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Something has happened and Twilight finds herself in a strange and dark new world. The Bipeds here have strange magic, advanced technology, and a lot of problems. She needs a few friends, and they just might need her. WORM crossover. Deadpan29 has created some great supplementary material that is canon to the story.

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What the fuck is WORM?

3619690 Agreed

Also, I like skitter a bit, and I hope things turn over a bit better, for all of them, that is if they do a good streak.:twilightsmile:


...Yeah, I'd link this in the summary. I can guarantee that not very many people are going to have a clue as to what the hell WORM is.

I'm liking where this is going. Looking forward to next chapter.

Heh, the feels for dragon and can't wait to see results of twilight's involvement has on the others developments...:twilightsmile:

First off this is a damn good story. I have no clue what worm is but that didn't bother me in the least. This is a well made and paced story. Now you might want to put this in a few groups if you want to increase your readers. For now I will happily await the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

This story is just wonderful. The character the treats and execution lis top notch. I can't wait to see how things will change after these events.

Thanks for the encouragement :twilightsmile:

Well done on another excellent chapter. I'm not to sure about calling them interludes though. Interludes in most stories end up being silly filler crap that don't apply to the story as a whole. These on the other hand help build the characters and the overall situation of the story. This chapter for instance builds directly from the last chapter a pushes the story along showing progression of the arc.

Now I'm off to place this story into some groups. Until next time.:pinkiehappy:

Oh hell yes.

That is all.

Haven't read this worm's thing. but this story right here is getting increasingly amazing, and I can't wait to see whats going to happen now.

Well done very well done. That was a great sceen there at the end. Now for the hardest part the wait for the next chapter.


In worm an interlude is a chapter that is not from the main characters point of view

I am only superficially familiar with the Worm franchise, but didn't let that deter me and decided to give this story a shot anyway. And wow, am I ever glad I did - this is great stuff you have here! Minus a few errors here and there your writing style is very good - the mental imagery you paint is crisp and precise, with just about the right attention to small detail to inject life in the scene and your portrayal of action is generally good.

What I like especially is your characterization of Twilight though - somewhat obsessive-compulsive, friendly yet somewhat easy to tick off or annoy, prone to panic attacks and yet still not passing up the chance to learn new things. I'd say you have nailed her personality pretty well and I could honestly see the canon Twilight acting this way. Yes, up to and including teleporting away to help her newfound friends in a fight.

Twilight has never been too particularly hesitant about engaging in a conflict when one appears inevitable and her default disposition in a fight is generally proactive. More than that, she is a problem solver and, unwillingness to show off aside, is likely well aware of her own capabilities if forced to apply them in earnest (considering the strength of her TK, that alone is an absurdly potent and infinitely deadly weapon, were she to apply it properly) and more than that, is probably used to be being the best choice around when it comes to dissolving various situations, were they to crop up. With all that in mind, it was all but expected for Twilight to actively involve herself and not wish to be cuddled, when the well-being of those she considers friends is on the line.

Traumatizing as the experience with Jack was, once she has had the time to calm down and think things over, I can't imagine Twilight remaining in some hidey-hole and waiting things out as Slaughterhouse nine rip the city apart in search of her. Yeah, she has been made painfully aware of just how far she will go when pushed over the edge and just how deadly she can be (something that, for all her power, she has never had to wrestle with before) ... but despite how scary the thought of her losing herself again is, I can't imagine her standing aside and watching someone else die for her if she can do something to stop it. She might think she wouldn't be able to live with herself, but I imagine she wouldn't be able to live with herself even more, were she to stand aside and do nothing, or do too little and risk innocents dying anyway over her own indecision.

That aside, Twilight meeting with Celestia in that starry plane of reality was ... interesting. Did she really punch through the veil of realities and had a chat with her mentor, or did she more or less imagine the whole thing? I sort of imagine the real Celestia being more worried about finding out where exactly Twilight has gone (unless she knows that already and is working on it), but at the same time Twilight apparently emerged from the ordeal with Wings on her back ... so chances are she indeed visited the same starry space she did originally during her ascension where she also had (albeit a different) chat with Celestia, and tapped in to the powers of harmony sooner than she did in the show as result. I'm looking towards the next chapter and her reaction to that, heh.

