• Published 15th Nov 2022
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My Little Pony: The Mobian Era (Season 3) - Mister E-Nonymous

Time and space are very fragile things. The Mane 6 and the Freedom Fighters are going to learn that the hard way. There are much worse things they're gonna face when it comes to time and space. Whether it's past, present or future.

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Episode 2: The Solaris Saga (Part 2): In a World without Magic

Episode 2: The Solaris Saga (Part 2):

In a World without Magic

In a part of the town of Soleanna, Amy, Silver and Truemen were all walking through one part of town. Amy was still on the lookout for Sonic.

"I can't believe we haven't located Sonic yet," Amy said. "Gee, I wonder where he went..."

"Ah, don't worry, Amy," Truemen said. "I'm sure we can find him soon." Silver didn't pay any attention. He then noticed Sonic, the Mane 6 and Princess Elise walking through a courtyard. He then lit up his hand and fired a blast towards Sonic, who saw it and carried Elise out of the way of fire, and Twilight to shield her and her friends from the impact.

"I've been looking for you," Silver said, walking up to the group, looking directly at Sonic. "You're the Iblis Trigger." He then pointed towards Sonic. "Your actions will condemn us all."

"Who are you?" Sonic asked, getting in front of Elise.

"My name is Silver," he said pointing at Sonic. "For the future of the world, I will destroy you!"

"Oh, I don't think so!" came another voice. "Here's your table, sir!" Silver looked towards where the voice was coming from and saw a table heading right towards him. Silver tried catching it, but it impacted him, knocking him back. Sonic, the Mane 6 and Elise saw where the table was thrown from and they saw MC, Spike, Maria and the Crusaders, all but MC sitting at a table.

"MC?!" Sonic asked. "Why'd you bring the kids to this fight?"

"I didn't," MC said. "We were already here, eating some lunch, we saw you guys coming and that guy attacking you for no reason. It's just a coincidence that you guys came here."

"No reason?!" Silver asked. "I have a very perfect reason to take him down!" Silver then used his power to lift MC off the ground.

MC then moved his right arm in front of his face and said, "Nicole, we need a facial recognition scan of this guy." Nicole then took Silver's face and started looking through every file in the world.

"Accessing..." Nicole said. She was looking through every Mobian face in the world but couldn't locate one that matched Silver's. There was even a blinking X in the box where the other Mobian faces were. "Error. No facial match. In fact, there's no record on this guy at all."

"What?!" MC asked. He then spun around, doing the same move Sonic and Shadow do, the spin dash. He was also vibrating himself in the energy. Silver was trying to keep MC to hold still, but MC broke out of the hold and pushed down Silver. Just then, the sound of Elise screaming came to their attention.

"No!" Sonic called out. "Elise, wait!" Just then, he was grabbed in Silver's energetic grasp and thrown at MC, who both collided with a building.

"Okay... that hurt..." MC said.

"Is this a joke?" Silver asked. "How could someone like you cause the destruction of our world?"

"What do you... mean?" Sonic asked.

"It doesn't matter," Silver said. "For the sake of the future, the Iblis Trigger must be destroyed!"

"Oh, I don't think so!" Twilight said, lifting up Silver with her magic.

"Whoa!" Silver said. He was then pinned against a column, and some of it extended and wrapped around him. He was struggling to get free. Amy and Truemen then walked back to the area.

"What's going on here?" Amy asked. "And what are you guys doing to Silver?"

"This guy was trying to kill Sonic," MC said.

"WHAT?!" Amy asked.

"Sonic, Sparkles, you guys go save the princess," MC said. "We'll take it from here."

"Thanks guys," Sonic said. Then he and the Mane 6 started going after Eggman.

MC, Amy, Truemen and the Crusaders were surrounding Silver, who was slowly being let down from the column. Truemen was looking towards MC with an excited look.

"Who's the bear with the excited look?" MC asked.

