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My Little Pony: The Mobian Era (Season 3) - Mister E-Nonymous

Time and space are very fragile things. The Mane 6 and the Freedom Fighters are going to learn that the hard way. There are much worse things they're gonna face when it comes to time and space. Whether it's past, present or future.

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Episode 7: The Dark Gaia Saga (Part 1): Broken World

Episode 7: The Dark Gaia Saga (Part 1):

Broken World

Above the Stratosphere of Earth, there was a fleet of Eggman's battleships being destroyed by the Mane 6 and Super Sonic. They finished destroying the fleet and met up together.

"Okay, that's the last of the fleet!" Twilight said.

"Good," Super Sonic said. "The only thing that is left is that!" Sonic pointed towards something. It was some large needle-like ship. Then they flew towards it. Eggman was waiting for them inside the ship in the dark. They flew into the place and were standing over some kind of circle.

"Where is he?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Gotcha!" came Eggman's voice. Then seven panels rose and surrounded the seven heroes. Then the panels released some energy rings, trapping the seven of them. They heard Eggman laughing as they were contained. Just then the panels started sprouting electricity, shocking the seven heroes. As more pain came to them, they all went back to their normal forms and the Chaos Emeralds were floating around them. "Ho ho ho ho ho! Oh, I've waited a long time for this!" He then pushed a button. "Fire!"

Then the giant needle shaped space station started opening up and revealed a laser. It then fired towards the planet, the beam heading into the ocean. Then the planet started breaking into seven large pieces. Equestria was along with the North American Continent. And coming out of the cracks was a giant creature, and it was roaring.

"Whoooah!" Eggman said watching the creature rise from the cracks.

Meanwhile, the Mane 6 and Sonic were transforming. Twilight's mane was going up, styled like fire. Her horn had a white glow and a white glowing mask appeared around her eyes. Her clothes changed into a tight purple, dark purple and magenta dress. Her shoes changed into purple boots. And her wings got bigger and became a darker shade of purple. And the whites of her eyes became turquoise.

Applejack's body started growing wood and bark. Her muzzle extended and wood was growing around the face, making it look like a mask. Some of her teeth sharpened into fangs. Her gloves and shoes ripped open, revealing wooden claws. The whites of her eyes became a lighter shade of green than her normal eyes.

Rarity's body changed as well. Her white coat became black, her horn got longer, and her mane grew longer and a large white stripe appeared in it. Then the irises of her eyes got bigger and gained four pointed stars in them, and the pupils became dragon-like. Her outfit transformed into an elegant dress that was dark blue with purple splotches at the bottom, and crescent moons across the shoulder straps.

Fluttershy started changing as well. Her mane started growing and getting messy. Her mouth then started gaining fangs. Her wings then transformed into bat wings. Her ears became bat-like as well. Then her outfit became a black dress with the red lining. And her eyes went from their normal green color to orange.

Rainbow Dash started changing. Her coat became a darker shade of blue while her mane became more messy and edgy. Her ears became edgy as well. Her wings became bigger and sharper. Her eyes became a darker shade. Some of her teeth became fangs. And her outfit changed, similar to the Shadowbolts outfit.

Pinkie Pie started changing as well. Her mane started becoming straighter while a Pharaoh's hat appeared on her head. Her eyes had make up like an Egyptian woman's and her eyes became like a dragon's. The tips of her ears gained more puffs of fur. Her hands became bigger with claws coming from her fingers and her clothing became like Cleopatra's, but mixed with mummy wraps covering her arms and legs. And her tail started becoming thinner and thinner, like a lion's tail, but the poofiness was still at the tip of it. And her teeth became sharper.

Sonic's transformation was starting. His hands and arms got bigger, ripping through his gloves. His shoes became bigger, more metallic, and spikes came out of the bottom of the shoes and on the white stripe of his shoes. He then got a lot hairier. His teeth even sharpened.

Then all of them fell down, the Chaos Emeralds went dark and Eggman said, "Ho ho ho! Success! A brilliant success! It's just as the Gaia Manuscripts foretold! The entity that was sealed within the planet has awakened. Now I just need to harness its power. Eggman Land will finally come to be! Nyah ha ha ha!"

