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In the catacombs of the underworld, a plan is unfolding. One that will leave one brother imprisoned for his crimes. But there is something about walking away free that doesn't seem right to Scorpan.

Expanded entry to The Writeoff Association's August 2014 Minific Event.
The prompt was "Famous Last Words".

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Awesome. Choosing to face the consequences of your misdeeds is one of the most noble things I think anyone can do. No excuses, no hiding, just doing the right thing while still being willing to take the punishment & work to set right (as much as you can) whatever it is you've done wrong.

Really good!!!!!,need more :rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

As much as I appreciated reading all the stories in the writeoff, it's been even cooler seeing how they've grown and blossomed from their original versions. The additions build very nicely on the writeoff's story core. :twilightsmile:

A well written, emotional little piece of backstory. I approve.

This story is is a gem. :raritystarry:

I love it. :heart:

Scorpan made the right call by going back to undo the things he did. I always get upset whenever characters who took part in evil don't go back to fix their mistakes because they were only a part of it and not the leader of it. Here, however, Scorpan recognized that even though it wasn't entirely his doings that brought misery, he was still apart of it nonetheless.

He took responsibility for his actions, and that is sometimes the hardest thing we can do.

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