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Bayonetta parody/crossover. A Draconequus friend indulges Luna and Scrivener Blooms and explains one of his random references by giving them a firsthand experience with it. Luna proceeds to pummel and shoot everything.

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How much do you write per day, because you put out relatively large stories fairly often.

BAYONETTA!? I love you. I want you. Purr

He's just importing these from fanfiction

1796507 these are older stories BlackRoseRaven is reuploading- but yes, BlackRoseRaven does write, a lot. I'm pretty sure that BlackRoseRaven writes at least 7-8k per day, probably more, even more like 10-11k per day
finished Decretum in around 2 months, I remember, and that thing is like 770k words, so yeah. Ridiculous amounts of writing.


Luna pummels and shoots everything?

I am pleased. Yes, this offering is fine. yes

I liked the part where shit esploded.


Shirohige got it right. I think someone calculated my average output on Decretum and it came out to uh... 11.5K words a day, if I remember right. But I also did Rhythm of the Dance in one day, so that gives you the high-end estimate of what I can do, too. The last few shorts and the ones that'll follow are just being ported over from Fanfiction, though, as ChaosKing mentioned.
Also, thanks kindly for the fave.


I'm glad you approve. Thanks kindly for the fave, too.


I'm glad my madness is pleasing. Thanks very much for the fave as well.


I liked the part where he stopped moving.

It's hilarious because authors here usually complain about how hard is is to write a 4k chapter in a week or two... And then there's blackroseraven.

Heh never played bayonetta but I'm certainly looking around for it now, Remember this from fanfiction, keep it up!


It's one of my personal favorites, I would greatly recommend it. And there will definitely be a few new stories soon enough, I'm sure. Thanks very much.

If you finished Rhythm of the Dance in one day, that means you type as fast as most people read. Holy Shiz.

Well, that was a rush. I know nothing about Bayonetta, and this may or may not precisely fit anywhere in your timeline, but it was still worth a read.

You did Rhythm of the Dance in a single day?! My respect for you has increased tenfold now. Because WHOA! 167K words in one day!


I would die if I wrote that much in one day. No, Rhythm of the Dance actually started as a silly "suggest me things guys and I'll write it because I have nothing else to do" and it was suggested that I write a story where Cadence beats up everyone. And that became Rhythm of the Dance, which originally was only that first chapter, and nothing further. But then it sort of. Evolved from there, and I wrote chapters for it between other stories, until we ended up where we are now.

Never mind! My respect for you is still higher than ever, and I'm glad you wrote such an awesome story! Your version of Cadence is one of the most awesome and badass portrayals of Cadence I have ever seen, and I congratulate you for writing such an awesome universe. :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

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