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[WARNING: Contains ear scratching, belly rubs, and blushing cheeks]

Anonymous is sent to jail for his most heinous crimes of bullying in the second degree, there he meets a mare working as a prison guard called Cookies 'n Cream.

Written originally for the Anon in Pone Prison threads on /mlp/, which is where the OC Cookies 'n Cream (Pictured) comes from.

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Cute! I've always had a soft spot for these prison stories, as they're uniquely something you could only really get away with in a setting like MLP.

all the belly rubs!

I ship these two together, it's kind of adorable. :twilightsmile:

Kuroy #5 · Jan 15th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Hello new genre!

Prisoner in Equestria


This isn't the first by a long shot.

7869047 What do you mean by that?

10 outta 10

I like this.

You managed erotic without being lewd or explicit. Very well done.

In most "Pone Prison" stories the world itself is sort of like a giant kindergarten. Heinous crimes are things like hitting someone with a pillow or calling someone a name, consequences include time-out and not getting dessert with your lunch, and the prison itself is kind of like a day care center. Then you throw a normal human into the mix and see what happens. It tends to be very charming and funny most of the time, but you couldn't really sell that type of premise if the base you were working off of wasn't really cutesy to start with.


I wouldn't call them a normal human. They're usually somewhat antagonistic, either trolls, or actual human-world criminals to a degree. Your average person would probably just be completely baffled the entire time as they're treated like they're middle-class at a hospice rather than some sort of society-disrupting individual.


nice story.:derpytongue2:

Ohhhohoho, that was fun~:heart:

7869538 there are more? Care to name a few good sir?

I just realized that by making a guard fall in love for him, the protagonist sorta pulled an accidental Hannibal Lecter.

7869908 The only other one i know is Anon goes to prison, and i love that story as well.

Too adorable to not Favorite... :derpytongue2:

Fav flavour of ice cream

Hehehehe loved this~ Thanks!

Just when I thought things couldn't get weirder in my life, i read this.

Now everything is cute.

Write more.


I'll rub your belly if you do.

The original story that introduced Cookies and Cream was pretty good, but I lost my link to it. Maybe Eighth knows...?

7870262 Is it Cookies and Cream, or Cookies n' Cream?

Probably 'n instead of and, but I'm not 100% sure. All I know is that the story's probably not on fimfic at all - you'll have to search pastebin for it - and she appears in more than a few, so finding the original one will be tough.

7870354 Don't take this the wrong way but I'm not really that invested into the character to suddenly start searching for her stories. But apparently I've learned tonight there is a character called Cookies n' Cream (one of the stranger and longer names I've come across thus far) and that there's a person on this site call getmeouttahere whose name...amuses me, for some reason. Your name might as well be changed to 'feather' because like a feather it tickles me.

I feel compelled to give you a follow. I'll let the audience decide on this one.

Should I give getmeouttahere a follow? Yes or No?

Give GetMeOuttaHere a follow. He has written some good stuff and he is a nice guy.

As for Cookies 'n Cream's original story, that was written by this guy http://pastebin.com/u/Zelis though that is in greentext format. If you don't mind those, a few other people in the pony prison threads wrote about her too and I can link you some of them as well.

7870396 Not really interested in stories about this character, sorry. Not even actually a fan of Anon stories. I find them boring and in some cases just clones of one another. I only came to this one because for once the artwork cover caught my attention and didn't just have some random green man plastered over it, and the story itself had humor I actually got some chuckles out of. So if it means anything at all to you, you've written an Anon story I actually took interest in and liked. And considering what I think of the majority of such stories that's quite a feat. XD

But thanks for the offer, anyway. I was gonna give that guy a follow anyway before going back to work on my animation. Your story was worth taking a break for and I'm a little honored to be speaking to the author him/herself. So personally thanks for giving me a nice little distraction, sir/madam. (bows politely to you)

Also, here's a joke for you; what do you call a baker who wants to fly an airplane? A PIE-lot.

