• Published 12th Dec 2013
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A Friend In Need - sopchoppy

Something has happened and Twilight finds herself in a strange and dark new world. The Bipeds here have strange magic, advanced technology, and a lot of problems. She needs a few friends, and they just might need her. WORM crossover.

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11 - Repercussions (Part 1)

“Now tell us Twilight Sparkle,” Luna interjected suddenly with seriousness, “what dost thou know of thy new form?”

As Twilight tried to process the non-sequitur, she noted that the princess had cast a privacy charm as she spoke. The air around them now occasionally sparkled as the magic suffusing it interacted with the matter and energy contained within the effect. With only a cursory examination of the working, Twilight could tell that the spell was more complex than the privacy charms normally employed by unicorns as it still allowed outside sound in. She started to examine it further, thinking how it could be restructured to avoid the sparkling, when a hoof nudged her gently in the side.

Blushing, she let go of the formulas trying to take shape in her head and refocused on Luna. “Um…I have wings now?”

“Verily, that is so,” Princess Luna said with mirth. “Hast thou perhaps noticed aught else?”

“I’m half a hoof taller?” Twilight replied with a sheepish shrug, not quite understanding what the princess was getting at.

Princess Luna’s right fore-hoof raised from the ground and made it halfway to her face before she gave a sigh and let it return to the earth. “What of thy magic? Didst thou not take notice of anything else in battle with those fell creatures.”

Twilight frowned and, with some distaste, tried to remember how her magic felt underneath the fear and desperation of her emotions. After a moment, her eyes widened and she turned her concentration simultaneously inward and outward.

“I…I…it’s so…it’s too much…it’s me, but it isn’t me…Luna, what…why…why? I’m not me anymore!” Her breathing sped up and she half-reared in instinctive panic before she was wrapped in a fierce hug of strong legs and soft feathers. She returned the hug, desperate for the princess’ solid form and reassurance. She let her thoughts slip away and took slow deep breaths filtered through the reassuring scent of Luna’s fur. She wasn’t sure how long they kept that position before Luna spoke again.

“Be at ease, Twilight Sparkle. Thou art thyself, no magic hath changed that, but for both good and ill thou art now far more than thou were.” Princess Luna said calmly.

Twilight sniffled a little, confusion and shock morphing into tears. “I…I don’t understand, Princess.”

“Nay, nor do we. Nor do we think understanding is possible, but we shall tell thee what we ken.” Princess Luna paused as she disentangled herself from the hug and shifted her position on the grass so that she was laying directly beside Twilight. She gently stretched a wing over the smaller mare’s back and after a moment continued speaking.

“Didst thou ever think it queer that Equestria’s Sun doth orbit the planet? For the seasons to require management? For Night and Day and thus all life to be dependent on two individuals?”


Princess Luna let out a melancholy chuckle, “Ha, ha. Of course thou wouldst not, ’tis all thou hast ever known. But ’tis strange and even unnatural. Long ago, long enough that even we sometimes wonder if ’twere but an imagined fancy, Equestria much resembled this Earth. Night and Day, summer and winter, they came and went as they pleased, without need or warrant from those of us that lived with them. How do you suppose such a system as the one thou hast known could have formed naturally?”

Twilight hesitated and thought about it, and as soon as she thought about it the answer was obvious, it couldn’t. “I, it couldn’t. I, I, remember asking I think, when I was young, but the adults used the voice, and I stopped asking.”

“The voice?” Luna inquired.

“The one adults use when you’re being silly, or naive, or stupid and they don’t want to say so.”

“Ah, we know of this voice. Often we wonder how far our ponies might have progressed were it not for such.” Princess Luna replied.

“But, if,” Twilight paused and collected her thoughts and condensed them into the question she really wanted to ask. “What happened?”

“Many things,” Luna replied and a sad expression swept across her face before she caught it and turned it rueful. “Far too many to be told of before yon unguided sun finisheth its decent. We suppose all could be rendered such: Discord in his madness ripped all natural order asunder and Sister and I in our hubris thought we could mend it. Doth thou recall our words when thou used the Elements of Harmony in battle?”

Twilight thought back, but it was hard to remember. At the time she felt as if she was being stretched across some vast distance, too thin almost to retain coherent thought. “You said, something, you said that, that harmony doesn’t have or recognize boundaries? That if I didn’t stop…That if I didn’t stop I would change everything!” Twilight whipped her head around so that she could look directly in the Princess’ eyes.

“Aye, thou seest it clearly now. Would that there had been someone to share similar wisdom with us. No one and nothing touched by Harmony comes away unchanged. For all our years and experience it remains mostly inscrutable to us, but this we have seen. For those able to take up its mantle, its acts are influenced, but not governed, by their desires. Long ago, after living a long nightmare of chaos, we and our sister desired order.”