Lastly, what I find very appealing about your work is the emphasis on little cultural differences and cues you slip in to highlight the "similar, yet different" position of Twilight and her human friends. Like how much about clothing and its significance escapes her, but how she is much better at picking up body cues and gestures that even humans themselves don't really notice as much and derive conclusions from those, as that's what ponies look for to enhance social interactions. I also applaud you for realizing just how powerful and versatile a tool matter manipulation can be and actually have Twilight use it - few stories even remember this aspect of her magic and just how much ... and how conveniently ... stuff can be done with it. It honestly makes me crack a grin to see her create a bathtub full of water - because that, despite how bizarre, is the solutions such ability allows you to employ.

Very good stuff so far, eagerly looking towards more.


Thank you for the in depth comment, compliments, and critiques. I really appreciate it. It has been a bit of a dance to try an write the story so that people from either fandom could enjoy it, and to organically include references to show how the culture is different - glad to hear that I'm at least coming close.

As for The Celestia scene, I would clarify, but spoilers.

I'm about halfway through next chapter, it's a little longer than the ones I have had so far. hopefully to be released this weekend.

The link doesn't really tell me much. You mind telling me more about WORM?


Hmm, it's like a 1.5 million word story, but to sum up.

Worm is a world that was basically like ours until the mid 80's when normal people started developing superpowers of all kinds. Usually the power develops in the middle of a traumatic event. People with powers are called parahumans, and are fairly rare (a major city of millions will have a few dozen 'capes') in it. Because they are spawned by traumatic events, villains outnumber heroes by about 2:1, but the heroes have banded together in government sponsored organizations all over the world.

Powers come in all sorts of varieties - standard superhero strength and flight, thinker powers that give people super insight or perception, tinker powers that allow people to develop advanced technology, powers that warp space, and everything in between.

It can be a pretty grim place, as even the heroes tend to be a little off in the head. In worm proper Skitter is the main protagonist and it follows her from her "trigger event" where she got her powers onwards. I can't really get into more at the moment without spoiling things in my story or worm proper, but world wide things start going wrong on lots of levels.

I really enjoyed it, but I couldn't think of a setting more in need of the magic of friendship, and thus was this story born.

3830522 And in what chapter does Twilight be badass?


The end of chapter 4-villians is the point where I felt comfortable adding this story to that group. As the story continues, more scenes of badassedness will accumulate.


I would say Twilight is being pleasantly competent and proactive through most of the fic, right from the very start. And she definitely has her "badass" moments, but what I appreciate just as much, if not more, is the general proactiveness, savvy and efficient creativity she approaches things with, along with the occasional display of what exactly she is capable of when pushed.

Oh Skitter, you just had to prank the wards didn't you.:rainbowlaugh:

That last moment was the gem of my day I truly enjoyed that moment. I can't wait to read about their reactions. Also looking forward to learning more about all the new scum of the city.

Well, that was unexpected - that Twilight/the Elements were going to set Mimi straight was easy to predict, but I hadn't expected the girl to stick around. On one hand, Twilight has gained a powerful ally that's going to be loyal to her personally, which is always good in a situation such as Twilight finds herself in. On the other hand, given Mimi's notoriety, I imagine her presence might cause some issues as well. Sure, the gangs won't care much (and probably won't want to mess with her anyway), but I can't imagine the Protectorate simply accepting her change of heart with a shrug and letting it go just like that ... which Twilight might take an issue with.

Speaking of which, I can't help but wonder what will drive the two from their hidey-hole. Obviously Twilight won't get to simply lounge away in an abandoned fire depot while thee storm blows over, so I imagine something will drive them out soon enough...

On another note .. “What?! No of course not, those practices have been banned for thousands of years!" - so she COULD summon an eldritch abomination if she really wanted to :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder how the Wards and co are going to respond to the recent turn of events - I can't help but think that, for Twilight, staying with them might still be the overall best chance. Just do it discretely this time, not announce on media where she is staying and pretty much telegraph the thing to the whole world. Surely they could provide her a discreet underground room to stay in, without the populace at large being the wiser, with Dragon running potential information leak control or even planting some false leads?

