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Black Paint

Horse words. Reluctant furry. Life is one long internal scream. "I love the show, but I hate the show for making me love it." - Me.

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New Profile Pic and Characters · 5:20pm May 21st

So I made a new profile pic for myself of my new fursona, Em:

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I like to call it "pretending to know what I'm doing". It makes me happy to know that people seem to like what I have to put out there. Thanks!

Just saw your DA, dude. I really like your art style!

Yes! Feed my ego! FEED IT! Ha ha... ha... oh god that was stupid. Seriously though, thanks! That really means a lot!

This may seem weird, but I just wanted to drop in and say your work looks amazing! I've seen it on Nocturnalis Storyhart's page, as well as Aurora Spark's, and you're so good. :raritystarry:
Sorry if this is weird, but I just really wanted to say it. :twilightsheepish:

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