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Princess Luna considers taking a student to mentor, and while looking for the perfect unicorn she finds, instead, Quizzical Greystone. This is a prequel to Quizzical, and might be thought of as a prologue to that story (but you really should read Quizzical first).

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I'm sure I saw this before, but it's still good. And now I'm going to go re-read Quizzical.:pinkiehappy:

I've always wondered how Quiz became Luna's student. Guess I know now.

Great! Now must read Quiz again for the third time!

Was hoping for a prequel to see how she became lunas student. Hope you find it in you to write a few more chapters to this, mainly Celestia meeting quiz.

and will looking

I think you meant while. :ajsmug:

Yes moar Quizzical!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::yay::pinkiehappy::yay::rainbowkiss::twistnerd:

Everything about her was forgettable.

Luna was immediately captivated.

Perfect Oxymoron.:pinkiehappy:

Quick correction...

“‘Actually’ you better learn not to correct your betters, Drone!”

Ah , an opening sequence.

Jigsaw puzzle time.


Wasn't Celestia's first meeting with Quiz the first chapter of "Quizzical"?
Or am I remembering that wrong?

This story is a sequel to Quizzical

This is a prequel to Quizzical

Pick one or the other, please. The 'prequel code' is where you put the story ID of the prequel, not the story it's the prequel of.

This is excellent. Especially the moments of Quiz vanishing into thin air, which while they should be predictable, are just not, as even the timing and intro are stealthy. Have you considered using Quiz to do a parody of Monty Python's "How Not To Be Seen" sketch?

He was merely asked to open a stuck pickle jar, after all.

Ah. So they scale the test based on... some criterion or another. That, or they had to think of something new after the school's dragon egg became unusable.

It's fascinating to see Quiz's original state. To see not just how far she has to come, but how much she's grown. Thank you for a marvelous foundation to your work.

Yay!! New Quiz!!

Is there a complete chronology of the Quizzical stories somewhere?

5047339 Not exactly. The stories are written in order, except for "Little Fixer-Upper" (which takes place between Quizzical and Thweet Geniuth) and this one (which comes before Quizzical).

I doubt this would make a good prologue for the first Quizzical story: a bit too revealing of the infectious monotone pony.

Pardon my random tangent, but while reading this, I was struck by a series of mental scenes:

"Dost thou liketh to read, Quizzical?"
"Print is dead."

"Quizzical, what dost thou enjoy doing in thyne spare time?"
"I collect spores, molds and fungus."

"Ah'm Dr. Bloom," *hoof geature* "this is Dr. Bell" *another gesture* "Quizzical." (I suppose that makes Scootaloo Winston, [insert ululating scream here.])

If House Sparkle is of minor nobility, how about the Greystones?

6355006 Not nobility at all, they aren't titled. The Greystones are "old money."

Actually, except for Twilight being a princess, and Shining becoming a prince by marriage, I don't think the Sparkles are nobles.

6355025 Oh. I had a feeling those caves in Canterlot would serve some importance...

Did you know you can mark Quizzical as a sequel to this? I nearly missed out on reading all things Quiz! The story in of itself isn't particularly interesting, when the first half is also in your Christmas Carol story, but it does tease at Luna and Quiz's relationship, something we don't get to see a great deal of in most of the stories.

... OMG. The Chapter Title references Quiz's habit of saying "Actually." :pinkiegasp:

7780178 Yep. And, while she doesn't use it as much as actually, extraordinary is also one of Quiz's favorite words.

Luna finding her own friends (and fitting ones) while picking ponies only she sees special potential in (where Celestia takes more obvious talented ponies) as students and companions is just too perfect. Nice stuff!

Jokes told in monotone?.. Funniest jokes, because their being told in monotone, rather than not, is funny of itself :pinkiehappy:!

...Dang it! They told me never to explain a joke!

But seriously they are funny!

However I feel, I have no special bookshelf to suit this... But this story is good!

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