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This story is a sequel to Quizzical

During a very bad week Quizzical Greystone comes to believe her whole life has been a failure. Three strange mares travel a long way, just to show her that she's wrong. A Hearth's Warming story.

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It's a Quizzical Life? Interesting. I look forward to seeing where you go with this, and whether even the forces of heaven can pierce Quiz's insistence.

Is the Angel of Hearthwarmings Past ready for this level of skepticism?

Also, since you ain't'nt dead: how Basements coming? :trixieshiftright:

I can just see Quiz attempting to logically deconstruct the angels and winding them up to Sweetie Belle apoplexy levels.

BTW, your avatar is hilarious! I got a great laugh out of that.

Quiz, for a genius, you do some silly things sometimes.

...like, trusting Diamond Tiara.

Angels? Wouldn't they be better off applying their talents to Diamond Tiara? Um. Never mind. Some problems can't be fixed even with celestial powers.

5371794 I'll discuss that in a blog soon, the the short answer is Basements of Doom is not dead, and I feel wretched about not updating.


BTW, your avatar is hilarious! I got a great laugh out of that.

Thank you. You have to be a Quiz fan to get it. (I think she must be very young here, as you can actually see her).

And, hey, why does everyone assume Quiz will be skeptical about angels?


Thank you. You have to be a Quiz fan to get it. (I think she must be very young here, as you can actually see her).

Kids at a very young age are hilarious playing hide and seek. If they can't see you, then you must not be able to see them... sticking half-way out from behind the sofa...

And, hey, why does everyone assume Quiz will be skeptical about angels?

Probably some projection, I suspect. But that aside, Quiz is very 'grounded' and logical about everything but herself, questions things, so I felt right away that there was a good chance she might be skeptical and attempt to find a reason for the presence of something that looks pony but claims (or appears) to be something ethereal and/or spiritual, even in the context of Equestria.

So is this going to be like a Bizarro Christmas Carol?

5384031 Certainly not - parodies of A Christmas Carol have been done to death.

This is a parody of something else that's been done to death.


I couldn't have said it any better.
And that's why I love your writing. :pinkiehappy:

I love Quizzical so much, even though i'm very much waiting for another story with diamond dogs to be updated. *hintedy hint hint*

One thing Quizzical should ask herself: If this is all a hallucination, what is her subconscious trying tell her about her relative importance in the world? If even she thinks she's more important than she does...

Of course, that's not actually the case. Still, something to think about... but given the subject matter, she probably won't. Funny how that works.

Looking forward to more.

... Now I'm confused... are they volunteers in costumes or something else???? Were the quotes around their names in the previous chapter just to mess with us??? Is this Luna's doing with the mind magic???? Well, as Quiz is being skeptical instead of believing everything, if it turns out it was a... masquerade...? She won't be as sad as she would be... I think...


5387655 ... Drat... got semi-ninja'd...

So nice to visit in Quizzical's world again! Thank you!

Someone needs to link Quizzical to the aesop amnesia page on TvTropes, though I get the feeling she would read the page and then wonder why she was asked to.

The title of this story fits it very well, in my opinion, because so far this story is simply wonderful. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by JMac deleted Dec 16th, 2014

5389320 Now, now, Quiz doesn't suffer from from Aesop Amnesia. In "Little Fixer Upper" she leaned she could teach. She never quite learned that she should teach.

Hmmm, do I need to update Quiz's Trope page?

5390039 Why, thank you. But the title is not self-promotion. It's a nod to the original source material.


Psh... As if your stories would need self-promotion. :coolphoto:
Everyone who reads just one of them knows how awesome the rest is going to be. :moustache:

Firstly, this involves the pony whose life Quizzical changed…”

Merry Fairweather?

5390481 Nope, but that's a good guess.

Try "I'll Take That One."

A good story so far. But pray tell what already beaten to death story idea is this if not some sort of Christmas carol? Or is it one of the 'I wish I was never born so everything could be better' stories? Maybe...:applejackunsure:
Well moving on.
We thank you for entering your creation to the hearts warming contest and hope you enjoy it. :raritywink:

Dragon san:moustache:

Poor Quiz. Ghosts never pull their punches. :ajsleepy:

Quiz actually used an exclamation point! It's a dream, but still, that's improvement. :twilightsmile:

5399582 I bet you weren't expecting Sunflower.

If you're still wondering about what's to come - Smart Cookie will show Quiz a new OC I've never written about, but it takes place in a Canterlot location made famous on the show (the owner will feature prominently in the story).

Private Pansy shows Quiz a character who appears briefly in "That's Not How It's Pronounced."

5400608 And if Quiz is upset enough to cry out then I'm usually getting upset writing it. I had to get away from the key board to settle down after this chapter.

“This is the Royal Aerospace Research Center, atop Big Butte, in Eutaw County,” said Clover.

I like Big Butte and I cannot lie. :trollestia:

So, should I assume that this research center is also lovated at "Sunset Cliffs", or maybe even the successor of a certain observatory? :pinkiesmile:

   “Do I have to star in all of these visions?” asked Quiz.  “I do not enjoy it.  I am not entertaining.”

The three mares looked at each other, then looked away and tried not to laugh.  “We are going to have to agree to disagree on that,” said Cookie.

I'm with Cookie on this.

I am digging this. Please continue.

I am really enjoying this visit with Quizzical.

There's a lot of Earth Pony in that Unicorn. And the world is a better place for that reason.

This was a wonderful chapter, and probably my favorite one in this story so far... Though knowing you, there are only more favorite chapters to come.

Joe's voice felt rather inconsistent, at least until he took Weaver into his office. Then it all made sense.

Also, Quiz truly astonishes me. Still, I can understand her logic. She doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, because what's extraordinary to most ponies is her expected minimum. Definitely looking forward to Pansy's example. (And I can't help but think that Sunflower should've been saved for last. Better to go out with a bang. Much like Sunflower. :trollestia:)

Quiz, you little industry expert you! :pinkiehappy: It get's easier and easier to see why Pinkie gets along with Quiz so well. They actually have more in common than it first appears, they just approach it from opposite directions.
Not entirely unlike why Pinkie and Twilight get along so well, really.

Oh dear god you're awful. :pinkiecrazy:

There is lotsn to Quiz. She needs a punch to three have to see it

Just out of curiosity, how do the Greystones get along with Fancy Pants?

5406485 They're actually pretty good friends. Fancy Pants can't stand the Gaze family either.

5401697 No, these are separate facilities. The launch center on Big Butte is older (first mentioned in "Being Neighborly"). This is where brainy ponies set things on fire, push them off the side of the butte, and hope that they will fly. The big telescope on Sun Bu...er...Sunset Cliffs is a much quieter place to work.

“Maybe. So you don’t have much to guard against, look at all you have the guard!”

I think you meant "look at all you have to guard"

Apart from that little smeg-up, this is treat to read.

Founders of Equestria, Self-Worth Advisors! Yay!!!

:twilightoops: It is taking everything in my power not to scream right now. Still, the country managed to survive its first years. Somehow.

In any case, a most enjoyable story for the season. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

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