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"Any religion that allows or commands you to pass judgement on, convert by force, or kill another human being is not a religion that serves any interpretation of any God or Gods above." Unknown

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  • 27 weeks
    We're getting a Winter Solstice Miracle :D

    Short version: on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, from the perspective of Earth, Jupiter and Saturn will appear as being lined up because of their positions being lined up with Earth's own orbital position. This is extraordinary rare.

    Longer version: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.space.com/amp/great-conjunction-jupiter-saturn-explained

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  • 37 weeks
    Dear 2020

    That all you got?
    You only got a few months to get serious and a lot of folks still got thier heads held high. Did ya stop and think about what you were getting into, who you were messing with?
    Humanity has gone through a lot of things, things a lot worse than you.

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  • 85 weeks
    Happy Hallows Eve!

    Get your Wiccan on, be festive, hand out sweets, go out walking for sweets, dress up, Netflix & Chill, or just have a quiet evening: lots of options for you.

    Whichever you do with yourself; be blessed and be safe :heart:

    If ye would do no harm then do as ye will

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  • 117 weeks

    2214 words into another fic. I like what I have so far. There's not much self doubting, no urge to scrap it and start over...no wondering if it's a mistake or a waste of time.

    It's been literally years since I've been this fired up about writing. All that energy I had the last time is still present.

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  • 121 weeks
    Who is Best Pony?

    14 comments · 164 views

Who is Best Pony? · 1:59am Feb 27th, 2019

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Comments ( 14 )

*sees the title*

Do you want to start a war or something?

*sees the picture*

Oh. It was rhetorical.

In my book, I actually don't have a one best pony. Luna, Twilight, and Tempest are all at the top of my list.

Ha-Ha! Nice jab at the meme!

Seriously though, Rarity is best pony.:raritywink:

Everypony is best pony (but Luna is my favorite). :twilightsmile:

Nice meme.

Whether the question was serious or not I still want to answer it tho. And it's Fluttershy all the way for me. I am 100% sure I've fallen in love with her. Like, I had a lot of animated crushes when I was younger but she is by far the biggest I've ever had in my life.
Rainbow, Celestia, and Pinkie are close competitors but I don't think they'll ever out do the Shy :yay:

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