On the note of Twilight, I'm surprised how little she freaked out over her sudden Alicornization - I would have expected her to fuss over that a bit more and try and figure out what, exactly, has changed about her, both in physical and magical terms. Though I guess finding shelter took priority. Hmm ... I wonder if she will actually be able to send that letter to Celestia now, heh. That would be pretty neat.

Anyways, another good chapter that has left me craving more.


On Mimi - Many of the things you are thinking here will be a part of the next chapter

On hiding - Chapter 6, part 2 addresses this I think ;)

On wards, future accommodations - While it might be best / safest for Twilight, Twilight herself would need to be convinced she was not putting her friends in unreasonable danger by staying there, even if they were trying to keep it secret. Members of the Nine have found her 3 times now, so she's a little paranoid about it. Discussions along these lines likely to appear in chapter 7.

On Twilight Freakout over Alicornization - Alluded to this a little in chapter 6, part 2. Mainly though there are so many horrible things going on that she's had to push thinking about her change down her priority list, and so she's trying to do her best and just accept it for now because there are so many things to do/villains to defeat/friends to save. Worry and anxiety about it is lurking there under the surface, and will likely bubble up from time to time when she has a moment to catch her breath.


Scum of the city - in this fic you will likely get to see quite a few of them ;)


If the last line of chapter 6, part 1 was too much levity, hopefully the end of chapter 6, part 2 was dour enough for you :twilightsmile: Thanks for the feedback and I hope it continues to entertain you as it progresses.


True on the wards and how Twilight might feel she is putting the others in danger with her presence alone, secret as it might be, but ... with how things went down in part 2, where a member of the slaughterhouse showed willingness to go on a random civilian killing spree just to draw her out, it has sort of become a situation of it not mattering where she hides out - because these guys seem perfectly willing to lash out at whatever is closest if that means ruffling her newfound feathers.

That being the case, I'd imagine she would want to stay in the place that is, at least, more full of people that can actively defend themselves in case of an attack in case she 'does' get tracked down, and if they lash out at random locations in the city, chances are she would have the fastest way of finding out if she is in the Protectorate building as they likely have the best/swiftest information coverage and someone should always be around to inform her.
That aside, dang, I liked the second part - especially the line in the end about Twilight feeling as if she has given up something precious by being forced to apply Celestia's teachings to kill. Though given what she was facing, I don't thin Celestia would disapprove too much - reminds me of what Luna said in one other fict when a similar subject came up: "When the life of a friend or an innocent is on the line, the worst you can do is stand aside and do nothing". I believe that sort of applies here (Hence the part of her that actually disagrees being the one labeled "selfish", no doubt. Well played).

Though I must say I wonder about one thing - why didn't Twilight try disabling the Crawler first? And by disable I don't mean obliterating half of its body by turning it to water (dang, that's pretty ruthless actually), but by transforming him in to ... i dunno, a hamster or a potted plant? Or something equally harmless, then put it away and figure out what to do with it later.

Her TK should also be quite capable of simply holding down whatever she wants to, well, hold down - she can easily exert force in excess of several hundred tons (a hell of a lot more actually, seeing how many and how big of a number of stones she levitated when fixing the dam in Mare Do Well), and once you lift someone off the ground they have no leverage to do anything anyway.

Granted, there could be reasons why either would have failed against that beast, but I would have sort of expected her to at least try before flinging him in to outer space (on that note, in this case I will go with a "I don't believe it's dead before I see the body - it could have adapted to airless environment, assuming it had to breathe in the first place at this point. Though granted, if the gravity reversal is indeed permanent, I guess it wouldn't matter much).

On another note, seeing how Alexandria reacted to the implications about Alicorn immortality (or longevity), I figure Twilight had failed to mention this aspect about her mentor before? :P More than that, I wonder if she has realized that she herself is sharing the same traits now, it almost sounded like she hasn't made the connection yet.