"That's Truemen," Amy said. "He's... well... you're his idol."

"Cool," MC said. "Now, back to business." MC released the marble from the column surrounding Silver, making him fall to the ground. "Sorry, pal, but I'm gonna have to bring you to jail."

"What?!" Silver asked. "On what charge?!"

"Attempted murder," MC said. "Assault on royalty. Aiding a worldwide criminal."

"What?!" Silver asked. "I was not involved with that guy who took the princess!"

"Then you shouldn't have attacked Sonic," MC said.

"I can't believe I was helping you find Sonic so you could kill him," Amy said. "Do what you have to do, MC."

"Let him go!" came another voice. The group looked towards the voice and saw Blaze coming down. "Or you're gonna get burned."

"Blaze?" MC, Amy and Silver asked in unison.

"Oh," Blaze said, seeing who she was seeing. "It's you guys. What are you doing here?"

"Who is that?" Nyx asked.

"That's Blaze," Amy said. "She's a princess from another dimension that ended up in our dimension not too long before your world became a part of ours."

"Speaking of which, why aren't you back in your dimension guarding the Sol Emeralds?" MC asked.

"Well..." Blaze said before flashing back. She then remembered Eggman Nega getting all the Sol Emeralds, putting them into a machine, the machine overloading, and the world blowing up, sending both her and a Mobian Raccoon girl away from the world, and through some wormholes.

"Yikes," MC said. "So, what happened to Marine?"

"I don't know," Blaze said. "She and I got separated. In fact, I don't even know where or when she could be."

"Well, anyway," Amy said, looking at Silver. "Why were you trying to kill Sonic?!"

Silver pondered as he recovered and angrily said, "He's responsible for destroying my world!"

"That's crazy!" Amy said before pointing a finger at Silver. "Sonic would never do that!"

"But it's true!" Silver said. "In the near future, his actions will cause the devastation of my world. So I must..." He was then interrupted when MC and Truemen fired a blast from their hands, MC using his left fist and Truemen using his robot hand, and blasted the ground right in front of Silver.

"That's enough," MC said. "Sonic is a hero. He'd never go out and destroy the world he's on." He then turned around. "Let's go." Spike, the Crusaders, Amy, Truemen and Maria then followed MC. He then called out to Silver, "If you go after Sonic again, I'll hunt you down and gut you like a fish!"

Blaze then helped Silver up and asked, "Are you okay?"

"What's a fish?" Silver asked.

"Doesn't matter," Blaze said. "Anyway, we should listen to MC's warning. He's not the right guy you want to make mad. Trust me."

"Then we'll just have to see who this Sonic guy really is," Silver said. "If he's really the Iblis Trigger or the hero of this world, I wanna see for myself. Let's follow him to this Doctor Eggman's base."

"Sounds like a plan," Blaze said. Then the two of them started heading off somewhere.

Meanwhile, at the shipping yard of Soleanna's city area, Sonic, the Mane 6 and Tails were looking everywhere for places where Eggman could've put a base.

"I still can't believe you out-foxed those robots," Rainbow Dash said.

"Yeah, I do my best," Tails said.

"Um... Isn't that Knuckles over there?" Fluttershy asked, pointing towards someone. The group looked towards where Fluttershy was pointing at and saw Knuckles standing there with something in his hand. The group then walked over towards Knuckles.

"Knuckles," Sonic said.

"What brings you here?" Twilight asked.

"I saw Eggman on the outskirts of the city," Knuckles said, holding out a card. "He wanted to give this to you." He then handed it to Sonic. Sonic opened the card and a holographic image of Eggman appeared. It was saying a message.

"Sonic the Hedgehog. If you want me to return the Princess, you must give me your Chaos Emerald. Meet me at my base in White Acropolis."

As soon as the message was done, Sonic tossed it back to Knuckles as he wasn't paying attention. He fumbled with it and the card landed on the ground.

