishap. What evil is Douglas Hein up to? What will the main 6 and friends do to survive and return home? How are Blaze, Edge, Chopper, Archer, and Heartbreak One (the call signs of Razgriz) going to comprehend what has happened? Now that the door to the unknown and the unimaginable is opened, the reality in which everyone thought they lived�just got a reality check.

Character Profile Map:

Crossover Information: The following story, (in the same time Galatically) takes place in Final Fantasy Earth, 2064AD.

Equestria: One month after the Canterlot Wedding
Osea (Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War): 5 Years after the war
Final Fantasy (The Spirits Within Movie): One Year Before the movie takes place, 2065AD.

(You may read this story without having a background in AC5 or FF The Spirits Within. However, if you have played the game and watched the movie, it can help build images and bring the story line together. But again, it is not necessary. Overall, I realize this Fan Fiction concept is "a stretch", but I will do my best to deliver a story that will take you on a journey that destroys the barriers of time, space, and overall...it doesn't matter how "dark" or "evil" a place can be. All it takes is a little light to turn everything around.)
Authors Note: If you are somehow reading this and have no background of MLP: Friendship is Magic, it will be slightly challenging to follow the MLP characters, so use the Character guide as a reference.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 7 )

I loved Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. It was a really good movie, even if it was under appreciated.

although i had to read a hell of lot to get to the ponies this story seems well written and seems like its plot development is progressing nicely i haven't seen to many grammatical errors good job ill be watching this story:twilightsmile:

Authors Note: I am proud to say that the entire plot/story is now in outline form, and flows very nicely. Before you rate, please give me some time! I am roughly estimating a very detailed story, that could very well be 100,000+ words (but that's a standard novel size). For your reference, the total Chapter count is finalized to be set at= 2 parts of a Prologue, 25 Chapters, and an Epilogue.

Update: I have created a basic character outline to help you visualize the characters. I realize this story is a lot to take in starting off, but I promise you, hang in there and you will see where it is going! Your comments, especially constructive criticism, will help me to detect plot shortcomings or contradictions within the story. I'll be re-reading the beginning and fixing grammar, and looking for potential plot problems.

LINK TO CHARACTER PROFILE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QhUB_PX12573-PUV3csen5HC7Cd_JAhp-7ihwi5uZvI/edit


It was slightly under-appreciated. It just felt like some elements were "missing". I believe they had a lot more to the story, but had to "push it through" because this being one of the first full scale CGI movies, it was costing them a lot. One of the goals of this crossover is to provide some background story...but I won't give away any hints yet :)


Thank you! Apologies on the long prologue...but I did have someone suggest I needed to be more "descriptive" in my writing. May have gone a little overboard, but as long as you can build the scene and story in your mind, that's what counts.

The only thing I don't like is how you brought Chopper back even though he's supposed to be dead. (When he died it sucked cause he was awesome.)

Is this some kind of altenate Strangeral continuity? How can Chopper is still alive!?

Chopper died in operation Supercircus, just a couple of missions (in game) before the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog" afiliated to the Fifth Fighter wing are branded as traitors and escape from Sand Island Air Force Base, gets shot down, then rescued by OMDF unit Sea Gobblin, then taken to the OFS Kestrel, rescue Pressident Vincent Harling from Sieter Castle and then by his direct order they become the Ghost Of Razgriz, Razgriz Air Commad Sqadron.

Captain Marcus Snow (AKA: Swordsman) repalced Chopper as the number 3 of the squadron because not only he helped to cover their deaths, but also he was the sole surviving pilot left in the carrier.

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