Though I guess it could be, as you said, her trying not to think about it and focusing on more immediate and pressing problems. While the change must be scary and confusing to go through, that's hardly the worst thing that has happened to her lately - quite the contrary, confusion and uncertainty regarding as to why aside. And she will probably need every single advantage that comes with it, heh. I loved how Twilight "improvised" in the face of lacing proper flight just yet and instead was conjuring clouds to walk on in order to claim the high-ground. (And having to learn how to undo her machinations in order not to leave a trail :P)

On another note, I wonder if Equestria's side of things will come in to play at all? In this chapter we had a mention there were scientists trying to figure how to contact Twilight's world, which makes me wonder if Celestia isn't attempting something similar from her own end to try and track Twilight down? And I imagine she, of all the parties involved, might have the best idea of where to start to replicate Twilight's little stunt. (Or Luna, if she has recovered enough).


Though I must say I wonder about one thing - why didn't Twilight try disabling the Crawler first? And by disable I don't mean obliterating half of its body by turning it to water (dang, that's pretty ruthless actually), but by transforming him in to ... i dunno, a hamster or a potted plant? Or something equally harmless, then put it away and figure out what to do with it later.

In chapter 2? I think, Twilight mentions how there are two kinds of transmutations, temporary and permanent and that permanent transmutations require a lot of power and they all require extensive study to perform. We see her in the show struggle to turn apples to oranges, Crawler is enormous and to transmute that much mass she needed the simplest pattern she knew and enough power to nearly exhaust her. Her temporary potted planting of her parents was essentially a freak occurrence do to her power being out of control.

Her TK should also be quite capable of simply holding down whatever she wants to

True, and she could, but it also would require constant application of her power on a being that adapts to powers that are being used on him. Crawler attacked her shield several times so she knows the force she would need to apply. Essentially she took Alexandria and Crawler at their word "he adapts, few things hurt him, and no prison will hold him for long" which was backed up from her observations on how quickly he healed and how little actually hurt him.

After Jack and having the others tell her about the rest of the Slaughterhouse Nine and what they do over the past few days, she was not willing to risk attempting to contain him with the possibility that he would escape and keep his promise to murder people indiscriminately. It's a decision that cost her something, regardless of how right or wrong it was.

I wonder if she has realized that she herself is sharing the same traits now, it almost sounded like she hasn't made the connection yet.

Not even a little bit, because that would involve acknowledging she was on par with Celestia. Which is a idea so foriegn to her that someone would need to hit her in the face with it for the connections to be made.

Worm?! Oh fuck yes, strapped in and ready for launch.

Except I need to read the whole blasted story first...

You'll see me later. :rainbowdetermined2:


On the other end of transformations though, we have her transforming four mice in to horses - a feat where each being ended up order of magnitudes larger than their starting state, and that one didn't seem to phase her at all - permanent vs temporary of course, but temporary would have worked well enough to figure out what to do with him, I imagine. I wonder what's the difference to make for such a large gap in apparent effort needed (I doubt she is so much more intimately familiar with mice and horses as opposed to apples and oranges that the former comes naturally to her :twilightsheepish:). Though I guess you could say that with Crawler it would have taken some trial and error that she didn't necessarily have the time to conduct.

Regarding TK though, it doesn't really matter how physically strong Crawler is - he could have the strength to tear the world in two and it still wouldn't even enter the equation, as all she need to do is lift him from the ground and watch him flail uselessly in the air. All that strength is meaningless if something isn't in reach to apply it on.

She doesn't necessarily need to try and literally immobilize him as a statue, not in immediate fashion at least, just keep him floating for a while - if for no other reason than to get a moment of respite and ask the others whether they have any ideas on how to deal with that thing. Though I can see how she would have wanted a more ... surefire ... solution. I don't think I would buy Crawler being able to adapt to TK though - that's simple exertion of force, and if he could "evolve" to the point where physical force doesn't work on him, then I imagine he would lose the ability to interact with the physical world ... which would be hilarious in its own right :rainbowwild:

Not even a little bit, because that would involve acknowledging she was on par with Celestia. Which is a idea so foriegn to her that someone would need to hit her in the face with it for the connections to be made.

