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Coco's life hasn't changed much since leaving Suri, she's now working at the local theater, helping make costumes for the upcoming play. But, there's a lot more behind the curtain.

Pre-read by: Snow Quill,Undome Tinwe, Decaf, AshleyNoble, and others

Edited by: Azure Notion (He's my new editor, give him love everyone.)

Art by: https://www.deviantart.com/drawntildawn/art/Coco-Pommel-671178976

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Very nice job. Especially with developing Coco. I liked how she still has some issues caused by her previous situation, but is working on them and improving. :scootangel:

The trauma of being controlled and manipulated is real, and you have aptly conveyed that in the development of Coco. Nice work.

What a lovely story. I really liked the structure and pacing, with the retelling of the episode followed by two distinctly different scenes and some great dialogue - and I think this will resonate with anypony who's had to get out from under a manipulative and selfish person, in work or personal life, and had trouble adjusting. Nice work :twilightsmile:

Recounting the events of Rarity Takes Manehattan at the start felt unnecessary, but the rest of the story was quite nice. I hadn't considered that Coco would be unused to talking breaks. Makes me think of a game developer AU for her, lol.

Hello, a review to your story has been posted. I hope you find it helpful. :raritywink:

Hello there!
I do appreciate this work very much but I am here to say sorry that I have already do a translastion without your permission.I am here to express my sincere apology for not having access to a Fimfiction account.
You can check the translated version here: https://fimtale.com/t/23239
And if you claim,I will delete the translated version immediately.

But sorry to say that I will not have access to your message in two weeks.
Apologize again.

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