"Huh. He's pretty cocky," Knuckles said as he stomped on the card, and it broke.

"Sounds like a trap," Rarity said.

"Yeah, Rarity's right," Tails said. "I don't think Eggman will honor his agreement."

Sonic was holding the Chaos Emerald he got from Elise and said, "I'm going."

"Are you crazy?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, what if he wants you to go and get him?" Rainbow Dash asked. "I mean, I don't mind the adventure, but I'm definitely not liking what Eggman has up his sleeve."

"Since Eggman went to the trouble of telling me where Elise is, I think I should thank him personally," Sonic said.

Later that night, the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles broke into Eggman's base. They then broke into a lab in the base, looking around.

"You're late," came Eggman's voice. The group looked up and saw Eggman behind some glass.

"Well, excuse us for trying ta get in here after fightin' off an army of yer mechs!" Applejack called out.

"Where's Elise?" Sonic asked.

"My, aren't we impatient," Eggman said. "Stone. Bring in the prisoner." A door opened up in the same room Eggman was in and Agent Stone came in, holding Elise.

"Sonic!" Elise called out. Then the heroes got into a fighting position.

"Ah ah. You better not move," Eggman said. "Now, the Chaos Emerald..." Sonic sighed as he got out the Chaos Emerald. "Place it there!" Eggman pointed at a slow rising column for Sonic to put the Emerald. Sonic then put the Chaos Emerald onto the column before it descended. With a wicked smile, Eggman pushed a button on a control panel next to him. "Hmph!"

Then a pink force field surrounded the heroes. All of them in shock. Applejack and Knuckles tried punching their way out, but they were pushed back from the impact.

"It's no use. It's too powerful for you to overcome," Eggman said. "Now allow me to introduce you to my latest creation. This is the Solaris prototype." Elise gasped as Eggman pulled a lever. "With this machine, I'll be able to control the flow of time itself!"

After Eggman pulled the lever, the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were being sucked up into a portal over them. Then the portal vanished, along with the heroes.

"Doctor?" Agent Stone asked. "Are they...?"

"No, not yet," Eggman said. "The Solaris Prototype just sent them to a different point in time. Who knows when they'll end up. In the past or the future. It just needs a little adjustment and some of Elise's power to get it right."

"My power?" Elise asked.

"Yes," Eggman said. "All I need is to revive the Flames of Disaster. And with its power, I will have full control of the world and I will rule the world. But for now... it's best to stay on my 'good' side."

Silver and Blaze had infiltrated Eggman's base, only to find that the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles weren't there. They were running through the halls, looking for the heroes.

"Guess we're too late," Silver said. Just then, they saw Amy in front of them, looking for Sonic. She then saw Silver and Blaze. "Amy?"

"What are you guys doing here?" Amy asked quietly, yet angrily.

"Listen, we're just trying to figure out if Sonic really is the Iblis Trigger or not," Silver said. "You guys were right. I should've gotten enough evidence before I jumped to conclusions. I know that now."

"Good," Amy said. "But right now, I'm trying to find Sonic and get out of here." Just then, a door opened up and Elise came out of the room, holding the Chaos Emerald.

"Oh!" Elise said.

"Hey! It's you!" Silver said. "Princess Elise!"

"Is that that guy Silver's voice I'm hearing?" MC's voice came from Amy's communicator.

"Yeah," Amy said. "And also the Princess of Soleanna."

"Well get her out of there!" MC said. "I'm right outside in my truck! We'll take her back to her castle!"

"C'mon!" Amy said, pulling Elise. "We'll get you out safely."

"Okay," Elise said. Then she followed Amy down the halls. But she dropped the Chaos Emerald.

"Hey, wait!" Silver said, grabbing the Chaos Emerald. Then he and Blaze started following the two. They made it outside where MC and Truemen were in MC's truck.

