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Discord adores Fluttershy, and would rip apart dimensions for her, so asking her to be his marefriend seemed like a good idea at the time.

Fluttershy has always admired Discord, and how every moment with him was full of new experiences and joy, but when he asks her out, she isn't sure what to say. She seeks advice from the one pony she knows, that might be able to help her figure out the next step in the process. Rarity.

Prereaders: Ninjadeadbeard, MockingBirb.
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Editor: Cyonix

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This was cute and sweet!

The personal connection is interesting, too. I hope your beau enjoys it as well.

This was a sweet little story! I'm glad that you're happy, too.

Definitely some very cute fluff you've got going on here. :raritywink:

I've made a review for you!

This was a very sweet story. It feel heartwarming to catch a glimpse of Fluttershy and Discord's budding relationship, and of the friendship the Mane Six share.


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