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"Any religion that allows or commands you to pass judgement on, convert by force, or kill another human being is not a religion that serves any interpretation of any God or Gods above." Unknown


We're getting a Winter Solstice Miracle :D · 2:59pm Dec 13th, 2020

Short version: on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, from the perspective of Earth, Jupiter and Saturn will appear as being lined up because of their positions being lined up with Earth's own orbital position. This is extraordinary rare.

Longer version: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.space.com/amp/great-conjunction-jupiter-saturn-explained

Big deal if you're an Astronomy buff, bigger deal if your sincerely held spiritual beliefs hold the Winter Solstice dear to your heart.

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Dear 2020 · 2:30am Oct 6th, 2020

That all you got?
You only got a few months to get serious and a lot of folks still got thier heads held high. Did ya stop and think about what you were getting into, who you were messing with?
Humanity has gone through a lot of things, things a lot worse than you.
We've built and detonated atomic weapons in the pursuit of making bigger ones. What's your heaviest punch? Global pandemic? Geopolitical squabbling?
Got anything we haven't already gone through?

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Happy Hallows Eve! · 10:55pm Oct 31st, 2019

Get your Wiccan on, be festive, hand out sweets, go out walking for sweets, dress up, Netflix & Chill, or just have a quiet evening: lots of options for you.

Whichever you do with yourself; be blessed and be safe :heart:

If ye would do no harm then do as ye will

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2214 · 2:58am Mar 21st, 2019

2214 words into another fic. I like what I have so far. There's not much self doubting, no urge to scrap it and start over...no wondering if it's a mistake or a waste of time.

It's been literally years since I've been this fired up about writing. All that energy I had the last time is still present.
Am I back at this? Am I more invested than I've been the other times I've put something on this site?

Don't really know.
But I'm having fun and that's what matters.:yay:

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Who is Best Pony? · 1:59am Feb 27th, 2019

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I'm not saying that most or all of America's problems can be linked to cell phones... · 11:37pm Jan 17th, 2019

But the obsolescence of phone booths and their mass removal left Superman with nowhere to change.

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Happy Hallows Eve · 9:36pm Oct 31st, 2018

Blessed be to all of you and your families :pinkiesmile:

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31 years of this · 1:59am Jul 11th, 2018

31 years today. I've been in this world for 31 years.
Life is starting to feel like a race. Get up. Do the work.
Now do something else. Now eat something. More work. Sleep while you can, there is much left to do. Get up. Do it again. Mix it up and try something new but don't stop working. Always do something.

Sure I did things that I'm glad to have done...but a lot of time was spent just pushing to get things done.

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Gonna be a bit scarce for a bit · 10:37pm Apr 19th, 2018

Current situation is that I will have less time and even less access to the internet shortly.
I'll still pop by from time to time. I'll just be less active got awhile.

Blessed be

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Taking a small break · 7:47pm Mar 20th, 2018

I have a few things that I need to sort out and I feel it would be best if I stepped away while working things out.
Might be a few days. Might be a week.
Not honestly sure, but I'll make a point to pop back by when it's reasonable to do so.

Blessed be:twilightsmile:

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