"Get in!" MC said. Amy opened one of the backseat doors and Elise got into it. Silver and Blaze then got into the bed of the truck as MC started driving off. Silver was reaching for the back window of the cab of the truck and knocked on it.

"Wait!" Silver said. "You dropped this!"

Elise looked back at Silver, seeing him holding the Chaos Emerald. She then said, "Keep it! You're gonna need it in the near future! I just know it!"

Silver thought about it and said, "Okay." Then he and Blaze jumped off the truck as they were leaving White Acropolis.

"Are you sure that it was wise to give them the Chaos Emerald?" MC asked.

"I'm sure of it," Elise said. "It was my lucky charm for ten years." She then sighed. "Hopefully, Sonic and the others are okay. Wherever or whenever they are."

Meanwhile, back in the lab of White Acropolis, 200 years later, the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles fell from where the portal was. Sonic was the only one who didn't crash land. All of them were slowly recovering.

"Boy do I feel dizzy," Tails said, his head spinning. He then recovered and said, "Where are we?" But what came next they weren't expecting.

"Oh, look who's here! I didn't expect to see you guys." The group looked up where the voice was coming from. It was a female's voice, one they all recognize.

"Rouge! Shadow!" Tails said, seeing two familiar faces.

"Hi. Long time no see!" Rouge said.

Eventually, they made it outside. The Mane 6, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Rouge ran out the doors to see the world on fire. All but Shadow and Rouge gasped by seeing what they saw.

"What happened to this place?" Twilight asked. "Where are we?"

"This is the distant future, far removed from our own timeline," Shadow said.

"The future?" Tails asked. "Then that means Eggman's machine can control time!"

Rainbow Dash then looked out at the burning city and said, "I'm gonna see if there are any survivors. Be right back." She then jumped and tried to fly, but her wings weren't letting her fly and she nearly fell off the cliff. "Whoa!!"

"Ahh!" Sonic said as he and Shadow quickly grabbed her before she fell to her death. They pulled her up by her feet and got her on stable ground. "Are you okay?"

Rainbow Dash then inspected her wings. She then got up, and tried flapping her wings. But they weren't picking her off the ground. She then asked, "What's going on?! Why aren't my wings lifting me up?!"

"Something here must be interfering with your Equestrian magic," Knuckles said. "If Rainbow Dash can't fly..." He then looked at Applejack and held up his hand. "Applejack, punch my hand as hard as you can."

"Are ya sure 'bout that, sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"It's just to test something," Knuckles said. Applejack shrugged her shoulders and then punched Knuckles as hard as she could, but with little effect. "She hit my hand as hard as a human could."

"What?!" Applejack asked. She then saw a heavy rock near Rouge, ran over to it, and tried lifting it, but it was too heavy for her to even pick up. "Mah strength's gone!"

"Then... that means..." Rarity said. She then looked up at her horn and tried to light it. But it had no effect. She then bawled out, "My magic's gone!"

"Something must be wrong with all the Equestrian Magic," Twilight said. "I have to get back to Equestria to see what's wrong there."

"I can tell you what's wrong," came another voice. The group looked towards where the voice came from and saw a figure in a hooded cloak walking towards them.

"Who are you?" Shadow asked suspiciously.

"I'd thought you'd recognize my voice, Shadow," the figure said. "After all..." the figure then removed the cloak, revealing a much older Maria Robotnik in worn out clothing. "...you are my best friend."

"Maria?!" all the heroes asked.

"You're still alive?" Sonic asked. "How?"

"Project: PHOENIX," Maria said. "The immortal bird. It's who I am now." She then sighed. "Has it really been 200 years now? My, how time flies."

"Do you know what's happened to the Equestrian Magic?" Twilight asked.

"It's really freaking us out more than the world being on fire," Fluttershy said.

"Well, I don't have the full story of it," Maria said. "But it would seem that a long time ago, long after the world was set ablaze, magic died down. Ponies started splitting up the tribes. Basically, someone in Equestria made all the pony tribes split up, so it's just their individual kind."