And don't worry, I do hate myself more than you and everyone else does right now. I'll make another attempt on my life for that awful joke. XD Kill me.

Thanks. It's always wonderful to know someone was willing to look past the Anon thing and enjoyed it considering I still get messages by people telling me they are ignoring my story because of it.
Nice joke too, I love puns.

7870496 You ever listen to pirate music? It's got a great HOOK to it.

What's the name of MI6's top secret goldfish spy? James POND. Also, when you need a crack filling, you can always rely on James UNIBOND.

Incidentally, do you know what the world's stupidest bird is, by any chance? It's the seagull. Wanna know why? Because it's SEAGULLible. Speaking of birds, a magpie stole my watch once. TIME FLIES.

Don't you just hate Spiderman's car? Drives me up the wall.

And I'll stop it here because you probably hate me so much now, but nowhere as much as I hate myself as a person and as a thing living among humans.

7870523 thanks for them. I needed more dad jokes to tell my sons

7870546 You misspelled 'bad'. There's no 'd' at the start. XD

7870546 Here's another one for you.

I wanted to get over my bad sleeping habits. So I hung myself over my bed. Dark humor. LOL ROFL KEK.

But seriously, don't take your own lives, folks. You've got more than you think to live for. Let me do the life-taking, alright? I'll do it, so you don't have to.

So have a less darker joke on the house - I'm trying to come up with a good joke about television remotes, but none of them are REMOTEly funny.

Are you proud of me yet, dude? Because I'm not. XD i am SO sorry for being awful...

7870562 oh i mean Dad jokes. Its part of Fatherhood.

7870578 very proud. You would be a good Dad

7870590 Me? A good dad? BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

Well, yes...I suppose I would be. Because if I was to have a child - and that's a very very big 'if' because there are few women in this world who'd want someone like me - the best thing I could do for said sweet child of mine would be to take him/her to another family, one who would be able to raise my child right and give him'her the things I'd never be able to give him/her. Then I'd erase myself from existence so the child never has to know what a useless c**t his/her real father was and live with that embarrassing factual burden on their shoulders.

Not that such a thing will ever come to pass, because I don't see myself ever finding my very own 'special someone'. The closest to a girlfriend I've ever had was a plastic Halloween female skeleton prop, who I still think was really a male because she seemed to sport a massive BONE-r. Ah, even when I'm pathetic I still crack a joke. Laughter is the best medicine. That's why I keep a mirror around so I can laugh at that ugly son of a slug looking back at me, whoever he is.

I have a very low opinion of myself, if that wasn't obvious enough.

Anyway have you read this story yet? It's pretty darn good. I recommend it. Read this story now, and Eighth can slip me a paycheck for the free advertising later.

I think the joke he was looking for was "id like to dip my cookie in her cream"

Sequel, must know what happens next!


you know what happens next :trollestia:

Thanks for that.
I've already started a romance story because I want to try and post stories more often. So hopefully that'll be ready for you all soon.

This story at first confused me but towards the end it managed to put a smile on my face and then at the end it made me wiggle my eyebrows a little hehe

Ah, so it was Zelis! Thanks, I was kind of annoyed I couldn't remember.

Hahahaha :rainbowlaugh: Ooooh... oooh man, this reminds me of that other Anon in Prison story I read awhile back, it cracked me up so damn much XD Pony Prison is silly as balls.

Nicely done!

That bit with Iron Will and the red kerchief was brilliant. Well, the whole story was, but still.

Is this even the timeline where the changeling invasion and everything else happened? :rainbowlaugh:

Either way, that was a fun read! :pinkiehappy:

Respect my authoritah!

I just can't get over how much these belly rubs in prison stories agree with me. For some reason I'm not entirely sure about. Unfortunately, I only know of two, including this one.

*whimpers* I need more!

7870396 Those threads were fun, a shame they've run their course now.

Finally! We got some more lewd and cute prison again.

That was the oddly hottest fluff ive ever read...

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