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Story Ideas - Up for Grabs

List of all my story ideas. PM if you want to write it or have found a well written story based on the idea.

1. Celestia decides to take on all 6 of the future Elements of Harmony on as apprentices.
2. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash grow up with each other as friends/neighbors/fellow apprentices/ect after the Sonic Rainboom and Exam.
3. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash raise a child together (preferably starting with pregnancy [Unicorn magic hax?])
4. The Mane Six become Alicorns instead of just Twilight Sparkle. (Too few of these and only 1 or 2 are actually written well)
5. Ponies ascend to Alicornhood by doing the impossible; on the day of the Sonic Rainboom/Exam, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle both fulfilled the requirements and are apprenticed/raised together by Celestia.
6. Mane Six are introduced to each other and become friends shortly after getting their cutie marks.
7. Rainbow Dash is Princess Celestia's student. Gets tutored in Pegasus magic.

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1699228 It's okay for the math to go over your head. The numbers are just too large to have any meaning after a certain point. That's mostly what I wanted to be thought about. I probably overdid it though.

It's about trying to comprehend the possibility of an absolute forever and just how long that really, truly, means.

I actually finished writing the sequel to that story. I'm in the process of angsting over editing it before I unveil it.

1699211 Your welcome.

It's not so much that your story is the only one I really like, but I just made this account a few hours ago and I was reading stories on here before that. So; I guess I just have not gotten around to favoriting the other stories I like. In fact I usually only Track the stories I like, but eh.

Out of all the stories I have read here and other places (which is over 1,000 at least, going by what Fanfiction tells me for how many favorites I have), I have to say that this one was definitely unique. The entire concept behind it... Rather amazing to think about in all honesty. Unfortunately math just does not click for me in the way that theoretical stuff does not add up to practical stuff for me. Basic stuff? Yes. But stuff like engineering and the math portion of science? How does knowing these equations add up to how things work though (Chemistry I understand, but PI? How was that discovered)?

...I probably failed at communicating what I was trying to say/write. Eh.

Wow. You only have one favorite and it's for my story.
I feel honored. Thanks and welcome to FiMfiction!

Yes, you'll receive an email when a story you are tracking updates. I hope that you find what you are looking for on the site.

1698856 Eh. I've figured out the important stuff, :) I don't even really like MLP, but some of the crossovers on here are really well written soo... I only really joined so I could track some of the more interesting stuff.
Does the story tracker on this site send out emails?

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