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Insert story that occurs during Starlit Knights. Scrivener, Rainbow Dude, Spike and Big Mac have a night out at the bar, drinking, playing pool, and generally being stupid together.

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Hah! Big Mac is such a stud. Good to see this posted here! :eeyup:

This is probably my favourite one of your stories, glad to see it here!

Ah, a night of merriment, drinks and well... Rainbow being Rainbow, I'm definitely reading this again.

Seems good, judging by the comments. Gonna give it a read.


Thanks very much. I. Really had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully the characters seem to piece themselves together for me.


Thanks very much. It was admittedly very relaxing to write this between all the. Everything else.


Thanks very much, and for the fave too. It's nice sometimes to not write things that end in "doom."

Hold on so Spike is in what can be called the "Equestria navy seals" he is being shipped out and dude has not gotten laid. Come on man you can't send him out without first getting some. Rarity could have at least walked in drunk of her pony ass and start "Whispering/yelling" some very dirty things to him. Like "I want you to f**k me sideways"

Story still funny as hell. Hope to see a girls night out one or one where they met up again.



Thanks kindly, glad you found it enjoyable. And oh yes, but Rarity was on the support team for the Knights. Gave me a little more time to play things out in the actual story.

1795577 There is a story? what is it called so I can see if I like it?


Starlit Knights. It's the third story in the series I've called the Natta Edda, there should be a link right on my profile to it.

Wait, so the three were doing the horizontal tango before they even left? I thought that didn't happen until Derectum or Synthesis

Anyway, I love everything about this one.
Great character interactions and development, and awesome everything else.

I would really like to see another installment of this: maybe a girls night out, maybe one with Antares and others, anything you write is always great.


Thanks very much. It is all much silliness, really. Sort of an extra chapter to Starlit Knights that didn't really fit in with everything else. And I have this horrible feeling Girls' Night would be far more frightening than Guys' Night. Which does admittedly make it tempting to write.
I much appreciate the fave on this one, too.

Lol! Totally unrealistic! That pizza came so fast! XD


Totally. But I'm glad it proved enjoyable all the same. Thank you kindly for faving it as well.

I vote for Girl's Night.

Heh, good bit of silliness to balance everything else out (though still with some genuine emotion on Rainbow's part).

The Scrivy/Luna/Twilight discussion was especially interesting. I will admit I was kind of spoiled on the wiki that they're more or less together, and I was waiting through Lunar Lights for Luna's flirting and Scrivy and Twilight's belligerent sexual tension to boil over... and then come the early acts of Starlit Knights and it's implied they've all hooked up already.:ajbemused: I mean, I don't wish to pry, but I can't help wanting to see the moment when Twilight finally realized that, yes, Luna does care about her as much as about Scrivy (or nearly so) and/or when she and Scrivy broke through their denial.:trollestia:


Thanks, I'm glad you found it enjoyable.
And actually, I did start writing that precise story a long time ago. But I never really followed through to finish it. I really kind of wimped out on getting into the relationship for a long time because it was very hard to do... properly, so to speak. But in the later stories, when I do get into how things developed with them, how they became a triad, it's some of the stuff that I've really most enjoyed writing. Just their normal family life stuff, how they do chores together, how they coexist with each other, how they balance one-another out. It's a lot more satisfying in the later stories, too, because I don't leap to implied togetherness, which is something about the older stories that has always kind of nagged at me.

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