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This story is a sequel to Quizzical

The Cutie Mark Crusaders' friend Quiz must face her greatest fear. The CMC do what they can to help her, with predictable results.

This story takes place shortly after the end of Quizzical.

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Guess I'm the one who's gonna do it,then.

Yay! That was cute! I can always use more Quiz. She's still great.

I was actually a bit bummed out to see no Romance tag on this - what with the whole song reference.

3864841 It's not a reference to the song, I actually think of it as "The Troll's Song" and forgot what it was actually called.

Quiz is not ready for a story with a Romance tag. On the other hand, I've never waited until she's ready for anything else...

Quiz : The Element of Modesty. And Grammar. And also Geology. She's multi-talented.

3864905 Just not the element of magic/friendship. That has the prerequisite of you must be destined to become a princess.

“Come at me!” repeated Sweetie Belle. “I don’t like complete sentences! Are you going to let me get away with that? Come at me!”

Oh, Sweetie Belle. :rainbowlaugh:

A new Quizzical story! :yay:

And hooray for multiple Mystery Men references!

Quiz: Element of engaging lectures. :raritywink:

3867919 element of vanilla? of well drawn graphs?

Vanilla, while bland, nonetheless falls under the Element of Sweets. :twistnerd:

I will allow that a double negative may add color to your speech every now and then, and I believe she agrees that such use must be rare and not abused. Are you ready for school?”

This is the part where my heart exploded from joy.

3868658 I disagree, when used properly and with good ingredients, vanilla isn't bland at all. n_n

3867919 My wife has just told me to stop being stupid, Georg got it right the first time. Quiz is the element of modesty.

But that would make a Discorded Quiz the Great and Powerful Trixie!

Vanilla is actually my favorite flavor. I am not just saying this, I have always loved vanilla. :rainbowkiss:

This story just won a contest! Bronyfiction

*sings 'Gonna Fly Now!' to self*


Quiz is not ready for a story with a Romance tag. On the other hand, I've never waited until she's ready for anything else...

Quiz was not ready for friendship, or for adventure, either. And those both turned out gloriously.

3874729 But this begs the question, who could you ship Quiz with? Who could you even imagine shipping with her?!! I have no clue.

3872509 *Laughs* You strike me as more grounded than to simply say something to curry favour don't worry:twilightsmile:

Oh, Sweetie Belle no question. :derpytongue2:


3876996 Oh. Oh, dear. Oh, dear, dear, dear....

Well, Quiz and Belle are already friendshipped - that's doomed to become friend-zoning in the future. Also, if either of them ever feel anything they won't dare act on it. That would make things weird.

Bah, the Friend-zone is a good place to start a relationship, not a place to be feared. As for the second part...Not only would neither act on it, but Quiz would likely not realize such feelings existed in the first place. That's what Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Twist are for.:raritywink:

"Applebloom, when you say that Sweetie Belle like likes me, you are referring to romantic interest, yes? This is absurd. While I value your friendship more dearly than anything, the fact remains I posses no attributes that any pony would ever find appealing in a romantic, or even purely physical, sense. Certainly not a pony as beautiful, talented, kind hearted, and beautiful as Sweetie Belle. It is simply inconceivable. Yes Scootaloo, that word means exactly what I think it means."
:applecry: "Ya said beautiful twice."
"I did not."
:scootangel: "You kinda did Quiz."
".....Oh dear."

Need a better Applebloom icon.

I'm horrible, aren't I? :yay:

3878291 You're writing this for me? You're writing this for me!!!

What I find most creepy is how easily you reproduced my style (you even threw in a pop culture reference!!!)


You're writing this for me? You're writing this for me!!!
how easily you reproduced my style

Oh dear...
Oh dear oh dear.
Oh you mustn't say such things...I might actually be tempted, and I would only screw it up.

Damn though, the more I think about Quizzie GreyBelle the cuter it gets it. :rainbowkiss:

After Thweet Geniuth, Twist seems rather plausible. Sweetie Belle would work quite well too. (That's ignoring the crack-shipping possibilities...)


Bah, the Friend-zone is a good place to start a relationship, not a place to be feared.

This, so very much. Friendship evolving into romance is a far more sensible and common scenario than romance appearing out of nowhere.

And the dialogue in 3878291 fits incredibly well.

