• Published 12th Dec 2013
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A Friend In Need - sopchoppy

Something has happened and Twilight finds herself in a strange and dark new world. The Bipeds here have strange magic, advanced technology, and a lot of problems. She needs a few friends, and they just might need her. WORM crossover.

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Requiem For A Dream (Part 5) - Vista

Vista finished spreading out the old packing blankets and towels in the bed of truck Tattletale had arrived in. She absently itched around the bandage covering the cut on her face. When she had asked how the Villain had found them Tattletale had smirked and simply replied, “psychic.” She frowned as she hopped out of the truck and walked back over to where the psychic was talking with Twilight, Skitter, and Aegis.

“…You’re the girl from the roof! I met you the first night I got here.”

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the worlds, she walks into mine.”

“Huh?” Twilight replied looking to Skitter for clarification.

“Movie ref. No, let’s not get sidetracked. Vista, is the truck ready for Gallant, Leet, and Jonathan?”

“As ready as it’s going to be, even with that padding we’re going to have to go slow if we don’t want to rattle everyone’s bones out of their bodies. I’m not sure if the thing ever had suspension.”

“Sorry, I didn’t have time to browse Captain’s Hill for an Escalade.”

“Easy,” Carlos said patting the air with his hands. “We’re grateful.” He raised his voice and called inside the door of the garage to be heard over the rain. “Lieutenant Joarez, we’re ready out here.” After a response that was lost in the rain noise, Aegis turned and stepped into the back of the truck. Skitter and Twilight backed away from the doorway and she followed behind so she wouldn’t get in the way.

Uber and Lieutenant Joarez eased through the doorway awkwardly, each holding the edges of a blanket that was cradling the unconscious Dean. Oh Dean, you’re the last person that deserves this. After them came Dennis and Sofia also cradling opposite sides of the blanket and Lightsout came last cradling the bottom of Dean’s remaining leg. It hurt to see, but she didn’t look away from it. Sometimes this is what being a hero was.

Uber and Joarez handed him off to Carlos and he stepped further back into the truck bed before gently lowering Dean and sliding him the rest of the way in. Everyone marched back inside to get Leet ready for the same procedure. Flashes of light and a couple more dull booms echoed from the east, but whatever was going on out there seemed to have calmed down for a moment. As the others started working their way back outside with Leet, Tattletale turned to Twilight again.

“So, I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong in a first impression with someone, or somepony. Even before I got my power. That was quite a rainbow light show you put on out there earlier. What was that?” Twilight looked down and to the side, looking upset. Vista turned a glare towards Tattletale who brought up her hands in surrender. “Hey, I don’t mean to upset you, but this is an Endbringer battle we’re talking about, and one that has already thrown out all the rules we thought we knew. You probably did more damage to one than everyone combined has up to this point, but that rainbow thing, it gave me the serious wiggins.”

Vista wanted to tell Tattletale to stop upsetting Twilight, her friend had already gone through so much today, and she was so badly hurt. She didn’t know how the pony was still standing with all the injuries she had, but Tattletale was right. Any information was important, and she knew just what the Villain meant when she described the feeling she got from whatever that Rainbow pillar was, apparently something Twilight had done.

“…I…It was…wrong. I shouldn’t have ever done something like that. I was just so mad and scared, and I thought, I thought everyone was dead and lots of people probably are, and its all my fault.” Twilight started to sniffle quietly and Vista knelt down and carefully wrapped an arm around her in comfort. She looked back up to find Tattletale looking a little remorseful, but the girl doggedly continued.

“Hey, we all make mistakes. I have certainly made more than my share. The important thing to remember is everyone that was hurt today, wouldn’t be if Endbringers hadn’t attacked. Thats on them, not you. But we still need to know what that was, who stopped you, and who is currently fighting the Simurgh.”

Vista looked up at Tattletale in shock, trying to get her head around everything that had just been implied. Tattletale put her hand to her head and winced a little, before continuing. “The answer to the last two is the same person, no, no, not a person…pony. Someone else from your planet showed up. That’s who’s been throwing down with the Simurgh since whatever it was that happened.” A gasp escaped Vista’s throat at this as Tattletale winced again and paused taking a deep breath. Carlos, Dennis, and Sophia came over as Uber and Joarez finished settling Leet and Jonathan into the truck.

“Not only did they stop you and pick a fight with the Simurgh, they caused the tear in the sky and the sudden night! Just who is this pony?”

Everyone except Tattletale had varying levels of shock on their face now. Twilight, seemingly more at ease now that the questions had veered slightly away from whatever it was that she had done, turned back to look at the group that now formed a loose half circle around her. A small smile even graced her marred face as she spoke.

“That was Princess Luna, The Princess Of The Night. She’s one of the two rulers of my country. She’s also, she’s also a good friend. I wouldn’t worry about the early night, I’m sure she’ll be happy to put the sun back on schedule once she…Oh, oh no, she’s out there, maybe all alone, fighting that thing. I…I’ve got to go help her!” Twilight jerked in her arms, like she meant to run off into the storm right that second.