Twilight lay still, the revelations having stunned her into immobility. It was too much to take in. It upended all she thought she knew about her home, her history, the princesses, and magic itself. At the same time it explained so much, all those questions and niggling doubts, all of those things that didn’t quite fit together. It was like realizing who the culprit in a mystery was and seeing the whole story in a new light because of it. There were quite a few things she still didn’t understand, but one stood out to her. The question that started this conversation in the first place.

“Princess, I, I’m not sure what to say other than to thank you for saving me from making, I’m not sure mistake is a big enough word, but something like that. But what does that have to do with…” She trailed off and shook her wings in emphasis.

“Thou art welcome Twilight. Glad we are to return the favor of thine aid to us in our dark hour. For thy question, we must again plead ignorance and say that all we know comes from our and our sister’s deductions, with little bedrock upon which to build. We believe that a rare few individuals, through quirk of mind, luck, and circumstance are able to forge, through the use of the Elements, a deep connection to the fundaments of magic itself. Upon our transformation we were no longer as we were, for we were woven into the tapestry itself, with our talents the thread. Tell us, what hast thou learned in thy studies of friendship since our sister sent thee unto Ponyville?”

Twilight needed hardly a second before she answered. “That friendship is one of the most powerful forces there is. Not only in the way that true friendships better the lives of the ponies involved and touch the lives of those ponies and those ponies connected to them in innumerable ways, but even more than that, in a very real way, magic at its most fundamental is the connection between everything. That connections between ponies are perhaps the most powerful expression of magic that exists because it has to be consciously created. The emotions, thoughts, and will of the ponies creating that connection resonate with and amplifies magic. It breaks down all known theories of magic and physics. You get vastly more out than can be accounted for.”

She blushed a bit as she realized she had perhaps let herself get a little carried away in her enthusiasm for the topic, but Princess Luna simply smiled.

“A fine answer, and a far better one than we could have given. Now what dost thou believe the consequences would be if an individual held sway over such a force, such an idea, like we and our sister do over the Night and Day?”

“I can’t even begin to…” Twilight stopped talking and looked up at Luna, first with confusion that morphed into incredulity, then dread. Luna simply stared back at her.

“You can’t be…you can’t mean…no!”

“Harmony careth not for pony limitations. With those so bonded, it joineth to a pony’s talent and magic and weaveth it into the fundaments themselves. With thee it hath found a partner more suited than all I believe have come before. For is not thy talent magic, and thus as thou spoke, friendship and the connections between all things?”

“I, It, it’s just not possible. Princess, I’m, I’m just, well…me.” Twilight stated, trembling once more.

“Indeed, as we assured thee when thou looked upon thouself. However what thou art, can no longer, if it was ever applicable, be just anything. ’Tis a frightful responsibility Princess Twilight Sparkle, but we and Celestia will be with thee and assist thee all that we can.” Princess Luna replied tightening her one-winged hug.

“Princess? I’m not…Can, can I give…there’s no way back is there?”

“Can one unbirth a foal? Nay, Twilight. More years than can be reckoned were spent searching for such an answer. Once one has merged with the fundaments of the cosmos, thou art a part of its tapestry forever.”

“What if we die?” Twilight asked, the thought springing up immediately.

“Even Discord feared finding the answer to that question. The universe would continue, this we are certain of. As great as we may be, we are but one meager bit of it that happens to think about itself. However, what happens when a part of the universe, no matter how small, dies? We do not know Twilight Sparkle, but we fear the answer and least of all for our own continuance.”

“Why me?”

“Who else? Destiny, luck, duty, our sister’s meddling? All of these, none of them. In matters such as these, looking for an answer is a mummer’s folly. Know this though, as grateful as we are to be free of our madness and our lunar prison, and as necessary as it was, for we could not be held forever, neither Celestia nor ourselves would have set thee upon this path had other avenues been available. Celestia knew that shouldst thou succeed in using the Elements, ‘twould be the beginning of a journey that could not be un-tread. She knew and though her reasons for such and for not informing thee were sound, she knew also that ’twas a disservice to you. Guilt is heavy upon her withers, and our own, for what is necessary is not always what is right.”

“I…I need some time to think.” Twilight said, standing up suddenly and startling Luna into standing as well.

“Twilight we-“

“No, I need time to…absorb this. It’s too big. I know it’s real, but it’s going to take some time for me to accept it.” Twilight said cutting off Luna’s response. “But nothing you have said is going to make me any less your or Celestia’s friend.” She stepped forward and threw a quick wing hug around Luna before turning and trotting quickly out of the privacy spell’s influence. As she made her way further down the shore of the lake, she caught the briefest glimpse of tears forming in the princess’ eyes.

Author's Note:

Thanks once more to Deadpan for heroic editing. I would normally wait to post this until I had the full chapter finished, but I believe this segment stands well enough by itself to publish. Also, I know some readers have been waiting for months to see this conversation.