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QuizMaude OTP!

I thought about Quiz as soon as I saw Maude! Of course they are different, but there are a lot of similarities in the stories.

Maud, it’s Quizzical the cutest thing?!

I think Pinkie said "isn't" here, not "it's". Pinkie talks so quickly and energetically that she's hard to transcribe sometimes.

I do like buttes.

No lie, Quiz?

Sadly, the word ‘buttes’ suggests nothing funny to me.

Later, after an explanation that included no small amount of giggling: "Oh dear."

As for the rest of the puns, I apologize.

Don't apologize, those puns rocked.

Best friends forever!

Haa, you actually did it! :rainbowlaugh:

Gonna read this ASAP :pinkiehappy:

Well Maud and Quiz are pundits. :raritywink:

Don't think I missed that.

And if anyone gives you flak about the puns, chalk it up to bad taste. Metamorphically speaking, schist happens after all.
I have more.

Yes, yes, yes, oh HELL yes! :twistnerd:

Perfect, without a single flaw.

I have been waiting for you to wright this story ever since the episode aired. You did not dissapoint.:yay:

It's great how you played on both the similarities and differences of Maud and Quizical. In my opinion, that is exactly how meetings like this should be handled. Also...

“I do like buttes.  They may be my favorite landform.”  Quiz looked thoughtful.  “I would like to send you away with a parting quip.  Sadly, the word ‘buttes’ suggests nothing funny to me.”

I see what you did there.:rainbowlaugh:

Right! Got around to reading it, and, it didn't disappoint :pinkiehappy:

Then again, Maud measured time on a geological scale, so all ponies seemed young to her.


“Wear, mostly from being in my pocket.”

This just gets funnier all the time :rainbowlaugh:

“Pinkie says that you are a story-teller, and that you should become a teacher.”

Quiz, as teacher?! Oh dear Celestia, no! She'll bore the entire school to sleep!

Some remarks and corrections:
> “Oh, dear...I...well...if you really think you want it…”
You should put a space after each ellipsis you use. Since text processors and HTML renderers don't split on a period, ellipses without a space connect words to one large unsplittable block, which looks rather odd if such a block ends up at the end of a line and, instead of being split, is integrally moved to the next one. For example, in the sentence above, the "dear...I...well...if" is seen as one big 'word'.
> Maud, it’s Quizzical the cutest thing?!
I think you mean "isn't".

There are also a number of double spaces:
> The Poetry Of The Layers
(before "The")
> the Journal of the Royal Equestrian Geological Society. Maud set it on the table
(triple space instead of double between the sentences)
> formation of rocky outcrops - ‘Sedimentation and Uplift in the Everfree Forest’
(after the "-")
> Oh, dear...
(after "Oh,")

Oh, and, all paragraph indentations of the first half are spaces. They should be tab characters to trigger the site's indent function.

You understand. You can look at a rock face and see more than the rocks. You see the ages it took for falling sediments to make each layer, and the ages it took for them to petrify. You see the forces that lifted, folded, and broke them. You can almost feel the heat and the pressure that metamorphosed the layers in their beds. You can see it all in your imagination.”

Didn't know she had it in her. :ajsmug:

This continued for some time.

Show, don't tell. :trollestia:
I love me some puns. :rainbowkiss:
And those two are great together.

Eutaw county huh?:pinkiehappy:

found something :pinkiesmile:

would be a nice nice gift

“I do like buttes. They may be my favorite landform.” Quiz looked thoughtful.

And that's the honest truth. She is unable to prevaricate, and none of her siblings can contradict her. :ajsmug:

. . .

All I can say to this story is "yes."


“I do like buttes. They may be my favorite landform.” Quiz looked thoughtful. “I would like to send you away with a parting quip. Sadly, the word ‘buttes’ suggests nothing funny to me.”

I see what you did there.

Is there a pun or reference here (other than butte/butt) that I'm missing?

4163705 Not a reference, no. The idea is that butte/butt jokes are so very, very obvious that you would have to be innocent to the point of cluelessness not to see it. So, of course, Quiz doesn't see it (note fferror's comment on the giggling and "Oh, dear"-ing when this is explained to Quiz). This is enhanced by the fact that I wrote an entire story around butte/butt jokes.