The Mane 6 and Sonic got up, turning around and faced Eggman, Sonic saying to him, "You've really... gone and done it this time, Eggman."

"Ahh, Sonic. That's a good look for you and your friends," Eggman said. "Festive! So long, friends!" Then a glass shield covered Eggman as the window closest to Sonic and the Mane 6 open, and the seven of them were sucked out of there, along with the darkened Chaos Emeralds, all of them falling towards Earth. All of them yelled as they were falling. Then the creature coming out of the planet roared one last time before it split off into pieces, scattering across the globe.

Outside of Rio de Janeiro, the Mane 6 and Sonic crash landed right by a windmill. They were about to get up when each one of the Chaos Emeralds bounced off their heads. Eventually, they got up from the craters they were and looked around.

"What the heck is going on?!" Sonic asked. He looked around and saw something on the ground. It was a small creature, which was unconscious.

Sonic picked up the creature, poked his belly and said, "Hey! Are you okay?!"

The creature was still unconscious as it was saying, "Can't... I can't... Eat another bite."

"Hey!" Sonic said, shaking the unconscious creature. "Pull yourself together!" Then the little creature started waking up. He was hanging upside down and he was looking towards Sonic's feet to his face. He saw Sonic's face, along with the faces of the Mane 6 and got scared.

He jumped out of Sonic's grip, ran towards a rock and hid behind it, calling out, "Don't eat me! I taste bad!"

"You okay? Nothing broken?" Sonic asked.

The creature started calming down and said, "Oh, I'm just fine!" He then started flying up towards the group. "Thanks for asking, Mister Monster Guy!"

"Mister... Monster guy?" Sonic asked. Then the Mane 6 and Sonic looked at themselves and were in shock.

"What am I wearing?!" Twilight asked.

"Oh, goodness!" Fluttershy said, looking at herself. She even saw her bat wings. She then felt her fangs with her tongue.

"Looks like things have gotten pretty ugly," Sonic said.

"Yeah! Look at those teeth! And those claws!" the small creature said, inspecting them. "And those crazy outfits. What are your names, anyway?"

"I'm Sonic," Sonic responded. "Sonic the Hedgehog." He then extended his arm towards his friends, who all nodded when their names were said. "And these are my friends. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity." He then looked towards the unnamed creature. "And you are?"

The small creature then put a hand to his chin, trying to think of his name. "Huh? Hmmmm." He then got a panicked look and said, "Huh? What IS my name? AHHH! I don't know! I can't remember!"

"What?! You forgot who you are?!" Sonic asked.

"Yup..." the small creature said. " I remember something falling from the sky..." He then body slammed himself to the ground. "...and everything just going all white... and then nothing!" He then spun his head in a daze. "I can't remember a thing past that!"

"Y'all don't think one o' us landed on him, do ya?" Applejack asked. Everyone else plugged their noses and waved in front of their faces.

"Applejack, your breath stinks!" Rarity said. Applejack was confused. She then breathed into her hand and sniffed it. She then shrugged.

"What happened to her breath?" Sonic asked.

"She must be part timberwolf now," Twilight said. "Equestrian Timberwolves have breath so bad, you can smell it from a mile away."

"Ooh... I can smell why," Sonic said.

"Oh, man, what am I gonna do?!" the creature said, flying up. "What can I do? Where do I go from here?! What'll I..." He then fell down. "Oof, I'm hungry."

Sonic caught him and said, "Hey, don't worry! We'll help you get your memory back."

"Really? You mean it?" the small creature asked.

"Of course we can," Fluttershy said. "In fact, Twilight knows a memory spell. It might be able to get you back to your normal self."

"Really?!" the small creature asked. "Well try it out."

"Hey, guys, look!" Rainbow Dash said. "The sun's rising!" The group then looked towards the rising sun. They smiled at it. But then, the Mane 6 and Sonic all felt something in their chests.

"Are you all okay?" the small creature asked. Then the Mane 6 and Sonic transformed back into their forms before Eggman changed them. "Whoa!" The Mane 6 and Sonic inspected themselves to make sure nothing was out of place. "That was amazing!"

