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A ridiculous little story experiment involving anthropomorphic versions of ponies. No real plot, much silliness, strange characters, and a short look at Scrivener and Luna's awkward life. If they had hands. I fully acknowledge this was probably a bad idea.

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Another great story, sir!

A ... little... story...?! Though I suppose for you it is hehe...
now time to read it :pinkiehappy:

Have a thumb that happens to point towards the sky.

It was surprisingly small for one of his stories, wasn't it?

well that was quite tangential... and....to be really honest unexpected?

So are Scrivy's Gauntlets canon, or are they a reference to his whole tyrant wyrm shtick


Thanks very much, and for the fave, too. It's all just. Madness, really.


Every now and then I manage to write something short. It just uh. Is strangely difficult.
I hope it proves enjoyable, though, since it's all just silliness.

But we're all mad here, so everything's great.


Thankee. It's much appreciated.


I don't entirely know how it happened myself, to be honest. I just wanted to write something where I didn't have to worry about making too much sense.
And I'm not sure how the Talons came in, but uh... yeah, I think so. Luna always has her spear but for some reason the scary metal claws seemed to fit Scrivener.


Is this story a subplot to the story like the night out on fimfiction and the one of pony fears...
or just a random one?

Happy to read it now if it is, but I want to catch up from where I left off before I read
it if its more cannon.


Not really. This is a lot of random nonsense, really, and even the fact they're all walking around with hands and such aside, I don't think it exactly fits into the timeline if you remember the details. Although... something like this - again, anthroness aside - could have happened during Decretum. If you wanna be totally sure you're not going to spoil any surprises, though, it might be good to pick up the other stuff first, definitely.


I've picked back up and am mid way through decretum. Though may not
affect the timine, think ill read it first before I read this :)

Still keeping me entertained long into the future I reckon

I feel like I have a lot of reading to do.

Because I'm a little lost... and I love your Luna far too much and there needs to be a lot more of her. Everywhere. Forever.


Don't worry. I'm plenty lost myself, and I'm pretty sure this doesn't make sense on a lot of levels. But I'm very glad you like my crazy Luna, thank you

I've finished "Absolution" (kind of sad ending) and am more than halfway through "Love conquers all" which is pretty depressing
(Luna and Scrivy are supposed to be the good guys right? right!? RIGHT!?). :flutterrage:
This was a good departure from the madness of the other two stories. :twilightsmile:


BLCA is a pretty scary story, yes. I'm. Always surprised that overall it gets pretty positive feedback. Because. Well. You know.
I'm glad this nonsense served as a little break from all that. Admittedly it was nice to write a pure random idea out for a change instead of things that make people cry/throw things at me.

I don't read "anthro" stories, and this one is probably the only exception so far. I've read it because, well, it was you who has written it. But still, I had to imagine the characters from this short story as fully human versions, not "anthro". Works for me.

It's always nice to read about such quiet nice smooth days, when there's no great evil on the horizon and where these people can just live everyday life. And while in the main stories of your saga there's always some great evil in the end, and there's rarely two or three chapters in a row without something bad happening (though I must admit, even in BLCA there were happy chapters, which made it all the more painful to return to reality of its main storyline), some of your small stories, like this one, the one about Scrivy meeting Twilight, or the one about guys' night out in the middle of SK, allow me to simply read them and enjoy these happy days. Nothing special, but nice, all the same.


Thanks. I know what you mean: I always really enjoyed these weird little stories myself, just the... silly nothing stories. Sometimes it's nice to not have a giant evil lingering over the heads of everything. They always have their own odd impact.

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