I hope I didn't just ruin the joke by explaining it.

4158267 This is Quiz, so when you say OTP you just mean penpals, right?

4160417 Quiz can teach - she's getting better.

4160547 What do you mean you didn't know she had it in her? She explained this herself on page one of Quizzical.

4163705 Hmmm, looks like JMac beat me to it.

I was referring to the volume of Maud's (normally terse) dialogue, actually.
So many words! She was right talkative. :derpytongue2:

When she opened her mouth, the first place my brain went was that the writers do indeed read the fanfic. :raritywink:

I loved Maud, and I loved Quiz too. I'd actually be interested in seeing Quiz-grown-up meeting Maud-years-later, but I'm a weirdo. :pinkiecrazy:

4164959 Oh, right, sorry. Yeah, Maud was moved by the beauty of Quiz's poetic soul.

the highest form of flattery

Heeeeeeeeeeeeee. :pinkiehappy:

This may be the most monotone piece of literature ever written. If you were to describe it to an English teacher, they would inform you that writing as such is boring and unlikeable.
Said English teacher would be terribly, utterly wrong. I loved this, puns and callbacks included. And, of course, we'll all be expecting any upcoming Eutaw County stories to feature Maud in some capacity!

Only Maud would think Quizzical is "expressive." :rainbowlaugh:

One other thing that Nyerguds missed:

Just holding up her side of the conversation, let alone her’s and Maud’s, made the little one very uncomfortable.

Possessive pronouns -- his, hers, its, yours, theirs -- do not get apostrophes. This should be:

Just holding up her side of the conversation, let alone hers and Maud’s, made the little one very uncomfortable.

Miss Cheerilee says you have to stay after school and clean the erasers. :pinkiehappy:

This is fucking hilarious.
Now I actually see what Bad Horse meant by Maude x Quizzical. They hit off with a rocky start, eh? It's awesome...

Sure, I have my fingers crossed for smut (by the Nine Spheres, how could something so blander than vanilla be so hot and spicy?), but I definitely want to see more interaction from these two. Romance, hell, even friendship is something I'm sure everybody would want to see.

It's just so fascinating how something so bland, monotone, and boring can hold up a story, let alone two things. You'd think it'd be a sort of negative factor or something XD

I had to crack up at the bit about Quiz's pet tortoise. Oh and the puns, which were as plentiful as sand on the beach.

Right. Faved this a while ago, but late night impulsiveness compels me to point out the coolest vague thing I like most about this little one shot.

Both Maude and Quiz are 'on paper' very similar. Quiet, monotone, and grey, and liking rocks. This story shows EXACTLY how different the characters are.

Maude, though quiet, has absolutely none of of Quizzical's confidence problems. She's a full grown mare, but more importantly, she is like a rock. Very solid, and very aware and content in who she is. She's also a great deal more blunt and direct than Quizzical, who is actually quite eloquent, despite her mono-tone voice. Quizzical is used to sidling around and deflecting attention away from herself. She does so instinctively, and is often quite blind to her strengths. It's why complements confuse her so.

Maude sees right through Quizzical, and says what she sees with simple, unarguable language. That she took the time to whisper a more eloquent description of what is in Quizzical's 'poetry' was surprising, and is a touching attempt to reach out to quizzical's more eloquent level. Maude is not able to really help Quiz change: Maude says herself that change is not for her. But Maude does see that change is good for Quiz, and helps in her own way: by being a rock, a solid viewpoint that quizzical can't deny, and can use for her own interpretations.

Their differences are what make them interact so well. I'd fave this five more times if I could.

4459744 Thank you. Yes, your analysis of the characters and what I was trying to show about them pretty much nailed it.

“I do like buttes. They may be my favorite landform.” Quiz looked thoughtful. “I would like to send you away with a parting quip. Sadly, the word ‘buttes’ suggests nothing funny to me.”



Nope. I got nothing. :eeyup:

Very nice. :twilightsmile:

And I am still tempted to try to write a Quizverse version of the Maud Pie episode. Not that Quiz and Maud would directly encounter each other in it, but I still think that Quizverse Twilight and Rarity would be better prepared to meet an adult pony with such a dry, sedate personality that their canon counterparts. And this, in turn, may help the others relate to her as well.

