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This was inspired by on a conversation I had in a Spike chat. Contains Spoilers for the episode as well as many of the new fan theories that popped up from it.

Additional Spoilers:
Many of the theories suggested in this fic were either outright confirmed or implied to be Canon in the episode "Father Knows Beast". Obviously I'm all kinds of jazzed about that.

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The good ship Spolder sets sail.:pinkiecrazy:


Need of a spelling and grammar check aside, I found this an interesting and insightful look at dragon culture and elitism. Smug firebreathing jerks.

Wait, most species can live for half a millennium?

That was based on Doctor Whooves comment about being centuries old (yet he is barely middle age), how Grannie helped found Ponyville which according to Twilight was hundreds of years ago, and Pinkie planning her parent's anniversary all the way to their 500th.

Basically is me taking throw away jokes too seriously but it does make a lot of sense if you think about it


While the Doctor bit may have been a throwaway reference, Granny helping found Ponyville could have been a retcon, and the anniversary thing was most certainly a joke, that's all fine with me.

What would happen when Flurry Heart cause a fracas at the School of Friendship?

The teenagers would be put off ever having kids of their own and their species would die out


Or turn to cloning?

Smolder looked at like he was stupid, "By practicing your spells,"

You mean like receiving and sending letters with his magic fire breath? Like that kind of practice?

Also both commas in that sentence need to be periods, and you spelled Garble Grable about three times.

This was nice little SoL stuff though.

:raritycry: curse you grammar and/or Spelling!

It's never been my strong suit

But my reasoning was sending letter takes up way less magic and is just a minor spell. So it isn't really good exercise for the magic reserves. It's walking as opposed to jogging.

I liked this. Real good info and heart-to-heart! Plus bonus points for the relationship view with his pony friends and family.:moustache::trollestia:

I support this ship fully.

Way more believable than Sparity AKA adult and child-ship :pinkiesick:

Nice story and Smolder is right when she says that Spike got the short end of the stick. Of course it's not like Spike or the ponies had much opportunity to learn these things the dragons in S1 where not friendly and the teenage dragons in Dragon Quest where nasty bullies.

A nice heart-to-heart. However, the story STILL has quite a few spelling and grammar errors. If you'd like, send me a PM and we can talk about how to get them fixed.

"Actually, all of them. Princess Cadence is my sister in law, making Flurry Heart my niece, and Princess Luna is my aunt / foal sitter when Big Mac isn't available," Spike smiled, "I thought you knew that, though. I do hang out with Twilight all the time during school hours,"

I'm confused. How is Luna his aunt (makes perfect sense) and his foal sitter (huh?) at the same time? Big Mac being mentioned meant that it was something to do with their Pony DnD sessions?

The idea is "guy's night" started as Big Mac looking after Spike for Twilight when she is away from town. Big Mac got into the game and now looks forward to it. When Big Mac isn't available Twilight ask Luna to look after him. She is his aunt, on Celestia's side, and as a result watches Spike from time to time. She is a "Foalsitter" in the sense she occasionally looks after a child when their primary caretaker is away.

I find the growth and care of dragons in mlp to be an intriguing topic, full of possibilities.

"My older brother," Smolder grinned, "I take it you've met,"

Dude you predicted Garble being her older brother, wow!

adorable and hilarious lol we need more tech smolder

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