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Years after the events of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Lillie and Lusamine return to Alola having reformed themselves and a new champion has replaced Sun. However when the Ultra beasts return, with major upgrades, the Aether Foundation attempts to send them back using the powers of Solgaleo and Lunala. But after a terrible accident occurs, instead of sending the Ultra beasts back they end up transporting magical colorful creatures called ponies into Alola. Now the ponies of Equestria and the trainers of Alola must work together to uncover the deepest secrets regarding Alola's newest guardians, Necrozma and Zygarde.

I do not own Pokemon Sun and Moon nor MLP FIM
These franchises belongs to Game Freak, Creatures Inc. Nintendo, and Hasbro.

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In Pokemon Sun and Moon there are two characters named Lillie and Lusamine who were formerly family members. However Lillie betrayed her mother and stole the legendary Pokemon Cosmog to prevent Lusamine from using it as a sacrifice for the Ultra Beasts research she and Aether Paradise was conducting. It is said during the game that Lusamine president of Aether Paradise was a selfish woman who would bestow her love on those she deemed worthy whether they liked it or not. In the post game Lusamine's son Gladion states that the reason she might have gotten into the Ultra Beasts was because she was attempting to reach her husband who disappeared long ago during a experiment he was conducting after the Ultra Beasts and Wormhole was discovered. If you play Sun and Moon you will find out more about these two.

Will Nacrozma's 2 new forms appear along with Ultra Nacrozma?

Too bad Ash & Pikachu aren't in this. They would of helped them in anyway they can and the return of Zekrom to help them beat Team Cosmo.

Time for Necrozma's new forms to make their appearance.

I hope you're ready cause I'm planning to pre order Pokemon Ultra Moon, so after I've played through the game, I'm WILL be writing a sequal called Pokemon Ultra Cosmos. It's time for the Dusk Mane Necrozma, Dawn Wing Necrozma, and even Ultra Necrozma to take the spotlight

Update: Alright Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are finally out. I plan to buy a copy of Pokemon Ultra Moon and play through it to see what the next game has in store for me, so I will be writing a sequal to this called Pokemon Ultra Cosmos. To those of you who already played through the game I would really appreciate it if you don't spoil anything so I can experience the story myself. I'll explain more details after I've completed the game so until then thank you for your patience. So our six ponies better be prepared cause Necrozma is coming.

Update: I have purchased a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun (Sorry not moon, it seems like Ultra Moon has a lot of popularity at my local Gamestop) But I'm currently playing through the story and I seriously enjoy what's happening so far. But I've decided that since most of the story is similar to those of Pokemon Sun and Moon with several tweaks added, I plan to start writing Pokemon Ultra Cosmos early. However I WILL be progressing through the game while writing so please do not worry. I might even go and watch a play through of Pokemon Ultra Moon since I heard it was a different story to Ultra Sun so I can mix things up. But other than that yeah, keep an eye out for Pokemon Ultra Cosmos. It's finally time, we've all been waiting for this moment and now it's here. Time for Necrozma to take the light!

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