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This group is for stories entering Mana's Unsung Heroes Writing Contest. Please familiarize yourself with the contest's rules before entering a story into this contest, which can be found in the group's forum.

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Is this going to be on next year? As in an annual competition?

The heroic action should ideally be in the story somewhere, but there's nothing wrong with putting it at the beginning and having the rest of the story be the consequences of those actions. It'd therefore fulfill the requirement of the character having done something heroic or worthy of praise. Anyway, I wish you all the best. :twilightsmile:

Hi Manaphy!

Just to clarify something, is it necessary for my protagonist to have performed the heroic action or deed within the story, or can the story be based upon the aftermath of said heroic action? I intend to go with the latter (as the premise nearly becomes boring if I don't go down this road), but I'm just uncertain as to whether this is completely adheres to the restrictions and whatnot.
Thanks for the contest, by the way. I am genuinely thrilled to be giving it a go!

Mr Grapefruit,
r e q u i r i n g s l ee p :fluttershyouch:

Yeah, Diamond Tiara could use some more appreciation, and I wish you good luck on the story. :twilightsmile:

Wow, I was just working a Diamond Tiara fan fic interesting.

That's awesome! Good luck with the story, and I hope you have fun! :pinkiesmile:

Work has started on my story! With my recent schedule it might be a bit till it's done but it should definitely be in time for the deadline.

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