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Carrot or Stick either way, Hitch is in for a hare rising experience.

Hitch gets napped by a bundle of bunnies that think he is some kind of God/Deity, and he has no idea how he is gonna to convince them otherwise.

Prereaders: Dewdrops on the grass, Cloptimist, Stinium_Ruide.

NOW with a reading by theOneAJ. Audio reading

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Hitch get's Hitched. I'm waiting for a story with that title to come out.
On another note. Reading story now.

cute. Fluffballs fluffed.

Hitch is getting hitched- oh someone already made that joke.

Glad to see that G5 has also inspired you!

Animals just seem to have a thing for Hitch. Wonder if the tv series will delve into that.

Agent K and the bus station locker vibes.

Mares in Black

Personally, I'm wondering if he might be some distant relation to Fluttershy. T'would explain a fair bit.

You know he just might. There’s such a big time gap that anything is possible really.

Just one word: ADORABLE!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

This is indeed a very cute story.

This was a very cute story. I especially like how you portrayed Hitch, his inner monologue was a joy to read. He gives me the impression of a Paladin who is very aware of just how high his charisma is, but is still nice and respectful.

Even if he *does* indulge in his pride and the hero worship a little bit from now to then. ;)

We have a similar idea brewing over here, but not quite this direction.

Both traits often found in paladins. :raritywink:

bloxorz! That's a cute story

Pffffft. Nu Hitch; you are now their king! Embrace the bunny kingdom! You are their god! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!... hehe.

Seriously though, this was really cute. Nice work Nai Nai. :twilightsmile:

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