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On the coldest night of winter, Trixie is wholeheartedly certain that her wagon would be able to keep her warm, but... she was wrong. Luckily for her, Starlight knows a very snuggly way to keep her warm.

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Heh, this was adorable. Always love a cute, well written one-shot to make my day a little bit brighter. :twilightsmile: Sad it’s marked as complete, but still was great.

A great ship if I do say so. I just wish Trixie would have run into the castle when her roof fell in as Twilight would have more then understood.

Well, the roof collapsed upon her. She was pinned under the weight of the broken wood and the snow. Being cold sapped all of her strength, too.

Hey now, I'll keep writing this if it does well enough! :twilightblush:

Daw, cute and snuggly.

Thanks! I've got another super cute story about Chrysalis and a love-hungry nymph coming out on Wednesday!

I don't usually prefer these two, but as always you have persuaded me to enjoy cute pones being snugly.

Because all the pones deserve all the snuggles!

You are 100% right though, I was just being selfish I suppose. hehe

So cute! And more chapters would be awesome!

I'd like to see more if this story!

I can't wait to read this. I hope this story features a tickle scene, if it does, that would be cute.

There are never enough snuggles.

This is really cute!!! I just hope that you make a second part to this.

Continue this IMMEDIATELY! We need more snuggles!

Would absolutely love to see more, and that's coming from someone who's neutral at best about TrixLight shipping! (Is that the fan name for it?)

if that would be okay with you

More snuggles please!!!:pinkiehappy:

“I can’t teleport anypony other than myself yet; you know that!”

I'm guessing this is set before "To Where and Back Again"?

At any rate, tons of cuteness!

So does making it to the featured box warrant continuing the story? Because I can always use more cutesy pony snuggles in my day.

Heh, we'll have to see what it's at when it leaves the feature box.

If you need more cutesy snuggles, I've already written a lot of really good snugglefics! Maybe check those out?

What the heck? As much as I want to like this story it just feels off... A comfy saddle pad? Why not a coat? Or hoof boots? Just so much what in this story.

I've faved a bunch of them already, and have a couple more in my reading list (which I do actually read from).

Ah, okay then haha.

Now you mention it, I actually decided to read one of the ones from my list after I finish the RainbowMac Cuddlefic I'm currently reading. The other I'm saving until after I finally manage to see the movie.

From Lost to Loved? That one's my pride and joy, and full of snuggles. :P

This was a cute one. I hope there is enough interest for more chapters.

Much to her disbelief, the ceiling started sagging, then part of it collapsed upon her, pinning her under a few feet of snow and many heavy pieces of broken wood.

Welp, she dead.

“I can’t teleport anypony other than myself yet; you know that!”

Don't forget that this is the same pony that can fly by using magic. I think the dialogue trade right here was out of place. But, that's just me.

Also, welcome to the feature box! :heart:

Hope you write more of this. The world needs it.

I need more of this ship in my life.

That's a BUCKING YES! for more .

Please write more, this was unbearably cute.

I meam it had chest floof goddamnit, you NEED to write more!

Very cute story. Obviously a very close pair of friends.

She also teleported Trixie out of the manticor in that one episode.

MOAR MUCH MOAR:flutterrage:


The chest floof made me grin to no end. This is too adorable for this world ahhhhhhhhhhh :heart:

Super adorable, would love more.

Once again, you challenge my claim to the title!

Heh, just you wait till next year. I got this cute changeling fic that's dripping with love and adorableness, and of course, snuggles.

I hereby demand more snuggles.

Yeah, I'm just gonna add this to my waiting for update list :trixieshiftleft:

Was a really cute story

Another cute story that I liked alot, never stop being you Abyss! :scootangel:

I enjoyed this.

OMG They are so adorable! :heart::rainbowkiss:

FINALLY! :pinkiegasp: A TrixiexStarlight fic! :pinkiecrazy: Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Starlight x Trixie...
I'd ship it all day long!

Was adorbable.. and niw I need more :yay:

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