Rarity then looked over and saw the city of Rio and said, "Perhaps... we should head over towards that town and... call for a pick up."

"Yeah, you're right," Twilight said. "Let's go." Then all of them headed towards the city.

Back in Station Square, Sunny and Maria were making some breakfast for the Freedom Fighters and their new members. Which included Silver, Blaze, Truemen, and Sunny's friends.

"Wow," Sunny said. "You guys sure have a lot of amazing places here. I just thought that there was nothing beyond Equestria that wasn't on fire."

"That's all in the future we'll never see now," Maria said. She then looked around. "Where's MC?" Just then, the sound of MC groaning came in. The group looked towards the door and saw him coming into the kitchen.

"What's wrong, MC?" Silver asked.

"Yeah, you don't look so good," Hitch said.

"I don't know," MC said. "It's probably just a fluke, but for some reason I feel... weak."

"I'm sure that you'll get over it," Zipp said. "So, where are Sonic, Twilight and her friends?"

"They're on a mission to stop Eggman's fleet," MC said. "Hopefully things will be okay." He then noticed Izzy brushing her ears with an electric toothbrush. "Izzy, what are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm just cleaning out my ears with this nifty earbrush," Izzy responded.

"What?" MC asked. "There's no such thing as an earbrush! Where did you get that?!"

Then Mutt walked in saying, "Has anyone seen my toothbrush?" Mutt then noticed Izzy brushing her ears with Mutt's toothbrush. "Ewww! That's gross!"

"This... is for brushing your teeth?!" Izzy asked. She then dropped it.

Then Nicole came in as a hologram, saying, "I'm ordering you a new toothbrush right now, Muttski." Mutt nodded. "Anyway, I have some news. Princess Twilight has called me from Rio de Janeiro. She, Sonic and the others need an immediate pickup."

"Alright," MC said. "Tails, as soon as you're done with breakfast, you need to take the Spirit of Freedom and go pick them up."

"Why can't I take the X-Tornado?" Tails asked. He then thought about it and said, "Oh, wait. Not enough seats."

"Bingo," MC said. Just then, the sound of glass breaking came in. The group looked and saw Sunny stepping away. "Sunny, you okay?"

"I accidentally dropped the glass," Sunny said.

"It's okay, I'll get it," MC said, extending his left hand. But then he got shocked. "What the heck?!" He then looked at his hand and concentrated, trying to get his hand to glow. But it wasn't. "What's going on?" He then looked at his hands. "My powers... they're gone!"

In Rio, Sonic, the Mane 6, minus Twilight, and the unnamed creature walked into town. They all looked in the town, looking around. Sonic was juggling two darkened Chaos Emeralds.

"What do you figure that was all about?" Sonic asked, juggling the Chaos Emeralds. "The hair, the arms, the wings, the fangs, the clothes... And look at the Chaos Emeralds!"

Twilight came back to the group saying, "Okay, I let the Freedom Fighters know where to come and pick us up."

"Well, it'll give us time to look around for anyone who knows him," Sonic said. He then looked towards the small creature that wasn't there. "Huh? Where'd he go?" Pinkie Pie wasn't with them either.

The group looked around, but Rainbow Dash pointed somewhere and said, "Found him... and Pinkie Pie!" They all looked towards where Rainbow Dash was pointing. It was towards an Ice Cream Stand where Pinkie Pie and the unnamed creature were gawking at the ice cream sundae that was being made.

"Looks good, don't it?" the Ice Cream Vendor asked, making Pinkie and the unnamed creature nod. "That there Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme is the pride of the city! The whole world can come tumbling down, but they'll still line up for a taste!"

The unnamed creature rubbed his belly as Sonic called out, "Hey! What about your memories?"

"Chocolate chip... sundae... supreeeeme!" the unnamed creature said, drooling.

The Ice Cream Vendor grabbed it and waved it around, saying, "Ha ha, you said it! Enjoy it, kiddo. Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don't love it, you get your money back!"

