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Fluttershy relaxes with Discord in front of a romantic fire while she struggles with her inherent worries against her desire to take their relationship further.

This is a shameless shipfic that borders on mindless fluff done through Fluttershy's POV.
Sex tag is used for suggestive themes but no actual sexual contact ensues.

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Yay a fluttercord story :heart:

*Clasps hooves together evily*
This story pleases me.......
*Takes an evil bite from a evil muffin, evily*
More Fluttershipping!!!

Now all you need to make is a sequel (rated mature) I NEEEEEDD to know what happens next!!
If that's alright...

Aw, that was sweet!:heart:

As his first friend, that means something Shy. She is so freaking cute, even when thinking about intimacy and full of self doubt.

Oh my... It's so cuuuuute!!♥♥♥♥

The phrase, "she struggles with her inherit worries" might work better as "she struggles with her inherent worries." Cute story, by the way.

Cute! I'm putting this into my group Romance is Magic!

Should this be considered a clopfic?

Since no sexual contact actually happened I went with 'no'.
The tag is there just because the subject is brought up and rattled around a lot:twilightblush:

Comment posted by FluttercordShipper4Life deleted Jul 1st, 2014

3416465 Whoa! What are you doing reading a clopfic? :pinkiegasp: Not that you can't or your not supposed to, it's just a little surprising :applejackunsure: :pinkiesmile:

4627530 What? This? It isn't a clopfic if no one "does it." That's exactly why I like this. If focuses more on the intimate relationship of these two than the sexual one.

4627890 Oh, sorry, I was looking at comments, :twilightsheepish: was a little confused as to why people saying that they didn't get too far so sorry, I'm an idiot! So sorry! By the way, can't stop Fangirling since you announced that BAP was going to sing! AAH! It's going to be so awesome! :rainbowkiss:

4630584 I was reading comments before reading the fic :twilightsheepish: I'm such an idiot! :facehoof:

This was amazing. you captured Fluttershy amazingly. Its so sweet and I just love it! :heart:

Aw how cute I wish it wasn't complete:applecry:

This is so freaking adorable! Why have I not read this before now? Fluttershy is so beautifully written that, if Discord weren't there, I'd give her a big hug. :fluttercry: (happy tears, man).

Great. And just when my "DAAWWWWWWWWWWW" meter just finished self-repairs. Thanks.

This was fudging adorable :rainbowkiss:

Wow. This was great.
You showed Fluttershy's worries really well and showed that Discord loved her without him actually vocalising those three meaningful words and I like how you developed their relationship in ways the reader and Fluttershy didn't think of.
Overall, a nice piece of work:raritywink:

I like it! Your goal was to briefly take us inside Fluttershy's head as she contemplated a turning point in the relationship, and you succeed admirably. Your stories work as well as they do because you have a genuine connection with your characters. The only thing the story needed, I think, was some subtle exposition on how Fluttershy and Discord's relationship got to this point--how he became the sensitive, patient, and surprisingly non-disruptive character he is now.

I will read the sequel immediately.

Sequel? Nah, this is gorgeous just as it is.
I remembered this story today and it took longer than expected, but well worth the wait! This is still brilliant. IT SHOULD HAVE MORE UPVOTES!

Really good job! That's how I imagined the first attempt at sex Fluttershy and Discord.

You've. Done. FANTASTIC! It's so well written, and sweet, and eeeeeeeeeeee

This is precious. I love it.

Why is there not a discord squeeing face
I really need it right now

This was nice story. I did like that Fluttershy questioned about why Discord go for her and not the others.

It need that sequel window that shows Consummation as the next sequel

Wow, realmente encantador y poético, es muy dulce la forma en la que las inseguridades de Fluttershy se presentan y como Discord es paciente.

Una gran historia, de mis favoritas :"3

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