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Very sweet and in-tune. Thanks Jmac.

3634150 You're welcome. Happy Hearth's Warming!

That warmed the cockles of my heart. Most excellent. That's why I follow you.

3634330 Thank you. Love the Holiday Icon, by the way (Happy Life Day!)

The buffalo are FAR underrepresented on this site. You are awesome for writing something featuring one. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and Twist is awesome, as usual. :derpytongue2:

3636995 Thank you. I think we may see Gathers Herbs again. He's (probably) from Eutaw County.

Very sweet,
I wish there would be Twist fics done.
Do you plan on making a story on Gather Herbs time in Canterlot, it would make an interesting story.

3637749 Maybe. My problem is I write most stories open ended, and I create a lot of great OCs. This leaves me with a LOT of potential stories to write.

I feel that there is a lot of potential to see a buffalo who has lived in the wilds would live with the nobility of Canterlot, it would be something to read about.
Just an idea.

I personally would love to read more about buffalo on this site. There's like no stories about them. Everyone is obsessed with changelings and griffons (I'm totally not guilty of this myself...nope, not at all).

You should write more about Gathers Herbs. He seems to be a nice, well-developed character too good to waste on a one-shot.

3647834 Thank you. I rather like Gather's myself. Curiously, the groups I didn't add this story to were all the OC groups I'm part of. This is a Twist fic, after all. But I should rethink that. Fans of OCs might like Gathers.

That is a sweet story. I like how you introduced a buffalo holiday, because they probably wouldn't actually celebrate Hearth's Warming. It was well written and just a good story in general.

Very cute. I'm happy that the one person that wrote for this month, was the one that I was think about when I offered the challenge.

You and Georg's vision of Twist, is very similar. And should I ever write her, I'll be using you two as a character book for her.

As for your story. The worst I could say, is that it feels rushed. I think just following Twist as she gathers the CMC instead of a scene-cut would have helped that. And you could have shown a bit more here and there.

It's very in-universe. I could easily see this as a Christmas episode.

Good work,
Keep writing.

If I could find that out someday maybe more ponies would take out medicines more seriously

That second "out" should be "our".

I definitely like the notion of Twist's speech impediment going away when she sings. (I'd have stolen that idea myself, except I'd come up with a different explanation for her, um, voice changing in my own Twist fic.) And let's face it, we never hear enough about buffalo.

This was a very pleasant read. The idea plot of Twist meeting a lonely companion, who I was surprised was a young buffalo to be honest, and sharing in the warmth of the season was very enjoyable. The writing could be polished a bit more, the entire scene where Twist initially talks to the CMC removed, but again it wasn't so bad that I felt it was too hard to read or anything.

Gathers Herbs is a unique OC; being the first buffalo OC I've ever come across. I like how even though he is not a pony, his name still shares the common thread of pony names- in other words his name reflects his passion. And what a passion it is! The idea of Gathers coming to Ponyville to study is nicely included into the story and doesn't feel forced. Like he was actually there for his own reasons and Twist just happened upon him.

Plot: C
Characters: A+
Setting: C
Total: B-

4279770 Thank you for your fair and well thought out review.

If I had to guess I would say that the problem is that the buffalo have appeared in all of two episodes (yes, I know we only got to SEE Changelings as such in one episode, but hear me out).
Those episodes were:
1.) Over A Barrel - One of the most disliked, specifically because of how it portrayed them... actually, I supposed there could be fix fics on that point, but...
2.) Return of Harmony Part 2 - An approximately 3 second cameo of them in tutu's which may have been something that Discord conjured from thin air rather than teleporting them in from far away.

Anyway, I have seen them in two stories I can remember, one of which had Pokey Pierce in it and the other of which was the second STORY of Appletheosis, which is a story about AJ spontaneously alicornifying, written before Twilight did so in canon.

Also, do lisps really go away while singing, like stuttering does?

I have heard from Stephen King ("It") and I think independent verification that singing uses a different part of the brain than talking, which is why it is effective against stuttering (at least in some cases?).

6199884 My wife knew someone with a terrible lisp (a cleft pallet) and a beautiful singing voice. Apparently, it's not just in the brain, singing and speaking use different parts of the throat and mouth.

Unfortunately, the image source seems to be broken, and is breaking your image...

But, the image still exists, if this is the image:


Thanks, I'll try and remember to fix the art.

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