"HEY!!" Sonic and the Mane 5 called out to Pinkie and the unnamed creature.

"Oh, I looooove it!" the unnamed creature said.

"Okay, how much?" Pinkie Pie asked. "And which country are we in?"

"Welcome to Brazil," the Ice Cream Vendor said. "These sundaes cost 4 Reals, each."

"Okie dokie lokie!" Pinkie Pie said, pulling a suitcase out of her mane. She opened it up and inside was money from all different countries."

"Where did she get all that money?!" Sonic asked.

"MC gave us a ride to all the countries in the world," Twilight said. "Pinkie Pie was the most ecstatic and got paid so much money for her parties all over the world."

"Okay, that makes sense," Sonic said. Just then, Pinkie and the unnamed creature came up to the group with eight sundaes. The unnamed creature was holding his sundae while Pinkie carried the other seven in some holders. "Well, when in Brazil..." They all took a sundae and started walking.

"Mmmm-mm! Wow, this chip-whatever stuff is great!" the unnamed creature said.

"Meh, not bad," Rainbow Dash said.

"How about you give me a hand and help look for somebody who knows you, Chip?" Sonic asked the unnamed creature, who was confused on what he was called.


"Gotta call you something, don't I? Whaddya think?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah! Chip... Chip! I love it! Yum!" the unnamed creature said, officially going by Chip.

"Now what do you say we start asking around and see if anybody here knows you?" Twilight asked.

"Okay," Chip said.

Meanwhile, back at Freedom Fighter's Mansion, in a home gym, MC was trying to bench press 1000 pounds on the barbells. But it wasn't even getting off the rack. Zipp was watching him trying to lift the barbells with a new cell phone close to her mouth.

"New mystery update," Zipp said into her phone. "Prince Michael Crayton, one of the founding members of the Freedom Fighters, has somehow lost most of his powers. So far, the remaining powers he does have are super speed, claws, wall climbing and enhanced senses. He's currently trying to lift barbells weighing at a thousand pounds as we speak, failing to even get it off the rack."

"Zipp!" MC said, giving up on the barbells. "What are you doing?!"

"Sorry, I'm just taking notes," Zipp said. "In fact, I've been leaving my notes on my new phone for more information, and then putting it on my computer."

"Looks like we have a royal detective," MC said. He then stood up and walked towards her. "Well, you and the others are now registered citizens here in the US. I think that you and Hitch should get a job at the police station. I can drive you two there if you'd like."

"Maybe later," Zipp said. "But for now, I wanna get more information on you and how your powers aren't working anymore."

"MC!" came Mutt's voice. Mutt ran into the room and said, "The planet! It's broken!"

"What?!" MC asked. Then Mutt ran out, MC and Zipp followed him. They went into the living room to see the news. They saw that on the news was Scarlet Garcia with a satellite view of the planet, currently.

"I'm Scarlet Garcia, and behind me you can see the planet in its current state. It would seem that Doctor Julian Robotnik, also known as Doctor Eggman, has somehow broken the world apart into seven pieces. Will the Freedom Fighters restore the planet back to its former glory? We'll keep you updated for the progress on the planet."

"That's it!" MC said. "That's why my powers aren't working!"

"What do you mean?" Zipp asked.

"MC's powers are connected to the planet," Mutt said. "And with the planet broken up..."

"He's in a weakened state," Zipp said. "This is something I have to update."

"Update?" Mutt asked.

"She was taking notes on me trying to figure out why my powers aren't working?" MC said. "Nicole!" Then Nicole's hologram appeared right by them.

"Yes, Michael?" Nicole asked.

"We need to figure out someone that has information about all of this," MC said. "The planet has broke up into pieces."

"I'll get on it," Nicole said.

"Don't bother," Mutt said. "I know someone who can help." He then looked towards Nicole. "Contact Tails, tell him this after he picks up Sonic and the girls, tell him to go to Spagonia University and talk to Professor Pickle. He's an expert on this. Something about... manuscripts."

"Okay," Nicole said. "I'm telling Tails as we speak." Mutt nodded. "Now, aren't you supposed to be at the Station Square Community Center for setting up the Halloween Party coming up?"

