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A friend in need · 1:51pm May 1st, 2014

So, a friend of mine who's dabbling in art is taking commissions and has asked for help with advertising!

Anyone wishing to contact her just head down here: http://ariettablackrose.deviantart.com/

She's taking both Deviantart points and real money, although the latter doesn't have a price list on it. Anyone paying in real money will have to negotiate the price with her.

Thanks for reading guys.

Oh, and about New Beginnings...

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My own useless drek

Saw others doing this, so might as well do it too...

My bucket list:

[x] Get 100k views.
[ ] Get 150k views.
[ ] Get 200k views

[ ] Get 1k comments on New Beginnings

[ ] Have someone do a reading of New Beginnings (or any other coming fic...)

[ ] Have a Group dedicated to me! (Fat chance...)

[x] Get 100 followers
[ ] Get 200 followers
[ ] Get 500 followers

[ ] Get featured 10 times.
[ ] Get featured 20 times.


[ ] Read End of Ponies

[ ] Actually read all of the fics in my Read Later list...

[ ] Get interviewed by...ANYONE really.

(Okay, maybe not ANYONE, you know what I mean.)

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Dude is dead, leave him be.

Damn it's sad to see this man dead. I loved his story and wish he would continue it. Rest in piece my friend

775533 welp you are dead:fluttercry:


I always watch those I like...:pinkiecrazy:

(That was not meant to be creepy...but it is.)

Thanks for the watch!:twilightsmile:

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