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This story is a sequel to Quizzical

Quizzical Greystone is about to have her first Hearts And Hooves Day in Ponyville. She takes copious notes. Not a Quiz shipfic (probably).

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But no, Quizshipping will happen when she gets older. Mwahahaha.

“I asked Sweetie Belle, and she said ‘yes’!” cried Button. “She said yes, she said yes, she said yes…!”


In more relevant news, this story was rather adorable, though it feels a bit like it was rushed in production. Didn't expect Pip to be so attached to Quiz, to be honest, but it's rather endearing, even if he has a massively obvious crush on Dinky.

Snips is kind of a butt though.
You should write the dance. You really should.

I almost asked who the OC was... :twilightoops:

Excellent work on this one. Well-crafted and well-timed.

I still stand by my belief that Twist is too good for Snails. The smartest filly in class with the dumbest colt? I just can't see it.

*Snerk* truffle's pimpin and Button's thinking "High Score! W00T!" :rainbowlaugh: ...heh Sweetie Belles' dress for the dance is probably gonna make DT's teeth grind at how fabulous it'll be :raritystarry:

Reading this, it occurs to me that Quiz might actually be a rather good dancer, if anypony can get her onto the dance floor, and if she actually practices rather than assuming she won't end up dancing. She takes the time to study just about everything, and dancing is all about patterns and weaving them together. As long as she has a bit of practice to go with the theory, I'd bet on Quiz being quite a good dancer, albeit a bit mechanical at first.



:eeyup:, I'm increasingly convinced by Quizzie Belle.

You are now imagining Sweetie Belle teaching Quiz how to dance.

I can't get this pairing out of my head. :trixieshiftleft:

I'm imagining Sweetie Belle and Quiz teaching each other how to dance. Remember that Sweetie Belle is the one who can start a kitchen fire trying to make a sandwich. Quiz brings the theory, and gets his hooves stepped on; Sweetie brings the feeling and dynamic, and gets Quiz not moving like a robot.

3947817 3947832
Q: I appreciate your enthusiasm, Sweetie Belle; my shins seem to be disagreeing with me, however. When I move my left hoof, could you try moving your right, in lieu of your left?
:unsuresweetie: But I just did exactly what you did!
Q: Yes, I observed that. However, if you were to try flipping it around, your hoof would follow mine rather than intersecting it.
:unsuresweetie: We just did that move, Quiz! Doing it again is boring!
Q: But according to Differential Dance Diagrams, this dance includes a quarter turn every third rotation, in time with the music. Here, let me draw it out for you...
:unsuresweetie: Forget the diagram, Quiz! You've got to feel it, and have a little fun with it. Here, grab on and let me lead.
...much later
:raritydespair: Have you seen my lamp?
:unsuresweetie: Uh, no, sis, haven't seen it anywhere.
Q: Well, hypothetically...oh dear.
:raritycry: No, please do continue, Quiz; your hypotheticals are always so entertaining. Hypothetically, what velocity did it have the last time you saw it?

I do like the very gradual friendship growing between Quiz and Silver in your stories.

"I waste him with my crossbow!"

Ah, not nearly enough people read that in my opinion. Is Button going to find a +12 Hackmaster in a later story? :twistnerd:

Ah love over the RPG table. The best type of love.

Hmn, so a couple of melee types, a caster, a cleric, a knight, and an archer? Seems like a decently built party.

“Anyway, I’m going with Peachy Pie and Sunny Daze,” said Truffle, with a satisfied grin.
“Both of them?” gasped Snails.
Truffle shrugged, with obviously affected nonchalance. “They were standing together and I asked, ‘Would you like to go to the dance with me?’ I thought I’d take the one who answered first, but they both said ‘yes’ together. It would have been rude to pick just one.”

That's almost never as good of a plan as one might think.

“And what about our beautiful GM?” asked Truffle. “It would not be like you to be without plans for Hearts and Hooves Day.”

Dang, Truffle is a smooth talker.

This is gonna be fun


3947434 I thought that way once as well, but the art sold me (they look so cute together!) I will say Twist isn't completely sold herself, which just makes Snails try harder.