“Hey easy,” Vista said. “Twilight calm down, look at yourself. You’re in no condition to go anywhere but a hospital.”

“Vista’s right Twilight,” Aegis spoke up in a calming voice. “If she’s half as tough and smart as you, I’m sure she’s fine. And I doubt she’s alone. They may have been scattered by the explosion, but the Protectorate is not going to give up the fight. I bet reinforcements are already on the way or in the fight right now.”

“…Don’t worry, she’ll bring back the sun? I did just hear that?” Dennis whispered to Uber who had come over during the explanation.

“I, for one, welcome our new pony overlords.”

“You would.”

“I know Aegis, I know I’m in no shape to do this, but I just have to go. She’s all alone in a new world, she hasn’t even gotten speaking modern equestrian down yet, she wont even be able to talk to anyone. I respect your advice, I really do, but she’s my friend and I’m going.” Twilight seemed to straighten up as she finished speaking and something steel-like, almost regal, settled into her posture. Vista knew that they were not going to talk her out of this.

“Then I’m going with you Twilight.” She said as she stood up. Twilight looked like she was about to object but was cut off as more people spoke up.

“What the hell, what’s the worst that could happen.” Dennis said as he circled around and threw an arm over her shoulder. Uber looked back at the truck bed and saw Leet giving him a thumbs up. After hesitating another second he stepped forward and knelt as if a knight before his queen.

“I too will join you in this quest my liege. I would face the peril beside you.”

Flame Dancer, Vista soundly rejected thinking about any other name she might have once had that had quietly circulated around the Protectorate, simply hugged Twilight close and nodded her head. Skitter looked down at her arm, shook her head and spoke in a rueful tone.

“Yeah, me too. If I didn’t come you two would probably get sidetracked reorganizing a library or something.”

“What, you think I committed grand theft and purposely drove into the heart of an Endbringer battle to stop here? I’m going.” Tattletale said with a smirk that Vista was quickly growing sick of.

“…Fucking lunatics…” Sophia mumbled before continuing louder, “We’re all going to fucking die.” She didn’t move to join the line, but shifted her stance ever so slightly to indicate she was going too.

“…But, hey, I’m the leader here. This is mutiny. Besides we need to make sure the wounded get to a hospital.”

Vista walked up and hugged Carlos, before stepping back and saying, “Sorry bossman. Twilight’s committed, and I don’t think you’re going to talk her out of it. If you can’t talk her out of it, you’re not going to talk us out of it. Now when this is all over, if you really feel like filling out all the insubordination paperwork, I’ll even help you. You, Lightsout, and the Lieutenant should be enough to discourage anyone up to no good that’s stupid enough to still be hanging around. Get D-Gallant the help he needs, that’s whats really important right now. Besides with me along, we’ll have a ready made shortcut in and out, escape if we need it.”

“I, you.” Twilight’s eye misted up as she looked around at everyone. “You don’t have to do this. You shouldn’t do this. You don’t even know Princess Luna and it’s probably going to be really really dangerous. Just because I have to go doesn’t mean you do too.”

“You’re our friend Twilight, and friends help each other. Isn’t that what you told me after the bank robbery?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what she kept telling us.” Kid Win said as he emerged from the doorway with a box of parts in his arms.

Tattletale suddenly looked distinctly uncomfortable as Twilight continued. “I, yes, but that was…oh. Ok, ok.” She paused and the biggest smile Vista had ever seen her have crossed her face. “Friends then, together. Thank you, all of you. It, it means more than I can say properly in your language, but &#$@#$(&&#, all of you.”

“Is it just me or did we somehow just switch over to the Hallmark channel in the middle of the apocalypse?” Dennis muttered and got a smack to the back of the head for it.

Carlos cleared his throat. “I…alright, I still think this is a mistake, but if you guys are sure. Ok, stay together, remember our training, watch each others backs. I would tell you not to be heroes, but I know that’s hopeless. Ok, Lieutenant you ready there?”

“Yeah, they’re as strapped in as I can make them. Drive slow.”

“Hey Lightsout,” Kid Win called as the cape was swinging into the cab. He walked over and handed him the box. “It doesn’t have much range, but if you get within a mile or two of someone with a PRT communicator you should be able to pick them up.”

“Alright, Lightsout drives, and I’ll fly above and keep a lookout.” Lightsout closed the door of the truck and Carlos walked over and gently closed the tailgate before slowly lifting himself off the ground. He took one last look at the group staying behind, opened his mouth, closed it, and then said as if saying it could make it true, “I’ll see all of you later.”

The truck started up and drove slowly out into the street. A minute later the tail lights swung around a corner and were gone. Vista looked around at the bandaged and bleeding adventure party and wondered briefly just what the hell they were all thinking.

A paper fluttered past and then they were all thrown to the ground by a hurricane force blast of air. The garage awning moaned and then tore away to tumble down the street. Thoroughly soaked once more, they all staggered to their feet and looked at each other.

“So, now what?” Dennis inquired as he helped pull her to her feet.

“I’ve got a plan.” Skitter said

“Ohh, me too.” Tattletale smiled.