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"Any religion that allows or commands you to pass judgement on, convert by force, or kill another human being is not a religion that serves any interpretation of any God or Gods above." Unknown


The alignment of stars can strongly affect certain magic and Discord sees a narrow window of opportunity for his most complicated and yet simple scheme ever.

The cost of failure will be high and the Alicorn monarchs will certainly not take kindly to the amount of energy used.
One mistake and all of Equestria would be bearing down on him if there was even an Equestria left.

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Wow. This is amazing.

The idea that Discord more or less accidentally created the changelings, and felt guilty enough about it after his reform to nearly kill himself fixing them, is really cool. I do wonder why he was convinced Celestia was going to try to stop him, unless it was because of the risks involved -- if he was manipulating enough magic that it could have destroyed Equestria, I suppose that would have been reason enough to stop him.

The thing that's absolutely heartbreaking, though, is Screwball. I know how it feels to have an imaginary child... but I ended up with real ones, eventually. The thought of feeling all the love you would for a child, but you know she isn't real and she can never be, because even if you did manage to have or adopt a child it would never be that one... I've never seen anyone use that concept in a story before. It's very fitting for the idea of Discord and Screwball, since she was only ever seen during his reign of chaos, so if she was a real pony where did she go? I wonder if he imagined her while he was in stone -- sensory deprivation and isolation can produce hallucinations, and how would you tell the difference between dreaming and waking if either way you were stuck in stone? For some reason I'm a sucker for characters who know that something isn't real and want to believe in it anyway.

Anyway. I really, really, really like this.

And yeah...it's tough knowing that something that's keeping you sane isn't really there but you still feel like you need it:pinkiesad2:

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Ok...I guess at one point in time someone named Perteks had an opinion then decided that I didn't need to know it:derpyderp1::applejackunsure:

“Fluttershy. She saw a speck of good in me when everypony else refused to even look for it…well except maybe you since you put her up to it.”

that was beautiful.I loved this story

WOW your story's are incredible i can't wait for what you have plan for the future :twilightsmile:

That was awesome. First fic where Discord is responsible for creating Changelings AND tries to fix it.

This take on their history is interesting.

Aside of some typos, it was great!


Awesome fic man. Should have more views.:twilightsmile:

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