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20 Facts about me

1. Q- Which program do I do my art on? A- MediBangPaintPro.

2. Q- What interested me into MLP? A- I dunno really, it was pretty popular and I just tried it out and I liked it like every other show I guess.

3. Q- What is my hobbies? A- Art, Cooking, Writing, Roller blading Is math one? Because I like to do it for a hobby.

4. Q- What colour hair in reality do I have? A- Chocolate brown hair.

5. Q- What colour is my skin in reality do I have? A- A fair tan I think?

6. Q- Favourite Colour? A- BLUE!

7. Q- How long have I done art for? A- since I was three years old.

8. Q- Favourite book? A- The diamond horse by Stacy Gregg.

9. Q- Favourite food? A- Homemade Pizza.

10. Q- Which country do I live in? A- New Zealand all my life.

11. Q- Have I been overseas before and which countries/cities?. A- Yes Australia Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane Gold Cost, Melbourne. USA Los Vagus, Hawaii, LA. Fiji Suva, Nadi.

12. Q- Favourite animals. A- Dogs, Dolphins, Penguins.

13. Q- What type of technology do I have? A- Apple MacBook, Apple iPhone 6+, Apple TV, Apple big screen, Apple iPad Air 2.

14. Q- Do I have siblings? A- Yes one sister.

15. Q- Favourite TV show apart from MLP? A- The X Factor.

16. Q- Favourite judge on The X Factor? A- Simon Cowell.

17. Q- When is my birthday? 24/04

18. Q- Favourite Youtuber? A- Lele Pons.

19. Q- Favourite singer? A- Charlie Puth.

20. Q- Favourite movie in 2017? A- The mummy.

2K17 November Tops

I fangirl over a lot of stuff, just a kid who also likes MLP. I like the nighttime you like the daytime, I say goodnight you say good morning. Kid who likes art, gaming, and writing stories.

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I see, quite flattering to have my writing called "Art"! :twilightblush:
Thanks again! :twilightsmile:

Thanks For the Follow!

Thank you for the follow! :twilightsmile:
May I ask how I earned it?

Cheers for the follow!:twilightsmile:

What was the reason for it?

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