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I like ponies, i also like League of Legends

The LoL community is known for its... awfulness
Ii think it would be great to sit back and love and tolerate whilst playing League as apposed to the constant Butthurt that i am usually confronted with

Sooooooo i am starting up this group to find fellow brony LoL players to set up a more friendly gaming environment also if you (somehow) write any sort of fic having to do with LoL you are welcome and encouraged to post here (seeing as we are the only one who will understand how amazing a feet that would be... lulz).

One important caviat, this is not an ARAM, and not a Level 30 only thing, you will not be judged on how good you are at the game (I'm not amazing myself) just as long as you Love LoL

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Comment posted by Flamer_Brony deleted Feb 8th, 2013

301204btw My summoner name is "FireDrakeLord."

301204 Okay, I doubt I'm going to be on later tonight though. Probably not for a couple days, unless the homework lightens up. Which it won't, anyways, it would be fun to play a game against you as any of your mains. To quote Renekton "Come back when you have collected all the bits of yourself." Well, I hope for you to have good games and lots of luck. Cheers mates! :yay:

301182 naw dude, my three mains are singed, garen, and darius. sometimes i play teemo but thats only if i feel like being an asshole

ill probebly be on later tonight, my summoner name is Setlef, add me

295717 Awesome. It would be awesome to play a game with ya dude. Maybe even a 1v1 at top:rainbowdetermined2: See who's better, as long as you don't main Riven or any one like that. If you do, ahahhaha, I would be screwed.

I would love to play a game of LoL with you guys. I main Renekton Top, am starting to make a build for Renekton Jungle (it actually works), and can pretty much cover all lanes, except jungle. Have been doing really bad with jungling ever since season three.:derpytongue2:

I now play WuKong and can play top or bot

mkk i pretty much go top lane... thats about all i do, but im dam good at it

oh and by the way, if you could put i your summoner names that would be awesome
im making a new folder for it now

Mainly tank with Shen, amumu, Mundo and and learning malphite.

Support with all supports aside Taric because he's outrageously not to my liking.

Can do a bit of solo top with self sufficient champs such as Garen, Tryndamere and Shen and Xin Zhao

I can do mid but only with Mundo, Viktor and Karthus (Mundo mid rocks all the AP mid at level 6 when you grab CDR Mundo XD)

I do NOT jungle, I'm from the old as fuck meta that never had junglers.


Summoners Rift: Top lane, Morgana or Jungler Volibear

Jarvan top, AD TF mid, Graves bottom. TrolololTankraka also for bottom. Let it be known that I do not jungle or Support.

Comment posted by Roach of Wrath deleted Dec 24th, 2012
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