Which means that someone is going to do so reasonably soon, I imagine (or not). Her reaction upon computing the fact should be quite amusing ... assuming her brain doesn't come up with a blue screen of death.


all she need to do is lift him from the ground and watch him flail uselessly in the air. All that strength is meaningless if something isn't in reach to apply it on.

This is all true, but remember - Twilight knows nothing about Crawler besides the general description she was just given in the heat of battle. She comes from a world where ponies cast a much more general and versatile brand of magic than parahumans, and her thinking defaults to that experience. In equestria counters to TK have probably been around for thousands of years. This would color her thinking even though she has picked up that humans use magic very differently.

I don't think I would buy Crawler being able to adapt to TK though

I don't either :twilightsmile: but Twilight doesn't know whether he can or not

An interesting chapter an love that we get to see what's going on with normal people. I'll like to see another.

I will admit I clicked on the links a few times keep forgetting they weren't real.:facehoof:

First thought: Nooo, I wanted to see the aftermath pf Crawler's battle and what Twilight plans on doing next!
Second thought: This was actually pretty neat - you managed to capture the feel of a message board pretty well (I almost had an urge to click on the "links", heh) and it was reasonably interesting to see how the regular people and those out of the loop are taking Twilight's arrival (which is easy to forget is a worldwide event by now, pretty much) and the speculations they have about her ... from those both grumbling and skeptical to those willing to all but make her the second coming.

And Cralwer's on his way towards being the first human in deep space, heh. Now that I think about it, if he can't die, his existence is going to be pure hell - if Twilight's spell is permanent, as she alluded to, he is going to forever drift in the void, being repulsed by any objects with enough mass to generate gravity, forever drifting and never able to make planetfall. Talk about eternal damnation, heh.

As a note to anyone who didn't know, the Parahumans Online interludes are a big tradition. They're in the original work and very popular in Worm fanfic.

This one was very well done.

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Yes :fluttershysad: please i want to see them

Now that I think of it you missed to add the stroked stricken text format.


Thanks for the catch, imported from gdocs, didn't see that it had missed that.

This story is one of those hidden gems of Fimfiction. Definitely deserves more likes.

If you're curious, Worm is a dark action superhero universe web novel.
If you just want some background information, there's a wiki, though it's a bit sparse in places:

The setting is basically our earth except people started developing super-powers in the eighties and then a few years later three unstoppable monsters called Endbringers started taking turns regularly attacking cities. They're strong enough that hundreds of 'parahumans' show up to fight them (heroes and villains of the area call a truce for this when they attack) and they've never been killed, only retreated when mildly injured. Nukes didn't even stop them, just spread radiation around when used. One of them sank the largest island in Japan, which has not helped the world economy, and another destroyed most of the Middle East oilfields. When not attacking they rest: Leviathan deep beneath the ocean, Simurgh high above in orbit, and Behemoth down in the magma below the Earth's crust.

Two errors you wrote: "remembered one to many" when it should have been "one too many" and "raising stars" when you wanted "rising stars", talking about the Undersiders.

So... Altering Burnscar's passenger connection was equivalent to finishing Starswirl's long lost Destiny alteration magic? Interesting.

On the transmuting Crawler front, there's the additional difficulty that rearranging his physical body is literally what his power does, I don't think you could rely on changes Twilight made taking hold. She'd be fighting his power directly trying to keep him transformed, the same way she was fighting it directly injuring him.


“You’ve made some interesting friends these p ast few days Ms. Sparkle.”
“Oh yes, they’ve really been very kind and even though some of them apparently don’t like each other all that much they all agreed to help stop the ABB. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to hear that after all the awful things that have happened since I got here.”


Okay so we now have Raiden and Subzero joining the mix. Now this'll be fun. :twilightsmile:

Also will there be a Saibot cameo? or even a Newb/Smoke Cameo?

Poor dumb Leviathan. Gonna get Sparkle-whipped, even if it's only by throwing him back into the Atlantic.

Actually, given that she can see magic, she might just be able to- heheheheheheheh.

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