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After getting shoved into a biohazard-filled locker and triggering as a parahuman, Taylor Hebert spent four years in Equestria before she could find her way back. Now that she's in her home universe, she has to deal with being a superhero who is substantially less screwed up than all the other ones are.

This is a crossover with Worm. If you haven't read that, you should, and not just because this will make much less sense without it, but also because it's a good story, albeit pretty dark.

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Well, I don't know more than the basics about Worm, but I think I'll check it out now. Looking forward to more.

Don't expect too much more of this. It pretty much covers the two big events of Worm canon that the change didn't butterfly (heh, insect reference) away.

...Yes, Worm could use a lot more cheerful.

I think this is worth expanding. Either with more of what happened in Equestria or what happens during the time skips. Personally I would like the Equestria option.

Do some more about what happened in Equestria and what happened during those time skips with Taylor because it's good and I want to know what happened and I'd read any.^_^

Welp. Scion is going to have one hell of a bad time. Good story and I hope to see more from you. And... I hope that some day you will continue with Canterlot High Capes. I liked it quite a lot. Good job!


or...Scion's just going to decide (for once in his life) that emotional maturity, rationality, and efficiency are something he'd value. [FRIENDSHIP] [ACCLIMATION] [AGREEMENT] [MAGICAL].

Because omnicidal space whales with a mental persuasion that is basically at the toddler level are not good for anyone.

Why was Kid Win so... unreadeable? I don't get what crawled up his ass.

Something shifted somehow, and without actually altering his shape or features, Discord changed from being merely unusual and chaotic in appearance to something much more terrifying. "And nobody threatens my friends."

...the only thing that might have made the image of Discord this gave me even more horrifying would have been if that final statement was made in a completely calm and serious voice, with no emphasis or nothing.

Just a flat, uninflected, and most of all, not sing-song-y like Discord usually gets up to, statement.

Pity this is on hiatus, it is an interesting idea.

This has some real potential. If it were spread out, I think this could be a true gem.

Just because Wildbow is known for a certain timeskip didn't mean you needed to include them! :D
Let me know if you ever plan to expand this sometime; I (will probably) always love this crossover.

Have you considered making the ponies actually the 'descendants' of Shards that went a different route? It would rather explain the source of their magic. Though, if they are the Shards themselves, there might be a bit of an immortality thing going on.


Don't expect an answer here. The writer hasn't been on since May 22nd, 2016. I doubt this story will ever advance.:(

Sooo oneshot

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