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After hearing about a rumour of portals briefly opening into Equestria with items travelling through them, the Student Six skip gym class to try and discover the objects before they are confiscated for research purposes.

Cover art (c) me and Nathan @bookcovermall
Artwork in cover (c) Cmaggot and CloudyGlow

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Needs a Young 6 tag, how would we get this tag?.

nice fun read.... video games maybe like say a Gameboy

this being Gallus come to mind when he picks up that Gameboy

Unfortunately I will not be including video game consoles in this story. But nice suggestion :raritywink:

ok i can tell how badly that skateboard is going to turn out... for both smolder and galluse.

delving into ficticious object suggestions ocellus should find the portal gun from the portal series(in pristine condition) i have a feeling ocellus would LOVE that... and sandbar should find a small vinyl figure of himself XD it would be funny to see him totally weirded out by it

dude i was born in the 90s ed edd n edd was my shit and so was that lol

but ya from all those items alone I can't help seeing them all in body cast like this.

Gallus drinking out of a stew.
Yona all four legs being hang up by ropes.
Silverstream in full body cast having air mask
Smolder both legs in cast and head too

as sandbar say to them all being the less hurt "i told you it was a bad idea"
all of them say "shut up Sandbar"

this story isnt complete yet and i can already tell it needs a sequel... the things each one should find in the sequel, gallus: a SUPER powerfull N52 class neodymium magnet. smolder: a complete daft punk collection on vinyl records(i think they have record players and she might like some of the songs). silverstream: a quadcopter drone with remote control. Yona: a world war 2 era American army helmet. Ocellus: the marvel legends infinity gauntlet replica(because why not give ocellus the infinity gauntlet). and finally sandbar: an ultrasabers brand lightsaber replica

If you're really keen on such awesome and crazy ideas, I'd suggest you try to make such a story yourself. In this story I tried to make things somewhat down-to-earth. And no, I don't have any interest in high-reaching ideas for a sequel (if I would write one).

But nevertheless I thank you for reading this story and enjoying it.

And what Ocellus is undiscovered still in the car reading that a search party has to be formed.

i could see that happening and see be the one to see her pals after math


Wait, they have Quidditch?

Yep! Check it out (spoilers for Season 8 premiere):

if this thing get 30 like will there be video games in the next? because the image of twilight going wild of seeing a mini computer just put a smile on my face

Sadly not. But I DO have some other story idea of giving Button Mash some upgrades to those old heavy arcade units he likes playing, coming from another world...

i hope its a emulation system that have almost every rom file made for each system that was made from the 70s up to the late 90s

Weren’t clickable pens in an episode or am I miss remembering?

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