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Celestia and Luna have always been close, but when Celestia starts learning the ins and outs of being a leader, she finds herself having less time with her beloved sister. One night the two of them finally spend time together in the park just enjoying one another's company.

Art by Swordtune
Prereader: Sunlight Rays., Sleepless Beholder, applezombi
Editor: LysanderasD
A gift for iAmSiNnEr

Chapters (1)
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This is really cute. Honestly, it's just a really warm feeling to see the sisters bonding as kids. For most people with siblings, especially younger ones, you can probably relate well to Celestia in this story, since she's making time to spend with her sister. I used to have to make time to hang out with my younger brother too, so it's quite interesting to see a story that I can feel a draw toward. Great work on this, Nailah! :yay:

This is so sweet, I love seeing the sisters at this time of their lives

“Luna… what is it?” Celestia stood up. Lifting a foreleg, she tried to rub the sleep from her eyes.
Luna looked up to her sister, lips curling together to form the cutest pout. Her eyes widened and she leapt at her sister, hugging her foreleg.
“Can we please, pretty please go to the park today?” began Luna, inwardly hoping her cute charms would win her sister over.


Very cute story, good work.

Aw, this was disastrously cute. Thanks, Nailah!

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