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It was another day at the School of Friendship when something unusual appeared in the sky. Within minutes, it had launched its assault, seemingly destroying everyone it caught. And it left no room to escape. Whatever it did left no survivors.

Except one.

Silverstream was trying to fly as fast as she could with her friends at her side. After watching them dissolve one by one, she turned around in time to see one of those things approach her faster than she could react. She covered her face...

And that's where this story begins.

Technically a mass crossover, but it should be clear what the main crossover is.

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is it sans (joke) had to be done

Man, you stole my idea! GG

EDIT: Oh! You're the one who wrote "White Curse"! This should be interesting..

Games not out yet, and there's already a crossober fiction about it?!

Didn't expect Miraculous Ladybug to be in this story.


I'll be honest, of the characters I've already planned to appear, she's one of the less surprising ones.

Is this story really based off of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game? There is one coming out, right?

Yes there is, and yes, this is based on the trailer. Go watch it. Words don't do it justice :pinkiegasp:

Uh.. don't you think it's a bit too soon? The game hasn't been released yet and there's a lot we don't know,

Maybe Slappy, Shinyzango's Hans the Nutcracker, Lord Gromgard/the First Overlord, and Immortan Joe might appear?

Heck, maybe some villains from various sources are trying to use the chaos and uncertainty among those who remain to their advantage.

I think I know what DJ Grooves & the Conductor's (from "A Hat in Time") power might be: Since, in the game, their storylines (and boss battles) are pretty much identical, they might give their owner the ability to duplicate him- or herself.

Colors weave into a spire of flame.
Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed.
Bare this torch against the cold of the night.
Search your soul and reawaken the undying light.



When it comes to writing things from the top of your head and ignoring canon, there is no too soon! In all seriousness, I don't expect Spirits mode to have too much plot to it. Mostly because Sakurai mentioned in the last direct that it's going to be more about fun than story.


I don't know who any of those characters are, so they probably won't appear.


I hadn't even thought of what to do with those two. There are plenty of characters I have in mind to add, and plenty more that I haven't thought about adding yet.


It's incredibly frustrating to see the icon for it on my Switch (due to Pre-purchasing it) and not being able to play it.

Maybe a character from Spyro Reignited could be a spirit? Might I suggest Sheila or Elora?

Excuse me. But how do I know who's talking in a conversation?


Yeah, I kinda slipped on that. I usually focus on getting the dialogue down first, then adding flavor text to be like "Hey! Here's who's talking!" Then I ended up rushing to finish this chapter and forgot to add that. I'll fix that real quick.

Alright, thanks.I

Maybe Asriel Dreemur or Frisk or Drs. Gaster or Alphys might make an appearance?


Asriel would be too powerful or weak, depending on when he got pulled, Gaster doesn't exist anymore (in-universe), and I have no idea how I would make Alphys work. Frisk is a possibility though, but I can't promise anything.

How will Dharkon play a role? And who will the first "boss character" be?

Maybe Pinkamina Diane Pie (who I see as the "Mr. Hyde" to Pinkie Pie's "Dr. Jekyll", and uses Pinkie's semi-reality-breaking ways in combat, behaving in battle like a mix of some of the characters of Undertale, and Marx from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

Complete with giggling like Marx.

Or perhaps Tirek and Cozy Glow, who have teamed up. Or Crow from "Nefarious".


Again, I can't promise anything. Though I will say that Silver Face was intended to be the first boss encounter. It was much bigger than the characters, and the machine itself didn't give them much of anything.

Also, you do know that comments have an exit button, right?

Who's Silver Face?


The giant machine Fiora was in in chapter 4. It's known as Silver Face or Face Nemesis.

Reformed villains being chased by Darkrai? The Smash one, not the Pokémon.


Smash one is called Dharkon.

Sorry. Haven’t played it, just watched a theory video... Although they do sound similar...

Maybe those four might encounter, say, Sans (from Undertale).

Is Jevil from something?




I'm sorry, but if it weren't for your earlier comments, that question would make sense.

He's from Deltarune.

Ooh, Dharkon is in the story. I mean, what was I expecting?

How much of the adventure mode have you played?


The whole game. Got 100% even.

Oh, nice! I’m actually really close to finishing the game right now.


I don't know if you're as much of a completionist as I am, but in case you are, you need to get all three endings to get 100%: Beat Dharkon, beat Galeem, and beat both.

Then again, I don't blame you if you don't care for 100%. Some battles can be rough, to put it lightly.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that. I plan on 100%ing the game after the final boss.

Think Undyne might appear in this?


Considering Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's theme song; it is a wonder we didn't have to face billions or trillions of characters before taking into account the alternate version spirits and item spirits we end up facing.

I'm glad you took my advice of having the Conductor and DJ Grooves be (in essence) the same spirit.

What's going to happen next

Is yoshi going to help the young 6

I wonder if the likes of Littlepip might appear?

Perhaps Murky Number Seven or Protege might appear?

" My name is Mipha . And right now, we want the same thing. We all do."

I did not expected this...

Perhaps a Bobby from "We Happy Few" might make an appearance?


If we need a name for him, try "Constable John Constable" (one of the characters mentioned in the "Oh, Behave!" session, and also, in one game mode, you get to play as him).

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