"Oh, shoot," MC said. "We gotta go." Then the three physical creatures walked out of there as Nicole vanished.

Back in Rio, the Mane 6, Sonic and Chip were all walking around Rio, looking for anyone who knows Chip, or even his real name. But it seems that no one had even recognized him, let alone know his real name. It was already night time as they were walking by the coast.

"Hmmm. Still no luck finding anyone who knows me," Chip said.

"Don't worry about it," Sonic said. "Even when Twilight tried using her memory spell on you to see if you can remember... twice. Maybe your memory'll come back on its own." He then faced Chip. "Remember anything yet?"

Chip then thought about it. He then said, "Mmm... Nope!"

"Well, we can't rush things," Rarity said. The group then saw Twilight over by a pay phone.

"Okay, Tails," Twilight said. "We'll meet you there."

"What did he say?" Sonic asked.

"Tails told me that we should all go meet him at the Jesus statue," Twilight then pointed towards the statue up the mountain.

"Okay," Sonic said. "We better get going." He then noticed that the sun has gone down and the street lights were lighting up. Just then, the Mane 6 and Sonic bent down and groaned.

"Are you all alright?" Chip asked. Just then, the seven of them had purple clouds coming out of them and they transformed into their monster forms from earlier that same morning. "Whoooa! You're all those monster things again!"

"Oh, dear," Fluttershy said, looking at her outfit and bat wings.

"So when the sun goes down, we become... these?!" Sonic asked.

"Are you all okay?" Chip asked. The others looked at each other, thinking about the question that they were asked. They all nodded.

"We're fine," Twilight said.

"Yeah," Sonic said. "We just need to be careful who sees us like this."

Chip then turned around and noticed the Ice Cream Vendor from below. He then said, "Sonic! Girls, look!"

"What is it?" Applejack asked, getting everyone else to wave away Applejack's bad breath. Chip was flying towards the Ice Cream Vendor, who was weeping for some reason.

"It's hopeless," the Ice Cream Vendor weeped. "The whole planet has split apart. We're doomed."

Mister? Hey, Mister! Hey, don't cry!" Chip said, trying to cheer up the Ice Cream Vendor. He then noticed the Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme on a stand. "Ice cream!" He then grabbed it. "How about some more of this super-tasty stuff?"

"What good is ice cream at a time like this?" the Ice Cream Vendor asked before going back to weeping. He then accidentally pushed Chip making him drop the cone.

"Whoops!" Sonic said, reaching out to grab the Ice Cream. His arm stretched out and grabbed the Sundae, and it came back to him. The Mane 6 were shocked by what just happened.

"Did your arm just...?" Twilight asked.

"Stretch!" Chip said. "Your arm just stretched!"

"Weird..." Sonic said. He then extended his arm towards the stand where the Sundae was, and he put it back onto it. "But it could be useful."

The Ice Cream Vendor noticed it, but then he went back to weeping. Pinkie then asked, "Why's he crying?"

"Did you hear him?" Rainbow Dash asked. "It's because Eggman broke up the planet! What else are we to do?!" Fluttershy wasn't paying attention as she saw some purple smoke coming from the Ice Cream Vendor.

"What's up with the smoke coming from the man?" Fluttershy asked. The group then looked.

"Huh, you're right, Fluttershy," Twilight said. "I better get a picture of this. Pinkie, you have your camera?"

"Let me check," Pinkie said pulling off her hat. She then pulled her camera out. Then she took a picture of the Ice Cream Vendor, who freaked out when he had his picture taken. But then he fell backwards.

"Mister? Mister! Are you alright?!" Chip asked. Just then, something came out, and it wasn't human. And it roared.

The Mane 6, Sonic and Chip were walking away from the Ice Cream cart backwards, getting away from the monster.

"What the heck is that thing?!" Sonic asked.

"I don't know, but it looks mad!" Applejack said.

Then more creatures came out. Lots of them.

"What in Equestria are those?!" Twilight asked.

