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I'm a mediocre writer at best, and an amateur painter, but boy I can read.



I'm at a loss. · 5:20am July 25th

When I went ahead with the idea to publish The Longhaul Chronicles, I did so believing that all I would need to do was change a few minor things to make it more palpable for a wider audience. I knew going in that a story about an OC as the main character was not going to be a huge hit with many readers, but I figured I'd share them anyway and let those that read the story decide if they like it or not.

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No thanks necessary, I really enjoyed your story.

Thanks for the fave on "Melody" :yay:

Okay :raritystarry: Comments are welcome :raritywink:

No thanks necessary. You've really hooked me into the story.

Thanks for faving The Guardian :yay:

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