"Everypony separated?" Twilight asked. "That would mean... no harmony. No harmony, no magic. We've gotta go back to Equestria."

"There's no time," Sonic said. "We can fix that once we get back to our timeline. But how are we gonna do that?"

"You need a space-time rift to get back to your own time," Maria said. "But it requires a lot of energy."

"I see," Sonic said. "So using Shadow's Chaos Control will..."

"It's not enough," Maria said. "I found out the hard way that creating a space-time rift doesn't just take one creature and one Chaos Emerald to open it, but two... of each."

Sonic then looked over at Shadow and said, "Okay, Shadow. It looks like we need to work together." Shadow nodded.

"So, where are we gonna find Chaos Emeralds here?" Shadow asked.

"Oh, I have one stashed away," Maria said. "I can show you and Rouge where it is." She then looked over at the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. "But you guys are gonna want to see how this world came to be. What really triggered this disaster 200 years ago."

Sonic nodded and said, "Alright. Let's go." Then they all headed away from their current location.

Back in Equestria at the time, in a small town known as Maretime Bay, an orange Earth Pony mare with a mane that's two shades of purple, wearing a turquoise shirt with light green outlines, blue denim shorts, and shoes that matched the colors of her shirt was thrown out of one building in the middle of town. Along with cardboard wings and a horn.

"And stay out, Sunny Starscout!" an older pink Earth Pony mare with a blonde, curly mane said. "Do something like that to embarrass Maretime Bay again, and I'll have Sheriff Hitch throw you in jail for the rest of your life!" She then slammed the door shut.

The first mare, Sunny Starscout, was upset that she failed to bring unity back to the ponies, starting with her home town that had just about all of the Earth Ponies. She started picking up her cardboard wings and horn, but something fell out of her pocket. She was about to reach for it, but a hooded figure stepped in and picked it up for her.

"Here you go, Sunny," the figure said.

"Thank you," Sunny said. Then she realized something. "Wait. How do you know my name?"

"I've been keeping my eye on you for years," the figure said. "Everything your father told you before he died, that Equestria was founded upon unity with all three types of ponies, it's all true."

"It is?!" Sunny asked. The figure nodded. "And I take it that you know the secrets of how the other ponies use their magic?"

"I did, when magic was still alive until 175 years ago," the figure said. "The unicorns can't even light up their horns and become superstitious. Even saying certain words thinks that something bad is gonna happen, and they do a silly dance just to make it go away. And as for the pegasi... none of them can't even get off the ground. Magic is dormant, and I have a feeling you're the key to waking it up."

"Me?" Sunny asked. "Why me?"

"Because you're the last one who believes that unity can be brought back," the figure said. "But for now..." The figure then walked over to the door of the building and put up a note, pulled a hammer and nail from his cloak, and started nailing the piece of paper to the door. That was when the door opened, and the figure almost hit who opened it. It was a tanish yellow earth pony stallion with a white patch in between his eyes, green hair, and was wearing a shoulder belt with a sheriff's badge on it.

"What?!" the stallion asked, ripping off the paper. "Forced to be shut down and demolished?! Under whose order?!"

"Mine," the cloaked figure answered.

"And who are you?" the stallion asked.

"You should know from what Sunny and her father said, Sheriff Hitch Trailblazer," the figure said. "For they knew the truth about how Equestria was found. I had to take leadership of this entire country after the previous one was burnt to death during the Flames of Disaster back in Soleanna. The only one she trusted to take the lead during her absence. I am..." The figure then removed the cloak, revealing a certain gray fox. "King Michael Crayton, current high ruler of all of Equestria. But you wouldn't know that, for you've all lost your ways."

"What?!" came the first Earth Pony mare. She then saw the paper. She then looked at future MC and said, "You can't do this to me! I've worked so hard to keep this business going! I have all the true facts of Equestria!"

