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The world had returned to normal after the fighters defeated both Galeem and Dharkon and the spirits that had been robbed of their physical bodies by Galeem were finally set free from their controllers and peace returned on the new world. However in a parallel universe Galeem had only begun his ultimate goal of creating a new world. All of Equestria's peace was threatened and during times of crisis neither royal sisters could be found. The only ones who could possibly preserve peace was the Smash Fighters themselves. Unfortunately, they were devoured by Galeem's light and the ponies of Equestria were robbed of their physical forms along with many other unlucky victims, except one. Having managed to escape from Galeem's attack, Starlight soon meets Kirby who was also the only survivor. Now joining forces with Kirby, Starlight begins her journey with Kirby to defeat Galeem, the lord of light.

Based off of the World of Light adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Warning, for those who have not played through the entire World of Light adventure mode, there are MAJOR spoilers in this fanfic. I suggest you play through the entire story mode before reading this story.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate and World of Light belongs to Nintendo
MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro
DLC fighters will make an appearance

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Rest in Peace Equestria: 2010 to 2019 (Cause of Destruction: Destroyed by Galeem)

Haven’t read it but will track it

Since I play Ultimate, let's see what are the changes have...

Also, Equestrian Girls world will be involved in?

Unfortunately not, I haven't watched any of the movies so I don't know too much, but maybe Sunset will appear in the story as a pony to make up for that. Still thinking about it.

I personally probably would’ve used Pinkie as the sole pony survivor due to her parallels to Kirby, but this is your story. Anyway, great start and I’m curious on how this will go.

Good point, but then there's the question, "Where in Celestia's name was Pinkie during the attack let alone all of Starlight's friends?" Well at this point you can assume they either became spirits or puppet fighters

Ok, this is interesting.
It was an alright opening, pretty emotional how the MLP cast actually thought they were going to die, pretty heavy stuff man.
Very interested in seeing how this goes on, for what we know, World of Light doesn’t have any cutscenes or proper stories, so there’s plenty of room for character interaction.

That's true, but of course when we all watched the trailer for World of Light I'm pretty sure nobody expected the characters to die. So it would make sense that none of MLP cast would be expecting to die. But hopefully Starlight can work together with Kirby to fix this.

This shows alot of promise. Keep up the great work,

now we're starting the party hard.

Just wait until she encounters her first legend class spirit and the first boss.

Aw man, I was hoping you choose the left path. Marth is pretty good.

Yeah sorry to disappoint you, but the reason I chose the right path was because I was writing this mostly based of the path I chose during the game play, cause I'm replaying World of Light and retracing my steps from my first play through. So yeah sorry if you wanted Starlight to go to the left path

No worries man, now that you told me this is the recap of your playthrough, I'm aching to find out what new things you add for this story.

If the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were voiced, what would they sound like?

Well technically, there was a small amount of voice acting in the opening movie of World of Light during the face off with Galeem. Everyone got to hear a small amount of Fox, Marth, Zelda, and Pit. But if you're talking about how the characters in this story have lines then it most definitely would not sound as it is written. Mario would definitely have an accent and Master Hand would sound probably close to the announcer if I had to guess.

I can’t wait for the Pauline spirit battle.

Oh god, I forgot how many times I got owned by her alone. It was a nightmare

Villager always creeped me out with that smile of his.

It was bad enough that he was a kid, but it's even worse with the smile. Like animal crossing is a kids game and then people started making him terrifying.

I think its because of how he was introduced in the smash games. have you seen the revile trailer of the smash game for wii u & 3ds?? he has an evil glint.

Oh yeah the first time I saw that trailer, first thought, "Why I gotta feeling Villager gonna be crazy in this game?"

Comment posted by Smashbrosarrmagedon deleted Aug 28th, 2019

I wonder if the smashers will try to make equstrea there new home after this is all done??

We need an actual painful battle for her to overcome. These three as either fighters or spirits, or a combination of both. Twi, spike, and cadence. not right away of course, but within the first five main fighters. that is all.

In all honesty I haven't actually thought that far into the story so who knows, only time will tell.

So actually here's what I had in mind. Yes Twilight Spike and Cadence will make an appearance, unfortunately Spike I already have something planned for him. Let's just say that Spike will make an appearance just not in the way you would expect. He may not appear within the first 5 fighters but he does play a big role in the story and I'll tell you, it's before the battle with Galeem.

Sweet. Yea, Starlight needs at least one devastating defeat to realize that just because she had a few victories, that this isn't going to be a cakewalk.

Yeah I hadn't realized until I read through some of the chapters myself that I may be going too easy on Starlight

By according to the story, is obvious that the spirit of Twilight is under control of Galeem, and she doesn't have ideal what is doing

I think that the other Mane 6 will appear as well and be a mayor threat... along with other creatures of Equestria

And I think this is the versions of their puppets are

Twilight: Zelda
Pinkie: Peach
Applejack: Zero Suit Samus
Rarity: Female Corrin or Bayonetta
Rainbow Dash: Lucina
Fluttershy: Isabelle

In case if you decide about Sunset

Sunset Shimmer: Female Robin

not to mention that this twilight spirit was a UNICORN, Not an alicorn. something fishy is going on.

Definitely, we can all assume that any spirits under the control of Galeem has lost all senses and only see violence as a solution, just like Master Hand and Crazy Hand in World of Light when they were still under Galeem's control. Btw I like your spirit ideas, but the thing is I already have a role for Spike, Pinkie, and Princess Luna which will also make an appearance. And I'll tell you now these three play a big role in the story. I might use the other spirit ideas though. Don't worry I'll be sure to credit you for the idea if I do use them.

Hmm I wonder what's going on? Does Galeem have something to do with this? Maybe the answer will be found later on in the story.

I have a bad feeling about this fight...

"We've all been there friend," said Villager. "But we're fighters part of the largest crossover in gaming history," "No matter who we lose, we don't have a choice but to keep fighting,"

"You may not be a part of the roster but as of now you play the role of a smash fighter," said Mario. "Until the moment we defeat Galeem, you have to endure the pain that we have felt for years on end,"

Too meta

I do have a question; will you be including the additional DLC fighters, or will this only be about the originally announced roster?

Yes DLC characters like Piranha Plant, Joker, Hero, and Banjo and Kazooie will be making an appearance, just at random moments in the story. However until we find out what the remaining two DLC fighters are, as of now the one's we know about are probably the only DLC characters that will appear.

Mamma Mia, that was a intense brawl. I’m glad that Twilight is with our heroes now.

so what will this deal end up being???

You'll find out soon enough, most likely in the beginning of the next chapter

I'm just imagining what will happen when they meet piranha plant

Of course Starlight is happy. She has Twilight back.

Lol love Piranha Plant. I'm so glad they added him in.

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