This continued for some time.

I sense that you started to quickly run dry of rock puns.

I like buttes, they are truly butte-iful. Eh? Eh?

On to the next one.

5429423 Run out?! Oh, no, I could have gone on for pages and pages. This was the point where I was getting sick of them.

Some mention should perhaps be made of Maud intending to get, or already having Quizzical's current address so that they might correspond.

For some reason--and it must be me because everyone else seems to get it--I have absolutely no idea what the "mesa" pun is. I'm baffled. I adored the rest of the puns, though, although what really killed me was the discussion about buttes at the end :rainbowlaugh: Loved it! You really nailed the characters, too. I mean, of course you nailed Quiz, she's yours, but I hope you know what I mean anyways. Great job.

One little edit to be made:

There faint smiles were only detectable in the best of lighting conditions.

You want "Their" instead of "There" at the beginning of that sentence :twilightsmile:

5517315 Mesas are flat topped, and they are very high. Hence the play on "Highest form of flat-ery."

Ha! :rainbowlaugh: That really is good. I feel silly for needing it explained, but thank you for doing so!

I have been waiting to read this since I realised Quizzical was a series and pre-dated Maud'd first appearance.

And this is as much WIN as I was hoping for!

5565416 Thank you. I thought this story would put to bed forever any speculation (mostly light hearted) that MLP staff stole my character, as I showcase how Maud and Quiz are are actually very different.

That didn't happen - as I also showed how they are actually very much alike. Oh, well. Anyway, this story is really just for Quiz fans.

It took me a bit to get the Mesas' one. Then I lol'd

“I would like to send you away with a parting quip. Sadly, the word ‘buttes’ suggests nothing funny to me.”

If she can't think of anything funny about 'buttes' she's not trying hard enough. :rainbowlaugh:

I love geology puns. They rock. :trollestia:

Oh, wait, somepony beat me to that one... :twilightblush:

I'm sure if I try hard enough I can come up with a... gem? :raritywink:

Ok, I quit. :ajbemused:


Well, considering the word is pronounced "Beaut"...

Both ponies grinned. As far as they were concerned, they might as well have been laughing out loud.


I wonder what EQG!Quizzical'd be like. ... Not much story there? ... Have her investigate the mirror, or the statue?

How would Quizzical react to the info that Pinkie and Marble are twins? ... Then again, this is basically an AU, so that might not be true here...

Mirror Pool-ed Quizzical. "Stones Stones Stones Stones Stones..."?

No, I'm being too narrow. I think Quizzical's main interests are Stones and Magic, but... gonna refresh my memory tomorrow...

Capitalization error:

The Little unicorn sounded just like Maud.

7145298 Do you really think the Quiz-verse counts as an AU? I haven't diverged that much from canon - Luna has never taken on a student and Sweetie Belle can't actually spell sing, but there isn't much else that can't be explained away by simply accepting that Quiz just never gets mentioned on the FIM show.

I'll probably never write it, but I can imagine Quiz in EQG. Picture Wednesday Addams, only shorter, skinnier, and less creepy. Oh, and with a worse haircut.

I think Quiz would like Miss Marble just fine. They would be off in a corner, whispering about their favorite hiding places.

A Mirror-pooled Quiz would not vocalize at all. All the Quiz doubles would creep up on you silently, and you wouldn't know they were there until they surrounded you.


Good point, it doesn't deviate enough to warrant the AU tag, I think. I was just throwing out a quick explanation of how Quiz doesn't mention Marble being Pinkie's twin, but it's not like it'd come up much, and Limestone being constantly irritable might be hard to for Quiz to notice, if it's dulled by the fact that she's a frequent customer or whatever.

It never really occured to me that Maud and Quiz are similar, but this story did a great job at highlighting their differences and similarities. The dialog was superb.

These puns, so to say... rock.

Very punny story

This image broke with the passage of time.

Here is a replacemnt (no idea on longevity). https://imgflip.com/i/1zx8ic

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