"No... you don't, Phyllis Cloverleaf," future MC said. "You refused to listen to the truth." He then started walking away. "Oh, and I took the liberty of disabling the unicorn traps. We don't want anyone to walk into one when that one unicorn walks into town in about 3 minutes."

"Wait, what?!" Sunny, Hitch and Phyllis asked. Phyllis then ran into the building.

"A unicorn is coming!" Phyllis yelled.

Sunny started running towards where the unicorn is coming. Hitch and future MC started following her. Hitch then called out, "Get back here, Sunny! Unicorns are dangerous!"

"No, they're not!" future MC said. "They can't even do anything with their horns. All three types of ponies lost their magic many, many decades ago. And I'm gonna try and restore it."

"Oh, yeah," Hitch said. "Well, I heard that..."

"Nothing that Phyllis said about Unicorns and Pegasi are true!" future MC stated. "If you've read about the founding of Equestria and Hearth's Warming, you'd know the truth. Not all of Equestria was found upon one type of pony." They eventually made it to the entrance/exit of Maretime Bay. They stopped when they saw somepony walking in. That pony was a mare. She had a light grayish purple coat, a very messy, yet curly mane that was mostly light blue, blue and purple, she was wearing a pink blouse with blue knee length cargo shorts with blue slip on shoes, and coming in from her mane was a unicorn's horn. She also had an excitable look on her face.

"Hi new friends!" the unicorn said.

Back in the ruins of future Soleanna, the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles walked down the halls of an office tower. All of them were looking around.

"No matter where we go, all we see are ruins. How can this be our future?" Knuckles asked.

"How could it come to this?" Tails asked.

"Shh!" Twilight said, stopping the group. "I hear something."

"Could it be true!?!" came Silver's voice. "If I eliminate that guy, will our world be saved?" The group looked into the nearby room and saw Silver, Blaze and Mephiles.

Mephiles nodded and said, "The Day of Disaster... Here are my records of this event. This was when Iblis was freed and his flames were released into the world." He showed images of what happened in the past. "And you have this person to blame." He then handed Silver the purple Chaos Emerald.

"What's he doing?" Fluttershy asked quietly.

"I don't know," Rarity quietly responded.

"I see it!" Silver said. "So, that blue hedgehog's the Iblis Trigger?"

Blaze stepped towards the two and said, "Blue hedgehog..."

"I'll send us back in time to the point when the Iblis Trigger was alive," Mephiles said, using his power to create a time travelling orb to travel the three back in time. When the three vanished, the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles walked in.

"What the... Who was that guy?" Knuckles asked. "He looked just like Shadow..."

"That guy could've been anything," Twilight said as Tails headed for the computer. "A Shadow Android. No, they were all destroyed during the Black Comet. A clone. No, not even Shadow has that kind of power."

"Th-This is terrible!" Tails stuttered. "According to the data, the Princess died when she was kidnapped by Eggman! Apparently Eggman's battleship exploded! The date of this incident was... two days after the Festival of the Sun!"

"If we don't get back ta our time, all of this will happen," Applejack said.

"You're right," Twilight said. "And I still need to know why magic isn't working. What happened in the past two hundred years that made everypony lose their magic?"

Rarity then thought of something and said, "Wait a minute. If magic's gone... what happened to Nyx?"

"Nyx?" Twilight asked before getting a realization. "Oh, no! If magic's gone, she could be..." She then started shedding tears. "She's... she's gone. My daughter's nothing but shreds now."

"Don't worry, Twilight," Sonic said. "We'll get back there in time. I know it." Twilight nodded.

"Let's... Let's go," Twilight said.

Back with Shadow, Rouge and future Maria, the three of them went into an old apartment building. It was a bit of a mess.

"This is my place," future Maria said. "Excuse the mess. I wasn't expecting company."

"Wow," Rouge said. "So, where's the Chaos Emerald?"

