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Original Works. It was a good run.


This story is a sequel to To Get a Christmas Tree

Prequel was done second and you do not have to read it.

Discord, the spirit of chaos, has fallen gravely ill, and its really affecting him. From mood swings to more regular physical ailments, he is feeling terrible. Unfortunately, dear Fluttershy will never be able to help him, so he must find a different pony to make him feel better. And he'll prove just how sick he is, or at least get a few laughs along the way.

The wondrous cover art was done by the amazingly talented kazifasari.
Edited by war10ck111.

Accepted into Nonpareil Fiction!

Featured by Luna's Fanfiction Library!

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AWWWW! I loved it!:heart:

Fealty has been pledged. :moustache:

4159251 Sorry, Discords out of revival spells, but heres a custom plushie of Flutters to make you feel better.

4159261 HELL YEAH! :flutterrage:

You know what? I would like to see a Rarity x Discord ship for some reason now.

Actually, I tried originally finding a picture of at least Rarity and Discord together, so as to try to get readers to think it was a RariCord shipfic. Didn't happen, so that was the wonderful cover art I used. Also, don't expect one from me, think Flutters is the only one for Discord.

4159457 Its cool I just seen how they work together in this fic and it was glorious!:raritystarry:

I love it!:yay::heart:
But I am wondering are you going to make a sequel to it?
and I can't what for the end result of this seres

I'm sorry, but there be no ideas in my head right now. These are just nice little shipfics I get ideas for, and think are at least slightly original and cool. I'm much better going off of my own imagination for whole stories then with pre established characters and settings, probably why I have now tried two different crossovers (one I didnt like after two chapters, so don't try to find it) and only do one shots for these. Once more, sorry, but I'm happy you enjoyed it, and I remind you that it is not an impossibility seeing as One Minute to Impact did get an actual sequel, its just unlikely.:pinkiesad2:

This was decent. I don't think you portray the characters perfectly, Flutters seem too harsh, Discord a little too indifferent to everyone (destroying items with sentimental value, while within his character, just makes him a little too unlikable right here) and Twilight getting angry at the idea of Fluttercord seems like too much to me. Though I will admit that all but Flutters are possible extrapolations from the show. I just prefer the fanfics where Discord has managed some more friendship progress.

Discord experiencing his lovesickness as actual butterflies and such is brilliant and a very good idea. And there is a lot of good ideas in this fic. I just don't quite like your angle on the characters. But I thought, having read it to the end, that credit was owed where it was due, so, you had some good bits and some bad bits, but the fact that I'm even commenting means that I overall liked it. So, well done. Not perfect, but decent. Keep at it.

Happy writing.

4445542 Thank you, and I will try to keep it in mind as far as possible future stories containing the characters are concerned.

The start was pretty rough, no question about it. Thankfully the middle was d'aww and the ending made me giggle. :twilightsmile:

I just liked your story because of the "Spirited Away" reference :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:
on the front page:rainbowlaugh::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
pls tell me if anypony else has seen this movie:twistnerd::twistnerd::raritycry:

4956581 I have, it was a good movie.

Assassin-Shy and the Bureau applaud in tears of happiness
"I loved that soo much it's going to assassinate me"-Assassin-Derpy 33.media.tumblr.com/b999adb44ef593e00b17738e1bc88b57/tumblr_mrvyili1lp1rud65jo1_500.png :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: now to place it in favs.

Approved for Nonpareil Fiction. Well done.


Sanity is overrated--Vergathos

:twilightblush: I find this very adorable :twilightblush:

Amusing entry to the Fluttercord Universe; too bad the author is gone. Author, wherever you've gone, I hope you're still writing.

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