"I don't know, but they're coming after us!" Rainbow Dash said. "Let's take them down!" Then all of them started fighting the monsters back. Fluttershy was trying to escape but she got blown down by the small round creatures. Rainbow Dash noticed it and called out, "Fluttershy!" She then flew and took down the round creatures.

"These things are nothing but dark emotions!" Twilight said. "I can feel them for some reason!"

"Time to fight fire with fire!" Sonic said. He then extended his arm out, punching the big creature, pushing him back. Sonic was surprised and said, "Whoa! It worked!"

"We gotta get to Tails!" Rarity said. "These things could be where he's going to meet us!"

"Rarity has a point!" Rainbow Dash said, picking up Fluttershy. "We've gotta get to him!"

Meanwhile, at the Jesus statue, Tails was landing the Spirit of Freedom by the entry way. He then walked over towards the statue, and he saw a good look at Rio.

"Wow!" Tails said. "This is amazing! I never knew this place looked so amazing at night!" Just then, he noticed something. It was a bunch of creatures coming up towards him. "H-huh? He then turned around and he saw more of them blocking his way towards the Spirit of Freedom. "Oh, no." Just then, something big landed near him. He looked at it and was surprised.

"Whoa, hey!" Tails said backing up, not noticing that he was surrounded. "Settle down, guys! C'mon!" He then saw the monsters around him. "H-heeelp!" He didn't have anywhere else to go.

Just then, the big creature was lifted in a dark purple aura and was thrown away. Then the Mane 6 and Sonic came in, taking down the creatures. Sonic then charged at the big creature and pile-drived it into the ground. Then it vanished. The Mane 6 took out the rest of the evil creatures. Tails had his face covered, not seeing the battle. The light of the moon was covered by clouds.

"Hey, Tails," Sonic said.

Tails uncovered his face and asked, "Sonic?!" He then looked towards the seven heroes who were coated by the darkness. Then the clouds opened up, shining light on the seven heroes.

"What are you doing out here?" Sonic asked.

"Sonic... girls... Is that really you?" Tails then flies over towards the group. "Those are some interesting looks. What happened?"

"You know us," Rainbow Dash said. "Never a dull moment." Then Chip flew up to Tails, holding out a bar of chocolate.

"Want some chocolate?" Chip asked.

"Uh... thanks," Tails said. He then looked towards the group and asked, "Who is this?"

"This is Chip," Twilight said. "We started calling him that since we don't know his real name. He lost his memory."

"Oh," Tails said. "Well, perhaps when we find Rouge or Olive, we can extract this guy's blood and see if we can get a match on who he really is. So, mind telling me what's going on?"

Time passed as they were looking out at Rio.

"That's some story. I'll bet that means that you all turning into... those, MC losing his powers and the planet breaking apart are somehow related," Tails said.

"What?!" Twilight asked. "MC lost his powers?!"

"MC's power is connected to the Earth itself," Tails said. "And with the planet broken up, MC's at a weakened state."

"I need to find Eggman and make him fix this, and fast!" Sonic said.

"About that..." Tails said. "Mutt knows a guy who might know something about what's going on here."

"Really?" Twilight asked.

"Leave it ta the Mutt ta save the day," Applejack said. Tails plugged his nose and stepped back.

"Whoa! Applejack!" Tails said. "Your breath stinks!"

"Sorry," Applejack said.

"Anyway, Professor Pickle at Spagonia University!" Tails said. "Mutt told me to get you guys and go see him there. With what data Nicole and I picked up in the Spirit of Freedom, and add it to his research findings, we might be able to get to the bottom of all this."

"Spagonia? That's in Sally's country in Europe," Sonic said. "That's overseas and over cracks in the broken Earth."

"No problem!" Tails said. "I was told to bring the Spirit of Freedom and we'll all get there in no time! Let's get going!"

The Mane 6 and Sonic nodded. Then they all headed towards the Spirit of Freedom. The Spirit of Freedom then started taking off and started flying Northeast towards the European Continent.

Author's Note:

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The ideas of the Mane 6 as Monsters were all brought up by RainbowRapterDash1. I just had to make a couple adjustments. To Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash's night forms. Hopefully you all like the changes.

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