"In here," future Maria said, walking over to a portrait of her and all the Freedom Fighters, along with the Mane 6, the CMC and the Young 6 in a group. The portrait opened like a door, revealing a safe. Maria opened the safe and inside was a Chaos Emerald.

"My, my, such a precious Chaos Emerald," Rouge said before Maria handed it to her.

"I can't believe you've had one this whole time," Shadow said.

"Well, there's another one in the volcano, but it's too dangerous to go and get it," Maria said.

"Why?" Rouge asked.

"Because that's where Iblis is," Maria said. "Every time I go there, he tries to burn me alive. I'm lucky I still have my healing factor." Maria then walked over to a curtain. "For right now, I gotta fix Omega."

"Omega's here, too?" Rouge asked. Maria opened up the curtain and behind it was a worn out Omega. All rusted and dirty. "Why is Omega here?"

"I don't know," Maria said. "It was really hard to get him up here."

"I bet," Shadow said. "Anyway, thanks for the help." He then walked over to Maria and kissed her.

"It's been a long time since you and I shared one of those," Maria said. "Now go. You have a future to save."

"What about you?" Rouge asked.

"According to Alex and his theory of the multiverse, this future is just a 'What if...' and if you change the past, you'll be set on a whole different future," Maria said. "This future would still exist upon which choices are made in the past."

"Take care of yourself, Maria," Shadow said.

"I will," Maria said. Then Shadow and Rouge ran out of there. As soon as Maria closed the door she noticed something. She saw red lights coming from behind Omega. "No... it can't be."

Shadow and Rouge met up with the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles at the bottom of the volcano. Shadow and Rouge explained to the others about where the Chaos Emerald is.

"So, we're gonna have to go in there to get the Chaos Emerald, go back in time, and get back to our time to prevent this horrible future," Sonic said.

"Maria said that a Chaos Emerald is inside this volcano," Shadow said. "And she also said to beware of Iblis. Whoever that is." They started walking into the entrance.

Back in Equestria, future MC, Sunny and the unicorn, known as Izzy Moonbow, were all climbing a cliff side of a mountain, all of them wearing some mountain climbing gear.

"Are you sure this is going to work?!" Sunny asked.

"Positive!" future MC said. He then held out two crystals. One a white circular crystal, and one blue that looks like a unicorn's horn. "If we reunite the tribes in harmony, magic will return. I just know it."

"And how are you gonna do that?" Izzy asked. "All the ponies are afraid of the others that aren't the same kind that they are."

"I've got a plan," future MC said. "I've put that 'Closed for Demolition' sign on Canterlogic on purpose to let the Earth Ponies come up here. And for the unicorns..."

"What did you do?" Sunny asked.

"Well..." future MC said, remembering what he did with the unicorns. He flashbacked to the time he was getting the crystal from the unicorns.

"You are not getting this crystal!" an elderly gray unicorn, known as Alphabittle, said. "I don't care if you beat me at Prance-Prance Revolution. You're not getting it!"

"Oh, yes I am," future MC responded.

"Oh, yeah?" Alphabittle asked. "How are you gonna do that?" Future MC then smirked, just as the flashback ended.

"You said one of the forbidden words, didn't you?" Izzy asked.

"More like all of them," future MC answered. "I still don't understand why Mayonnaise is a forbidden word. It's a condiment."

"I know, right?!" Izzy asked. They finally reached the top of the cliff. Future MC helped up Sunny and Izzy, but Izzy tripped and nearly fell off the cliff. She screamed as she almost fell. Future MC held onto the rope that was connected to Izzy's harness.

"I got you, Izzy!" future MC said. "Sunny, grab her arm and..." Just then, another pony swooped in and grabbed Izzy's arm. It was a white pegasus mare with blue and purple feathers, a styled up mane, making it almost look like a Mohawk, with colors of raspberry violet, with rose and cyan highlights, and she was wearing some kind of jumpsuit, similar to the Wonderbolts outfits. She pulled Izzy up to safety.

