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Applejack is convinced that her produce is talking to her. Twilight Sparkle is convinced that only her expert help can restore Applejack to sanity. Hijinks ensue, as hijinks are wont to do. WARNING: Contains puns.

Written for the prereader Secret Santa prompt exchange. This prompt came from NinesTempest, and my prompt ended up going to BronyCray.

Audiobook by The Living Library

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XD hilarious:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:thumbs up and faved!

That was excellent. Hilarious, if you will. Keep writing.

Sometimes I wish Angel wouldn't act like a spoiled brat. Then I remember that he basically is a spoiled brat.

Good story.

Very good. Have a star.
Applejack knew from the start.

So... does this make Applejack an honorary elephant?

(Two hooves up to anyone who gets that reference.):derpytongue2:

First I was: :applejackconfused:
Then I was: :twilightoops:
Finally I was: :rainbowlaugh:

That was a great story that should get featured. Short, funny, different and well written bravo. :moustache:

LOL! Cute :) But I definitely want that apple!


I wish I hadn't read the comments. Sorta ruined the story. But it was quite fantastic, nonetheless. :D

you could make many more chapters! :twilightsmile:

I was thinking they were going to take the apple to Celestia, but oh well. Still a great story.

Thumbs and favs all 'round :D
Criminally under appreciated

This needs an episode.

Where are the puns?

On another note, funny!

Better than the original.

And now I'm wondering what'll happen when the apple starts to spoil. (They'll last for quite a while if the skin isn't broken, but...) Tiny little airships to embark on an exodus to a new world?

754679 I'll take those hooves of yours, Horton. Actually, this was reasonably good, if a bit short.

"Twilight?" :applejackconfused:
"Yes, Applejack?" :twilightsmile:
"Do you worry that we might be living on an apple too, and some day some giant space pony is going to come and pick our apple?" :applejackunsure:
"... Not until now." :facehoof:

What happens when the apple rots? Lol

765379 Fluttershy gets Twilight to put an anti-rot spell on the apple. But when you think about it and anti-rot spell would essentially mean immortality for the apple and with development and time Twilight could eventually have a spell that prolongs pony life indefinitely. :derpyderp2:
Or Fluttershy could..I don't know, buy a fake apple?

lol, Horton hears a Who.

Author Interviewer

Where's your crossover tag? For shame.

I'll be honest. I found this only mildly amusing. I dunno how long you guys had to write these, but this could have gone a lot of places. Instead, it just... didn't. :/ It's not bad, though! The apple place puns were fun.

Site Blogger


Yeah, we had a week, and I was traveling at the time. I'm happy with this as fluffy entertainment and a vehicle for puns, but getting any real depth in here wasn't an option.

Not read the whole chapter yet, but when I read:

“Easy mistake to make. I was talking to the tiny princess who lives on the apple.”

I just lost it. :rainbowlaugh:
Oh Applejack, what part of that sentence makes you think they'll believe you

Shame this wasn't continued. I would have loved to read more :heart:

You should write a sequel. What are the tiny ponies going to do when the apple starts to rot?

Applejack hears a pony, lol.

This was absolute fun and I wish there were more stories like it, excellent work.:pinkiehappy:

fluttershy's delusions will likely never cease being funny.:pinkiehappy:

Lady Colossus?

...do I detect a Skin Horse reference?

Goddamit Fluttershy, you need to get tough with that rabbit. Maybe use some high explosives.

silly story is silly.

It's not a mistake. Wont to do is a proper phrase, just is not used as often as it should be. :twilightsmile:

Oh god. Adorable.

I love this story. Ten Scootaloos and the Scootaloo Seal of Approval.



This. Is. Totally. Bizarre. I love it!

What a fun story. I really enjoyed reading this spin on the old story.

Someone please tell me why The Interpretation of Drays is a joke. I don't get it. :rainbowhuh: As for the story in general: silly apple puns are always nice, but I'd actually have liked more. The Fluttershy/Angel scene at the end is nice in a way, but I'm a bit more of an Angel fan than many people so maybe it didn't quite hit the mark as much for me as for others.

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