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Five hundred years. One hundred and eighty-two thousand, six hundred and twenty days. Almost as many cutie marks.

Life certainly knows how to dull any sort of excitement into dust, especially when it grinds on forever and ever. Just ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They know exactly what that's like.

Written for F*** THIS PROMPT #13

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Certainly an interesting concept. Of course, the Crusaders being the Crusaders, they're still caught in the same trap, just a different version of it. They've never let go of the search, and so they never finish it. How can they? Their lives have revolved around it for centuries. But maybe, just maybe, they have their path to freedom... if they can actually listen to someone else's advice. And they don't have the best track record there.

A good story with an unexpected set of protagonists. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the contest.

Interesting.... :applecry: :unsuresweetie: :scootangel: :moustache:

Nice story, fascinating concept, funny resolution.

At least they never have to go through puberty.

Needs more Villain Cube.

I would love to see this story continued. Plus I feel sorry for the girls because they will never grow up.

*Hugs everypony*

Spike is absolutely amazing. I never would have expected a story about the horrors of immortality to be so sweet and adorable.

¿Why do they believe that they cannot be adults? Certainly, they are stuck in the bodies of fillies, but they are legal adults. They should have all of the rights and responsibilities of adults.


> "At least they never have to go through puberty."

Ponies evolved the ability to recycle their uterine lining, so they do not menstruate. At puberty, fillies get the sexual maturity without the mess.


> "¡LUCKY!"

When I mentioned that mares do not menstruate in our PonyFinderGame, the DungeonMistress wrote the exact same thing.

I have wondered what it would be like to be a woman. all-&-all, I figure that women have the better deal because, although they have to menstruate, which is messy, girls do not poop because only cootie infested boys poop (according to my niece:scootangel:), and pooping is disgusting.

And in the end they break free without even realizing it. Truly bittersweet here.


And then they died.

It was the happiest they had been for hundreds of years.

The End

That was nice.

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