"I see. Thank you for informing me, Apple Bloom. Is this type of realization typically accompanied by mortal terror, or is that just me?"
:twistnerd: "No, that'th normal."
"Ah, good. And the desire to find a dark corner, curl up into a little ball, and start counting things until my brain stops trembling?"
:scootangel: "...no, Quiz, that one's just you."
"Oh dear."

3882714 3878772 Eeeep! Now there are two of you! I'm not sure what's most alarming - that my writing style is so easy to replicate or that you guys are really good.

3882714 3883591
:unsuresweetie: "You TOLD HER?!"
:applecry: "Um....maybe?"
:scootangel: "Hey, at least now you don't have to worry about doing it yourself, right?"
:unsuresweetie: "Oh no no nooooooo. I can't believe this. She wasn't supposed to find out! This is a...a....a fiasco!"
:scootangel: "What's the big deal? Isn't this a good thing? Now that you don't have to worry about telling her, you can get straight to the fun stuff!"
:scootangel: "OW! What was that for Applebloom?"
:applecry: "Look at what ya did to Sweetie Belle."
:scootangel: "Oh wow, I didn't know you could change your entire coat color. Neat!"

*Across Town*
:twistnerd: "Quiz! Come on out! I juth want to ta-"

:unsuresweetie: "GET OUT!"

I really like the reference to being held back and sent to magic kindergarten. It’s amusing that one could fear the opposite.

3890286 I'm please you liked that. I was afraid the reference to "Lesson Zero" didn't quite work.

Do I detect a Mulon reference? And Mystery Men? And Dragon Ball Z?

3904812 Yes, about Mulan and the Mystery Men (and My Fair Lady, the real Greek orator Aschylus, Dodge Ball the Movie, the Karate Kid, Dumbo, and Rocky I and III) but not Dragon Ball Z. What was like DBZ?

3905387 The whole catching the chicken thing reminded me of how King Kai trained Goku by making him catch Bubbles the monkey and then that grasshopper thing. Guess that was just a coincidence.

As to the other references:
Karate Kid and Rocky where too obvious to "detect"
I must have missed Dumbo reference
I never saw Greek orator Aschylus

3906151 Rocky chased a chicken as part of his training in Rocky I. He finally caught it just before the fight.

Dumbo used a magic feather that wasn't magic to fly.

Aschylus isn't a movie, he was a real person, who filled his mouth with pebbles and practised shouting over the sound of crashing waves. He was also really killed by a dropped turtle.

I-I love it! :raritystarry:

Howdy there, JMac!
I'm from the Society of Underappreciated Talent, and I have just done a review for your story!
You want to read it?!
Go here to do just that!
Hope you like it!!!
Buh-bye for now--
Purest of all of the Logics
(AKA PureLogic)

That was a very cute story. I must now go back and read the others. Very well done. :twistnerd:

Hehe, Such a joy to read.
I had many laughs and giggles thru out this fic.

So now to post PP-Spa judgement!
*Takes out a hammer
This fic with it's funnyness, grammer play, story elements...
Gets a Five out of Five.
PP-Spa Loves it!
*Slams down hammer

Yo, JMac, you've been recommended by people I trust, but you're not supposed to add your own stories to Buried Treasures. Sorry.

I remember starting Quizzical at one point, and I think I stopped. I'll take another look here soon.

5031131 Yes, yes, yes,yes...(repeats)!!!

Second time's a charm.

>“Cutie Mark Crusaders, Self Help Counselors! Yay!!!”

Extended Mystery Men references? Such a delightfully cheesy movie. Exactly the kind of thing the CMC would take too seriously.

A fun story all around.


Extra-smart Dinky and using the Sphinx's philosphy was hilarious.

How can the Crusaders be self help counselors? They can barely counsel themselves. :facehoof:

I upvoted 'cause this is worth it.


Call -> called,

Some other tense error or suffix error near that other one... perhaps in relation to 'done'??

Still continuing to love these stories :pinkiehappy:

From Rocky III to Mystery Men to Dodge Ball to Karate Kid and all the way back to Rocky II. (Gasp! Incomplete sentence! I wasn't paying attention in class!) :pinkiegasp: They gave Quizzical the scenic route for her inspirational training montage. I love it. :twilightsmile:

Who says that the people who write self-help books actually have their own acts together in all cases?

Personally I felt that chapter 2 of the original story creates some precedent for QuizPip.

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