3947659 Better yet, Quiz has large collection of Rarity originals. They're all in her closet back in Canterlot, wrapped in plastic and never worn, but she has them. I can think of half a dozen ponies who might write to Quiz's mother to have a few dresses sent to Ponyville.

3948294 No, Button's a mage (I figured he'd rather be a blaster than a combat monster) so he'd rather have a Rod of Tactical Nukes. Silver has the good sense not to give him one.

3949103 Two casters (it didn't come out, but Truffle is also running a mage, but he's a little more subtle than Button). And Dinky's griffon is a thief, not an archer. But, yeah, it's a good party.

3947832 You should write the dance. You really should.

Sigh. As if I didn't have enough story ideas.

Hehe well now here we are.
A sweet little tale right before hearts and hooves.
It was a nice table top party that they have.
The Scenes are like a teaser... Leaving you wanting more.
A complete campain! Is what we neeed.
The love interest and talk were a nice image.
The pacing and tell here seem to break up the production.
Oh Quiz, so precious. Setting Pip on his way.
3/5 PP Spa.

        “You mom’s homemade grape jelly?”

I wonder if Quizz is aware that she is acting as Silver Spoon's "inside agent," helping to stabilize the party long enough for the players to gain experience actually playing out their character roles rather than just attempting to munchkin through and ending up with session after session of total party wipes...

Also, Silver Spoon is developing and experiencing character growth! :pinkiehappy:

This needs to be moved to Other in the group folders.

This was a really fun story to stumble upon. I am now inspired to read main story that is stems from.

I can't help but think of the tale of Old Man Henderson every time I think of D&D stuff:rainbowlaugh:

On to the next one!

:rainbowderp: You made Quizzical a gamer? ... That's adorable! :rainbowkiss: Somehow I can't see Dinky being mean (Although if Fluttershy can pull it off...)

Re-re-re?-reading again! :rainbowkiss:

Found typo(s)...?:

"could stand" -> "couldn't stand"

"While she hung back she was not out of earshot. " -> "While she hung back, she wasn't out of earshot." (There were extra spaces...)

(This story is... a bit less than one and a half years old... and I just noticed them... Wow...)

I'm actually a big DnD fan so just looking at this story made me feel somewhat excited. I was also afraid there'd be some cruel stereotypes.

There wasn't any stereotypes at all! The DnD was kinda more of backdrop for the heartfelt moments. Sure, there's still some cool and funny DnD-ish moments.

Overall, I love this story, It's funny and heartfelt. I also loved the many characters in this (especially Quizzical). :pinkiehappy:

6704412 Thank you. I did try to keep the kids as much in character as possible, though there weren't many clues for some of them (I had to make up Truffles' personality completely). I tried to base their different styles of play on this. I'm pleased you liked it.

"bento box"

There's a Japan-expy? Hmm...

“Your mom’s homemade grape jelly?”

Huh. Is Button's mom... Is she called Love Tap here? ... Is she related to Hugh Jelly? (Jelly Tub Pony / Jelly Connoisseur?)

Pip’s mother

Pip has a mother, in Ponyville. This changes everything! ... "When everything changes, nothing changes."

7147410 Yes, I use the fannish name for Button's mom. In my head canon Pip is not an orphan - but I've never come up with a name for his mom. His dad, on the other hand, is a pegasus. He's Flight Lieutenant (Ret.) Chocks Away. I should write about this someday.

Dnd excelled as a backdrop here. Alll of the snippets of their game are fun to read, and I probably would have enjoyed a story of just the Dnd, but instead were treated to what would have been a terrible misunderstanding and jealousy time bomb in any other story, and Quiz managing to defuse it. Also lovely to see Silver Spoon growing as a character, assuming this takes place after basement of doom. Pretty good.

“This would be a good time for a break,” said Silver Spoon. “I know I could totally use a snack, if anypony wants to bribe the GM.”

I love snarky Silver Spoon.

“Dinky is mad at you because you have not asked her to the dance.”

I'm glad you're just telling him flat out instead of letting this build up to annoying levels.

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