"You all should be careful where you're standing," the pegasus said. "It's really dangerous for those who can't fly."

"You're one to talk," future MC said. He then recognized the pegasus. "Say, aren't you...?"

"You hear something?!" came some voices, making the pegasus gasp.

"I gotta go," the pegasus mare said. "Don't tell anypony I was here." She then leaped away.

"Hey, wait up!" future MC said. Then he, Sunny and Izzy started chasing her, but were ambushed by pegasus guards.

"Freeze!" the guards said, holding out some spears.

"Crud," future MC said as he, Sunny and Izzy held up their arms. "This is gonna be a lot of paperwork."

Back at the volcano at future Soleanna, the Mane 6, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Rouge arrived at the core, where a Chaos Emerald was at a small altar.

Rouge walked up to it and said, "I've found a Chaos Emerald!"

"Don't touch it!" Shadow called out. Just then, some kind of creature appeared from behind the Chaos Emerald.

It took the Chaos Emerald and was keeping it away from the heroes.

"Great!" Rainbow Dash said. "Now what are we gonna do?"

Sonic and Shadow looked at each other, nodded, and they both started spinning and attacked the creature. The creature roared and became nothing but flames. Sonic and Shadow returned to their friends. Sonic held the Chaos Emerald that Iblis had taken. Then the two of them held out the Chaos Emeralds, and spoke in unison.

"Chaos Control!"

Then a portal opened up. Then the Mane 6 jumped into the portal, along with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge. Shadow on the other hand saw something. He saw Mephiles standing away from them. He then chased Mephiles, who vanished. Shadow groaned in frustration.

Back in Equestria, in the location of Zephyr Heights, future MC, Sunny and Izzy were in a castle throne room, in front of the castle's owner and her daughters, Queen Haven, Pipp Petals, and Zipp Storm, who was the same pegasus that helped out earlier.

"Listen, Queen Haven," future MC said. "If we don't reunite the tribes, then something bad will happen."

"You cannot unite the tribes who've been at war since the founding of Equestria," Queen Haven said.

"That's not true!" future MC said. "You've forgotten how Equestria was found. It's all found on..." Just then, the doors burst open and in came the unicorns and the Earth Ponies. "Okay, they're here."

"Give me back the crystal you took from me!" Alphabittle said angrily.

"And you can't just shut down my factory because you say you're leading Equestria!" said Phyllis Cloverleaf.

"Now, now!" said Queen Haven. "Who let you all in here?! And why are you..." Just then, there was an explosion behind the main throne, sending Queen Haven towards the middle of the room.

"Mother!" Zipp and Pipp said in unison. They ran over towards her.

Future MC checked her and said, "Oh, no. Fatal wounds." He then growled at who set off the explosion and saw Mephiles standing there. "Mephiles!"

"Hello, King Michael Crayton!" Mephiles said. "What?! Did you fail on trying to keep Equestria in its true harmonic ways as you promised her before she died?!"

MC roared at Mephiles and shouted, "I've been waiting 200 years to kick your butt, and now I'm gonna do it here and now!"

"You can't even stop me even if you tried," Mephiles said. "Magic is dead because of you."

"Not true!" MC said. "Magic died a long time ago because all of the ponies forgot what Equestria was found upon!" He then pulled out his Super Warp Ring. "And now, it's time to finish you off with some old friends." He then pulled out another ring, and he threw them, one from his right and one from his left, opening portals. Shadow came out of one ring portal while Omega and Maria came out of another.

"Mission to help Shadow continuing... Side mission, take down Mephiles!" Omega said.

"Good," Shadow said. He then saw Future MC. "Looks like Maria isn't the only Freedom Fighter still alive in this timeline."

"Let's take him down!" future MC said.

"Together!" Shadow and future MC said together, charging at Mephiles, who transformed before starting the battle.

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