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Sinister answer: to destroy the oxygen supply and let equestria choke on CO2 to death.

Trees took down Isengard.
Trees will f*** you up.

Rhulain #3 · May 12th, 2014 · · 1 ·

I carry within me the most powerful magic of all: the magic of trees.
I am the Princess of Trees.
Feel the fury of trees.



Hey, Macbeth was defeated because a prophecy said that he would rule as long as the forest stayed put and the trees didn't move. As soon as people decided, "Hey, let's take branches off these trees for camouflage," it was over for him. :rainbowlaugh:

Not so different for Tirek then...

aCB #5 · May 12th, 2014 · · ·

Man, the Lorax is going to be pissed...

Um, wat?

*Insert Fluttershy-tree joke here.*

Tree powers activate!:yay:


Celestia: Well, Tirek, after deliberations,we have decided to give you a chance to reform yourself. Here is your parole officer:trollestia:
Tirek: You fool, how do you think a mere pony can...
Fluttershy: Yay!


Trees can also give you chakra, according to Naruto.

Trees can be turned into wheels.

DESTROY THEM ALL! :trixieshiftleft:

heh. headcanon accepted.

4376109 *insert snails saying trees stupidly here*

4376067 isengard? What is this you speak of? Is it Darksouls?

While Reading This:

Is it similar at all to how Trixie hates wheels?

4377309 oh yeah... It's been a while. I need to refresh on LOTR...

Laughably brilliant, and yet realistically believable. I'm laughing for real right now! :rainbowlaugh:

BWAAAAHAHAHA! In your face, Tirek! That's what you get for blowing up Golden Oaks.


Trees took down Isengard.
Trees will f*** you up.

Yeah, no kidding. Yeesh.

Now we need someone to take that 'Books, God I love Books' thing and turn it to 'Trees, God I hate Trees'.:trollestia:

I gotta wonder, would (Or wood) those trees become part of a Timberwolf, or would they just get wrecked?

And we've seen in the show that pegasi have the same problems with trees.

4378941 It's a conspiracy I tell ya! They're out to get anything that flies! :raritydespair:

Trees are a menace. They should all be destroyed.

4378962 True, but then we'll need something else to give us shade and act as air filters...

Hmm. We could all carry umbrellas for shade and learn to breathe carbon dioxide.

4378977 Or we can just build Red Fraction type terraformers, lots of shade, and it makes air using the power of science! :duck:


4379103 Glorious isn't it? Tirek should be sent to Earth, for there is no magic, only science. :ajsmug:

...and trees. :pinkiecrazy:


That just got me to thinking--have people written reverse Conversion Bureau fics? Where Celestia sends bad ponies (or Tireks) to Earth as humans? 'Cause that would be kind of funny.

4379191 Not sure, I tend to only read TCB if it's a parody, too many hypocritical views on morality for me. :rainbowwild:

Yeah, I generally avoid it, too. Although the recent TCB ponies invade earth and fail miserably (or whatever it was called) was pretty funny.

4379236 Yeah, it was an okay parody, could use some work though. Needs to play the stereotypes better. :rainbowwild:

Good thing he didn't run into any bois d'arcs as those will miss you up ;)
For those not born and raised in Oklahoma.

Should've put in Discord's Thinking Tree for good measure.

...The Princess of Trees.



(You sir are are one Smaaaart Cookie!)

(10/10 - "Laughter is the best medicine!" - A quote of the Princess of Trees... Maybe... I don't really know...)

-Kenny, Wishing to be God-King of all Treedom

Actually, this makes complete sense in a nonironic way: It was the chest from the tree of Harmony that unlocked the Mane 6 Megatron Captain Planet forms. Also: 4378962 4378967 Don't be silly, most of our oxygen is produced by plankton in the seas. Kill the trees all you want (though I personally rather like them), just don't let the oceans die out.


Actually, this makes complete sense in a nonironic way

I actually thought pretty much the same thing when I read it. :pinkiehappy:
Also, if it's plankton keeping us all alive, maybe we should exterminate the whales. And the trees.

4376221 *nod* I was totally expecting Macbethery here too!

4382608 Actually in that comment I stated the trees act as air filters, rather than making the majority of our oxygen. They are pretty good at soaking up pollution. :rainbowwild:

(But so are a bunch of other plants, so death to the trees!)

Comment posted by dadab22 deleted May 13th, 2014
Comment posted by dadab22 deleted May 13th, 2014

Kaos would like to have a word with you, Tirek

You two have a lot in common.

For a second I thought you were going for the Fluttershy joke there. Or have him trip.:trollestia:

Does he love Car-parks?

4376003 Algae are actually the ones responsible for most of our oxygen. Trees have a positive oxygen output, yes, but it's minimal. However, trees are very important for the weather.

This.... this is... what is this? This is amazing. My sides. This is.... probably the quickest I have ever fav'd a story. :scootangel:

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